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Meet Bashir Ishak – Team Leader in Borås

Bashir is one of our many great team leaders at Transcom Borås, Sweden. He joined Transcom 7 years ago  and has gained a lot of experience since then. We would like to give a special thanks to Bashir for doing such a good job every day!

Bashir Isak

What does it mean to be a Team Leader?

“Being a Team Leader gives you a lot of responsibility. As a Team Leader you must be a good leader and a skilled mediator at the same time. In many ways you set the standard in your team; both when it comes to performance, work ethics and attitude. The way I act reflects on my team and the company at large.”

So what do you do, more specifically?

“I do a lot of work both on a group and an individual level. At a group level I try to create a good atmosphere and team spirit in the group. I also have daily coaching sessions with my team members at an individual level. As we focus a lot on monthly and weekly goals, one of my most important tasks is to coach the agents on how to improve their performance.”

What is the best thing about working at Transcom?

“The best thing is having the honour of working with such great colleagues every day, working together to reach the best results possible. Having the opportunity to coach my team members to a better performance and following their development. Being a part of a big company that supports and pushes you to perform your best month after month.“


Author: Marie Fjällrot

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Transcom Sweden participates in Step Count Challenge in association with Save the Children

During five weeks in April and May, 273 employees from three sites in Sweden and the Corporate Head Office in Stockholm participated in a Step Count Challenge in association with the organization Save the Children.

For every participant, 50 SEK was donated to Save the Children’s global project EveryOne, which has as a goal to reduce child mortality with two thirds by the end of 2015.


The number of children dying in the world has gone down dramatically since 1990. But still every year 6.9 million children – nearly half of them newborn babies – die from illnesses that can easily be prevented or treated.

Save the Children’s vision is that no child under the age of 5 should die from preventable causes, and that public attitude will not tolerate a return to high levels of child deaths.

Besides daily exercise and a good conversation topic in the office the participants from Transcom AB and Transcom Worldwide AB contributed with 13 650 SEK in total to this project.

Together we walked 76 555 194 steps, equivalent to 1.4 laps around the globe.


Five happy participants from the site in Umeå.

If you would like to read more about Save the Children and their campaign Every One please click here.

Transcom Sweden offer agents Workforce Management on their smartphone

I am very pleased to announce that we have recently implemented a revolutionary app for Transcom’s agents in Sweden starting in Eskilstuna.

The mobile app allows agents to access their individual future schedules on their Smartphone.  This takes way the need for paper schedules and having to go into work on their day off to find out their future working patterns.

Transcom Sweden offer agents Work Force Management on their smartphone

The agents can access the app 24/7 which has assisted greatly in receiving the schedules sooner and being able to plan their diary and work life balance for the coming month. The functionality also allows shift trades with team colleagues as well as review holiday balances and approved holidays. In addition, the app tracks an agent’s productivity and performance which is accurate and updated in real-time.

I recently held a focus group in Eskilstuna and the feedback was very positive:-

“It is a great tool and I really like the scheduling overview”
Philip Todorovski

“The app is very is cool, I like the productivity information”
Alexander Jonsson

We now have 750 employees in Sweden using the app and I expect further enhancements to increase the functionality further.

Author: Linda Jansson

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An innovative trainer that thinks outside the box

My name is Linda and I’m the value ambassador in Sweden for Transcom’s core value Innovation. I’ve worked at Transcom Karlskoga for about two and a half years. I started, as many others, as an agent for one of our client’s retail support. Shortly thereafter I become head of quality assurance for the sound files recorded by our client’s telemarketing retailer. Since one year back I’m also a trainer for our business area.

Both the telecom and the communication business are fields that change very fast, sometimes overnight. For example; a few weeks ago one of Transcom’s clients in the telecom area launched something that literary changed the business and therefore also our way of working. All to provide outstanding custumer experience.

In connection to this big launch our client  conducted several events and training sessions together with us to prepare everyone in the best possible way – a way that made everyone feel involved and able to embrace all the new changes with openness and enthusiasm.

As a trainer and value ambassador for Innovation, it’s my goal to get the agents to be all set and manage changes like this with an open mind and not least joyfulness.

I always invite the agents to think outside the box, to trust themselves to make their own decisions and come up with new proposals to develop and improve for our clients and custumers – to be innovative!


Author: Sebastian Norling Rauhala

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Transcom supports women’s shelter in Karlskoga

You have probaly heard about Transcom’s CSR program, Transcom Cares. One of the focus areas in this program is community engagement (the other two being people development and equality & diversity). At the Karlskoga site, we also try to contribute to the local community.

One of our employees really puts her heart into this: Gunsan Lundqvist Karlsson, Business Manager. Outside  of work she is the chairman of a non-profit organization that runs a local women’s shelter. Due to the shelter’s close proximity to the Karlskoga site, it was natural for Gunsan to initiate cooperation between Transcom and the shelter.


“I saw the need for clothes and everything else for them”, she says. ”There’s a constant queue at the shelter with women who just arrived and those who are about to leave to start a new life. And they often have their children with them.”

Women and children escaping from abusive relationships often arrive with no more than the clothes they have on their backs. So they are in need of both clothes, toys and furniture for their stay and their eventual move to a new place. Gunsan recently organized two evening events at the Karlskoga site exclusively for Transcom employees in order to give away clothes, toys, furnitures and other useful items. The result was above expectations. Another event will be organized before Christmas, but Gunsan is always available to accept give-aways. When we met her a while ago, she had recently been given three bags with things that will surely make life at the shelter a lot easier.


“One time, there was a woman who was on her way to move to a virtually empty apartment. But before that we were able to collect all the things she needed from the people here. And she was so grateful for it”, says Gunsan.

Gunsan, who has a background in politics and the Swedish organization Brottsofferjouren, says that women applying for asylum are also welcome to pick up things from the shelter. She also tells us that a couple of our employees will work as volunteers at the shelter in the future.

Transcom cares, and we care a lot!

Transcom Cares

Author: Sebastian Norling Rauhala

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Making a career at Transcom

As mentioned in earlier posts, Transcom is one of the largest employers in Karlskoga, Sweden and often one of the first work experiences for many young adults there. It’s a nervous and, at the same time, anticipative feeling when you swipe your keycard at the front door, go through the hallway and enter the site. And then your journey at Transcom can take any direction, depending on what you want and what you contribute to the company and its clients.

A perfect example is my colleague Linda Jansson. She started as a retail support agent for one of our clients, a major telco in Sweden. Later on, she advanced to become head of quality assurance for the sound files recorded by our client’s telemarketing salespeople. Noticing her teaching skills, our business manager soon appointed her as trainer, both for our new employees and our regular agents, on how we give the best support to our client’s retailers. Now, what could possibly be the next step for Linda in her aspiring career at Transcom? That would probably be when the Swedish management team voted for her as one of Transcom’s value ambassadors.


As you can see, the career opportunities at Transcom are many and varied. Take the chance whenever it appears or create it yourself. Linda will also contribute with her story in future blog entries, so stay tuned.