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Transcom improves travel and leisure experience for a leading operator’s customers

In May 2015, one of the world’s largest travel operators became our client. The company, which operates exclusively online, offering leisure solutions and ideas to millions of users worldwide, has a significant presence today in Europe and particularly in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and France. In this framework, Transcom acts as a strategic partner, providing efficient multilingual, multichannel assistance services and managing customer service activities on the European market.

Leisure Day

Our client offers a huge range of travel services on its website (hotels, flights, holidays, car hire, cruises), with an entire section devoted to the leisure offering, featuring special theme packages in the areas of sport and adventure, events, concerts, wellness packages, original gift ideas, tickets for football matches and much more.

The customer service activities entrusted to Transcom’s multilingual team cover the entire range of services and aim to ensure that users receive the best possible travel and leisure experience.

SALES collage leisure

The most important requirement expressed by the client was to combine high quality multilingual services with a competitive price model. The solution proposed by Transcom fully satisfies this expectation and today provides quality at the highest level and the best possible customer experience in various languages out of two different operating centers: Budapest and Tunisia.

Transcom’s presence in so many different areas of the world and the consolidated experience it has accumulated in the travel sector underpin the success of the partnership and open up possibilities for further collaboration outside Europe.

The best customer experience for Italian business travelers starts in Tunis

Early this year, Transcom Tunis officially launched a new customer care service for one of Italy’s biggest travel companies.  As partner and founding member of a worldwide network that unites the best travel management companies in 80 countries, this new client decided to form a strategic partnership with Transcom in order to ensure the best possible customer experience for its customers.

SALES Cisalpina article

To prepare for this important start up, the dedicated Transcom project team focused in maximizing service quality in a structural and coordinated way. A group of specialized resources was recruited and coordinated by a team of managers who constantly monitor service quality and take action at various levels to increase customer satisfaction, improve service provision and efficiency, and fine tune the management of corporate processes.

Work got underway with an initial group of 15 agents. The talents selected for the project are passionate about their work and have demonstrated great professionalism and excellent performance throughout their training, right from the very first day. A carefully designed three-month training program contributed to creating a relationship based on the maximum possible collaboration and interaction among team members, trainers and project managers, making it easier to learn during training and to overcome all the difficulties and critical issues every start-up encounters.

The dedicated project team during training.

The dedicated project team during training.

We are extremely satisfied with the trustworthy relationship and collaboration we have established with our client at this initial stage. We have laid the best possible foundations for a long-term partnership that will turn out to be highly profitable for everyone involved, not least all the Italian business travelers who will receive the best possible customer care, provided by Transcom Tunis.

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Transcom Budapest – a story of operating excellence for a client that´s conquering the world

Our client is one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing online travel operators. From its origins in Italy, the company’s operations have expanded rapidly and now completes up to 7,500 customer transactions a day in eight European languages. Expansions into the Australian, Philippine and USA markets in early 2012 clearly signaled our client’s global ambitions.

The collaboration with Transcom started in 2009, with customer services managed initially from our Tunis and Pula centers in Croatia, providing support in French and Italian as both countries being the two main markets for the online travel operator back then. Following its success in southern Europe, in 2011 the travel agency extended its online booking services to Russia and the Ukraine, followed by Germany, Hungary, Poland and Turkey.

In light of these developments, the Transcom team in Budapest – a central hub where multiple languages can be handled at scale – swiftly set up the Russian service in October 2011, soon to be followed by new teams dedicated to Germany, Hungary, Poland and Turkey. The operations performed in Budapest for our client include the Global Distribution System services of the very highest quality, which system is used to handle ticketing and post sales activities for all the major flag carrier airlines. Interaction between front and back offices has been optimised to speed up the resolution of customer requests. With over 700 contacts and more than 1,500 bookings and post sales operations handled on a daily basis, the excellent coordination and organisation capabilities of this project’s team leaders and agents needs no further comment.

he Budapest team dedicated to the project

In October, the team celebrated the 2nd anniversary of the start of the service in Budapest. The team prepared a huge cake and lots of other baked items to celebrate the event together

Bravofly 2 year celebration