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Author: Johan Eriksson

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Highlights from Transcom’s year-end report 2015

Transcom’s 2015 year-end report was released this morning.

We are making progress towards our financial targets. The closure of our loss-making site in Colombia and the simplification of our regional and management structure will support margin improvements going forward.

These are the highlights for Q4 2015:

  • Organic growth was negative 4.1%. Transcom’s previously disclosed decision not to renew an agreement with an Italian public sector client had a negative 3.5% impact on growth in the quarter.
  • EBIT margin in Q4 2015 was 2.6% (5.8% in Q4 2014). EBIT margin excluding non-recurring items was 4.1% (5.8% in Q4 2014).
  • Profitability improved in the North America & Asia Pacific region, while we saw a negative development in the Iberia & Latam region.
  • As announced on January 18, 2016, we are closing our loss-making site in Colombia. A restructuring cost of €2.3 million has been recognized in the Q4 2015. Also, Transcom’s management structure will be simplified in order to improve efficiency. These actions will benefit margins in the years ahead.
  • Net debt/EBITDA 0.6, compared to 0.9 in Q4 2014.
  • The Board of Directors recommends a dividend for 2015 amounting to SEK 1.75 per share.

Important focus areas for Transcom in the coming years are to ensure that we have efficient and effective regional and corporate functions, that our sites deliver superior performance through operational excellence, that we excel in contract and account management, and that we win long-term profitable business in line with Transcom’s commercial and operational set-up.

Feel free to have a look at the presentation below or contact me with any questions.

Author: Johan Eriksson

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Highlights from Transcom’s Q3 2015 interim report

Transcom’s positive profitability trend continued in Q3. Our EBIT margin development on a rolling 12-month basis is steadily improving towards our mid-term target of at least five percent.

A few highlights from the Q3 report:

Feel free to have a look at the presentation below or contact me with any questions.

Author: Joseph Roc

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Transcom Cares in the Philippines supports Street Children

Transcom Cares believes in the power of the youth to shape our future and their role in the family. This is proven by the establishment of childcare centers on almost all our sites in the Philippines. That is why we decided that our first outreach activity for 2015 would focus on the less-fortunate youth near the location of our sites.

The Children of Alay Pag-asa Christian Life Foundation is the first beneficiary of our outreach program. Our 14 volunteers started 2015 by sharing a little of their time in helping to feed 51 children and engage them in educational games.

Be Smart. Eat Smart. With these themes in mind, we decided to initiate another feeding program for the children of Precious Heritage Children’s Home for the month of February. Along with our 36 volunteers, we gave an informative talk and games about basic Food Groups and their respective role in proper nutrition.

To remind us of our younger days, another 34 volunteers recently spend an entire morning playing traditional Filipino games in Quezon City Memorial Circle with 69 street children. A delightful lunch soon followed, to reward the sweat and toil of the mini Olympics.

Truly the gift of time is priceless and this is something that we are very proud of in our volunteers since they help make each of our activities memorable.

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Author: Stefan Pettersson

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Transcom celebrates 20 years in business

In 2015, Transcom celebrates 20 years in business. From its beginnings in 1995, the company has gradually evolved from a single-country operation into a global organization spanning 23 countries.

Transcom AB was originally set up in 1995 to provide customer service for Comviq’s mobile telephony customers in Sweden. Subsequently, Transcom Europe was formed to support expansion into new European markets. These two parallel Transcom organizations grew rapidly, and were merged in the year 2000 to form Transcom WorldWide.

In 2002, Transcom started to diversify its business, both in terms of services offered and the company’s geographical presence. The debt collection business was entered through acquisitions in a number of countries, establishing the Credit Management Services (CMS) business unit. Transcom also made acquisitions to expand its core customer care outsourcing business in new geographies, not least in North America and Asia.

At the end of 2011, Transcom entered a turnaround phase. In the following years, the company executed a number of restructuring actions which have improved financial and operational stability, creating a solid foundation for future profitable growth. The CMS business unit was divested, in line with Transcom’s strategy to focus on its core customer care business.

We have now exited the turnaround phase with strong operational and financial momentum. Transcom’s fundamental objective is to create shareholder value through profitable growth. Our strategic priorities going forward (see timeline below) are informed by our vision of being recognized as a global leader in customer experience. We aim to increase revenue organically, at least in line with overall market growth, while continuing to improve our operational efficiency in order to further strengthen margins.

European expansion, 1995-2001 Diversification and acquisitions, 2002-2010 Turnaround, 2011-2014 Leadership in customer experience, 2015-
  • Transcom founded in Sweden in 1995
  • Focus on organic growth; European expansion began in 1997
  • Presence in 15 European countries at the end of 2001, the widest geographical coverage of any customer contact center organization in Europe at the time
  • Transcom’s shares were listed in September 2001
  • Acquisition-led growth started in 2002 with the purchase of Gestel, a Spanish CRM operator
  • Diversification into debt collection business through acquisitions in several European countries.
  • Expansion of near-shore services, serving high-cost countries from low-cost locations
  • Establishment of centers in Latin America to serve Spanish clients
  • Expansion into North America and Asia via acquisition of Cloud10 and NuComm
  • Restructuring program in order to strengthen competitiveness and improve profitability
  • Focus on growth in prioritized geographies; divestment of a number of smaller country operations
  • Divestment of Credit Management Services (CMS) in order to focus on core customer care business
  • Re-domiciliation to Sweden from Luxembourg completed
  • Growth with clients, while creating a more balanced industry and client portfolio
  • Continuously improving service offering, focusing on advanced, value added services
  • Strengthen global footprint supporting the European core market
  • Competitive operational platform