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Author: Christer Karlsson

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How Transcom Sweden developed a successful chat service for one of the largest mobile telecommunications providers in Europe

Transcom’s client is one of the largest mobile telecommunications providers in Europe and we have provided customer care services and support for this company for ten years. Our client offers mobile voice messaging and handset data, mobile broadband, business to business, fixed voice and broadband and machine to machine services.  We deliver customer service to the client’s customers in several European markets.

As each market has its own characteristics, communication channels and volumes vary from country to country. In order to meet the rapidly growing demand for non-voice services, we currently use chat as a customer care channel for this particular client in two countries.




Since 2010 the partnership with Transcom is based on the principles of COPC (a global performance management system for the customer service industry) and we use this standard to measure and manage Customer Satisfaction through improved quality and service.

As both Transcom and our client focus on delivering outstanding customer experience, it was mutually agreed that the End User Feedback Overall Satisfaction (OSAT) target from October 2013 would be 85% (COPC High Performing Benchmark). End User (EU) Feedback measurements started in the middle of 2009. Each survey starts with an overall satisfaction question. The measurement is collected mostly after the call for voice contacts. For non-voice contacts, data is collected using a web survey.

Prior to 2012, the chat channel in Sweden consisted of a few agents. During the summer of 2012 a decision was made to increase the volume and extensive marketing of this channel and several “traffic shaping” activities started. By then, both our client as well as our team were quite inexperienced with the chat channel and what to expect when volumes increased. Therefore we spent a lot of time discussing the following issues:

  • How to manage customer expectations through chat?
  • What reports were needed?
  • How to do accurate forecasting?
  • How should we properly train agents?

Through an extensive partnership with the client, and by using the expertise from other Transcom customer experience specialist around the world, we have managed to turn the channel into a great experience both from an agent, client as well as a customer perspective.

Today, we have 90 agents in Sweden exclusively trained to deliver non-voice services for our client. Each month, the team handles approximately 35 000 customer interactions and spend 12,000 hours to service this channel. In average, an agent communicates with 2-2.5 customers at the same time.

During the second quarter of 2014, the EU Feedback result exceeded COPC High Performing Benchmark with an average of 87% and the chat service is now our best performing channel!

With the experience we have gained during the last two years, Transcom Sweden is well-prepared to maintain the levels achieved, monitor, improve and innovate this non-voice service for our client in order to meet the growing demand from customers who prefer to use chat and social media to communicate.

Author: Christian Hultén

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From Contact Center to Engagement Center

The contact center industry has over the past 20 years gone through some significant changes and developments. Many of us have experienced, and been part of, the introduction of new tools, processes, methods and standards that have both responded to changes in customer communication trends and at the same time influenced the entire end-user interaction landscape as well as corporate customer communication strategies globally.

We have seen the transition from cost center to profit center, the spread of process optimization, multichannel integration, workforce management applications, quality monitoring tools, industrial improvement methodologies, various performance management frameworks, Six Sigma, Lean, virtual contact centers, COPC, multiple sourcing trends and numerous other developments that have formed the industry into what it is today.

From Contact Center to Engagement Center

This continuous development and constant improvements have not only contributed to the overall growth of the industry, but it has also elevated customer experience in the value chain; taken its well-deserved place in board rooms, executive meetings and in corporate strategies. This, together with the enhanced management experience, skills, increased complexity of tasks, overall maturity and career opportunities have also changed the general view of the industry. It is not just a job anymore; it is a profession with a very promising outlook.

However, despite the past decade´s tremendous progress we are likely to see even more profound and industry defining changes in the years to come. The rapidly changing social and consumer behaviors are modifying service expectations and consequently the requirements on us as an industry, as an outsourcer and as a company.

“The current transition from “contact center” to “engagement center” is challenging in that it requires us to innovate, it requires us to adopt new technology and it requires us to further develop the recruitment, training, coaching and development of our employees.”

At the same time, it offers an unprecedented opportunity for us to create the engagement our clients and our clients’ customers are looking for. This means engagement driven by the choice of the customer, no matter how and when the customer has chosen to interact with us. This means customer engagement strategies and practices that truly engage the customers in the brand and creates loyalty that will benefit both us and our clients. As the proportion of voice interactions is decreasing, we need to listen to and become part of conversations across social networks as well as traditional communication channels and leverage this when building customer relationships.

When looking at management discussions, client conversations and best practice meetings within Transcom, it is evident that we are responding well to the changing needs of this generation’s “engagement center”. Below are only a few examples of topics and titles that have recently been presented at conferences, workshops and client meetings held at Transcom:

It is events and activities such as the examples mentioned above that support the view that this is really the time for Transcom to shine – as an industry and as a company!

Author: Maria Carlström

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Transcom Borås supports the victims of the Balkan flooding

At Transcom, charity engagement is a part of our DNA.  But sometimes you feel extra proud of your employees.

One of our employees at Transcom Borås in Sweden got the bad news that his hometown in the Balkans was severely hit by the flooding disaster in May. When he found out that an organization would drive a truck with clothes and supplies from Borås to his hometown, he encouraged his colleagues to participate in a clothes collection project. And within the coming days, one by one of our employees walked in to the reception with big bags full of clothes, shoes, blankets, pillows, patches, preserves, juice, teddy bears, personal care items and more.


After one week, everything was carefully packed into boxes which then where placed on big pallets. In the end, we loaded three pallets on the truck!


We would like to thank all our employees at Transcom Borås for your personal engagement and contribution to make this charity project a success!

“I am only one, but I am still one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something.”  Helen Keller

Author: Annica Strahner

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Transcom Sweden proudly presents our value ambassadors for 2014

Transcom’s values Passion, Excellence and Innovation are a part of our everyday work.

In Sweden, we recently encouraged all our employees to nominate themselves or one of their colleagues to be Value Ambassadors for 2014. In the nomination, they should motivate why this person exemplified for example Innovation and used this value to contribute to a better customer experience.

We received more than 30 nominations and it was almost a mission impossible for the Swedish management team to vote for one winner representing each value. After a long round of discussions and voting, we finally agreed on three winners and we proudly present our value ambassadors for 2014:

Transcom Sweden's Value Ambassadors for 2014 (from the left): Linnea Forslund, Desale Temesghen and Linda Jansson.

Transcom Sweden’s Value Ambassadors for 2014 (from the left): Linnea Forslund, Desale Temesghen and Linda Jansson.

  • Passion: Linnea Forslund, Product Supervisor and Trainer, Transcom Stockholm

Motivation: Linnea’s energy fuels the whole team and she always makes sure that each individual makes progress. Linnea is committed, and solution focused and always strives for providing a great customer experience.

  • Excellence: Desale Temesghen, Team Leader, Transcom Borås

Motivation: Desale’s motto is to make sure that we at Transcom always deliver outstanding customer experience in every customer interaction. He puts in a lot of energy to motivate his colleagues and everybody on his team always goes the extra mile to achieve excellence.

  • Innovation: Linda Jansson, CSR,  Transcom Karlskoga

Motivation: Linda is 100% committed to every task she takes on. She is a key asset in our quality assurance process and has done a tremendous job for one of our clients by securing their sound files.

Our ambassadors will participate in a video and explain how they work with Transcom’s values today. They will also be invited to share their knowledge in our training sessions with agents and team leaders. Linnea, Desale and Linda will also publish a blog post and share their expertise with our blog readers.

Author: Henrik Olsson

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Customer Experience Seminar at Transcom Stockholm focusing on performance in an ever-changing world

Our first breakfast seminar received top ratings from the participants when they responded to our anonymous evaluation. I‘d like to believe that those ratings was one of the main reasons for a rather large group of selected clients to defy the early morning spring rain and show up when Transcom’s second customer experience breakfast seminar in a series of four took place last Thursday.

The overall purpose of the seminar series is to give the audience both inspiration and tools for personal as well as organizational growth and as mentioned in my previous post we are fortunate enough to have Johan Plate and Thomas Fogdö, two of Sweden’s most renowned experts in the field of performance psychology, to guide us.

Collage Transcom Customer Experience Seminar_140508

This time Johan and Thomas focused on performance in an ever-changing world and the courage to meet the challenges of the future. During an hour and a half we were listening, learning and laughing. There were also discussions and short moments of reflection. I think we all found this session just as, or perhaps even more valuable than the last time since we could continue to fill our personal mental toolbox with performance strategies and methods.

With two great seminars completed we at Transcom are very much looking forward to meeting Johan, Thomas and our group of courageous clients for a third time in September. If you can join that group? Sure you can, just send me an email and I’ll invite you to something that most likely will give you new ways of thinking.

Author: Henrik Olsson

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Transcom hosts successful Customer Experience Seminar in Stockholm

At the top floor of our office with a spectacular view of a sunny Stockholm, a number of selected clients together with their Transcom contacts participated in the first of four breakfast seminars planned for 2014. The topic for these seminars is performance psychology and the purpose is to give the audience both inspiration and tools for personal as well as organizational growth.

Collage_Customer Exp Seminar 1

Two of Sweden’s most renowned experts in the performance field were our cicerones during this session. Johan Plate is working closely with several Olympic athletes, National sports teams and Executives. Thomas Fogdö is a former Alpine Skiing World Champion now focusing on passing on his first hand experiences to others.

Together they showed the audience new views on perceptions and performance limitations. Johan and Thomas explained the necessity for different types of goal setting and facilitated discussions around motivation and positive thinking. Subjects such as focus, performance analysis and winning mentality were also covered. The seminar lasted for 90 minutes but in that very inspirational atmosphere it felt more like nine! I actually think that most of us could have stayed a lot longer in that room.

I had the opportunity to speak to most of the attendees after the session and based on all the spontaneous positive feedback I am happy say that this was an extraordinarily successful seminar. We at Transcom are now very motivated to host our second seminar in early May. And with what we now have learned we know how to up our performance a notch to top the event that took place today…