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How to transform an inbound support service from a cost into a profit generator

About 18 months ago, one of our clients launched a new inbound service, designed to handle technical support. As in most of the support services we handle for this client, this project included no profitable activity.

But Transcom’s extensive experience in developing and launching sales services within a short timeline allowed us, after four months of starting the initial project, to begin working together in analyzing the service cost from our partner’s point of view. We started to check all possible new activities that could generate profit and contributing to improving our client’s cost effectiveness.

The defined path to achieve our new common goal resulted in a total re-organization of the technical support service; adding to each call an Up Selling and Cross Selling part, offering  new high value products and maintenance insurances.

Thanks to this initiative, our client reduced the original cost for the support service line by adding direct revenue, generated by the new sales service.

Still, we had to maintain and even increase the positive focus of the team that just had a selling task added, which we managed with the distribution of incentives offered, in a regular basis, by Transcom and our partner, always in a “special offer moment”:

Transcom Portugal distributing incentives


And it won’t stop! Being Transcom, and following a Continuous Improvement strategy means that we are already working on the next level…

Author: Simon Kapstad

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Powerday with lottery!

Motivation is the word of the day!

Recently, we arranged a “Powerday” at our Rolvsøy site in Norway. Each agent could draw a ticket for each new sale they made, and every ticket was guaranteed a prize. We had lots of great prizes on the table:

IMG_3719 IMG_3720

This type of event is great fun while also increasing everyone’s motivation to focus on driving sales for our client, as well as building customer loyalty. Selling is an important part of the inbound customer service we provide, so it is natural for us to give something back to the people who talk to customers every day and help us reach our goals. Successful cross-selling and upselling requires more than just an understanding of our client’s product and service features and benefits. Our agents need to be skilled at building relationships, identifying customer needs during any type of interaction, and taking appropriate action to satisfy the customer’s need while maximizing cross-sales and upsales for our client.

Here is one of the lucky winners: