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Removing the fear of closing a sale

The moment of truth of any sales services is when the agent has to make the final question and ask for confirmation to close the deal. But it is also a loaded moment for most of the agents that may experience what we call: fear of closing.

Experience tells us that we can only influence around a 50 to 55% of the persons we contact during our workday. Although we would like that all these individuals accepted our offer or product, we know that this is not at realistic target. Furthermore, we have to be aware that our customer’s refusal in most cases is due to a set of variables as the price, their economic situation, bad previous experience etc. All these factors have nothing to do with our agents’ performance.

When facing a challenging customer, the agent tends to conclude that person is not interested. This negative mindset generates itself a negative response. Therefore, to minimize the risk of a negative answer we must be mentally positive and not let our attitude impact the outcome of the call.

At Transcom, we continuously invest  in our agents’ training and spend many hours on product training, telemarketing techniques, techniques for dealing with conflict situations, teaching agents how to handle objections, etc…But do we invest enough time to teach agents how to introduce the “closing question”, are we investing enough effort to prepare them for a refusal, and eliminating their psychological barrier to the customer’s negative answer?

In order to prepare our agents to overcome the apprehension they may have to face in a call we must work through training and role play, practicing different situations that we will find in our daily work life.

We are convinced that the success of a good education and training depends on several factors:

  • Adequate knowledge of our products so that every agent properly can explain the benefits in case the person decides to close the deal during the call.
  • Empathize with our customers to create a trusting environment that results in an acceptance of the call as a valid sales channel.
  • Eliminate fears to solve any query or objection posted by our customers, learning to turn those weaknesses into strengths that customers can appreciate.
  • Overcoming fear of rejection, which causes insecurity, and therefore a call lengthening when making the final closing question.

By training our agents in all the mentioned points above we will be able to perform a graceful closing call and to achieve a positive resolution in a higher success rate for our clients.

If we want to improve our customer experience, we must be able to empathize with customers and make them feel comfortable during the call. In each interaction we must ensure that our customer feels that the decision is theirs.  Only working with these principles we will be able to consolidate new customers, improve our customer’s satisfaction index and, possibly, increase the rate of persistence by achieving a greater sense of affiliation between the customer and our partner.

Author: Silvia Fernández González

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Transcom: land of opportunities

When I started working in 2001 as a Customer Service Representative for a new company that had just opened a new center in Leon, I never imagined that, after 13 years, I would end up being the Call Center Manager at this site.

I started working as an agent for a new client in the telecommunications sector in Spain. In those days, this was an industry monopolized at 90%, and the challenge was to open the market with a very innovative prepaid product. It was exciting to see how the project started to grow, slowly, thanks to advertising and word of mouth, and how Transcom started to increase its workforce.

At first, the work was a way to complement my studies, but soon opportunities to grow professionally showed up.

When we started working on the first international projects at Transcom León, I did not hesitate to apply for an English-speaking agent position. I can never thank my parents enough for their support during my training and for encouraging me to learn new languages. My managers at this time offered me the week-end team leadership, a role that I had for a year until I finally started to lead a weekday team for an international project.

After some time, the opportunity of becoming Business Manager arose, and of course I applied for it. I wasn’t elected the first time, nor the second, but I persevered. I continued to work as hard as I could to get my opportunity. I got it a year later, when I was promoted to lead international telephony projects, book reviews, and client services for a French bank.

During this stage, Transcom gave me the opportunity to travel a lot: training in Lithuania, meetings with one of our clients in London, Business Manager training in Sweden, visits to support our colleagues in Portugal, etc… Everywhere I travelled, I found the “Transcom seal”. A seal that only those who work with us know: Seal of teamwork and camaraderie. I thank all the colleagues in the countries that I visited for the warm welcome they gave me.

Transcom Leon CCM Silvia Fernandez and part of her team

Years passed, and during that time I grew personally and professionally. I became a mother, and when my daughter was 8 months old, the company offered me the position of CCM!

Transcom showed me then that being a woman and a mother is not an impediment to growing professionally.

I’m very lucky: Working on what I enjoy. I have a great team, without which I would not be here today, but above all, after developing my career in the company, I am able to understand the people performing other tasks in the company: I can see how an agent will feel after a long day at work trying to reach the objectives; what a Team Leader feels like when he/she is in charge of a team of agents and also have to fulfill other responsibilities; what a Business Manager feels like when the client pushes them to achieve the business goals and your CCM pushes you to meet the KPIs…

To all, I say that we work in a company where there is opportunity to improve, to grow, and where you are valued professionally speaking. If you’ve applied for a promotion which you did not get, do not give up on your goal, there are opportunities for everyone!

Taking advantage of the reach of this international blog, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way during these 13 years, from all areas of the company.

Thank you!

Author: Álvaro Vázquez

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Transcom Spain explores Customer Experience together with our clients

At Transcom’s site in Madrid, we wanted to deepen the relationship with our clients and demonstrate our knowledge within customer experience and the value-added services that we can offer. Therefore, we recently launched “Customer Experience Workshops” as an attempt to model and simulate the emotional customer journey for one of our largest clients in the financial sector.

Customer experience is an interactive process between a brand and a person. The experience evolves through the different contact points that connect them. Some of these points are under the direct control of the organization, while others are not. Customer experience includes all the different stages of the relationship. From brand awareness to the final recommendation made by a satisfied customer, through to the purchase decision and the use of the product or service. But the customer experience goes far beyond all these moments. It has to do with emotions, with how the customer feels when interacting with our organization. (Read more about Customer Experience in our Annual Report 2013).

However, in many companies, customer experience management is still an underdeveloped area. Companies need a profound transformation involving all business areas: from strategy, internal culture, to the management of people, as well as the design and management of internal processes, the relationship with suppliers and partners, and above all, a deep knowledge and understanding of their customers’ needs and behavior.

Transcom Atica Customer Experience workshopThis is why we decided to take the initiative and explore together with our clients what their customers’ emotional journey looks like and what improvements they can make in order to provide an outstanding experience.

How do we perform?
We decided to define a map of customer experience as a tool to illustrate the full experience (all possible interactions and touch points) that a person can have with a brand. The Experience Map is based on analyzing the customer experience and comparing customer expectations with the perceived experience.

A team including agents and members of the service structure met with the Contact Center Manager, Operations Management, BST, Account Manager, Quality and Training staff  and analyzed the customer’s lifecycle by listening to a number of calls.

Transcom Workshop Customer Experience in action

All the comments made by the client and the expectations generated by the agent to solve the problem were identified. We created “emotional clouds” that would help us to define positive or negative trends that would shape the different “moments of truth” during the phone call where we had the opportunity to change this trend.

While analyzing the final map and the different moments of truth that we identified, we detected two possible ways to improve the experience. “Direct solutions”, where our client is the “owner”, and “operational solutions”, referring to services mainly carried out by the agents.

As a result of the Customer Experience Workshop, Transcom was able to provide our client with a new vision and innovative solutions that can improve their customers’ experience, leading to higher loyalty and increased sales.

Author: Fidel Rodríguez

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The natural art of selling

The human being, like many other animals show daily in nature, has a great commercial potential. Thus, some species of birds evolved to have bright colors to help them find a mate; some primates beat their chests to instill fear in their rivals, and other species, when feeling threatened, triple their size to intimidate their enemies. The animals, in their natural state, “sell” themselves.

In humans, in addition, we must consider the social aspect. The human being is born, then grows and develops their emotional connections with their peers, looking for affection and acceptance. Thus, from the beginning of our lives, we will need to draw on certain “business skills” to achieve our goals.

All of us, since our childhood, have deployed our charms to convince our friends to play the game we wanted, or to go to the cinema and watch that movie… Even when growing older, we use our looks, our hair and our clothes to help us in being accepted and to feel closer to the social group that we want to belong to.

Who hasn’t convinced a friend to go out, when he or she didn’t want to do it, because we wanted to go to our favorite restaurant? Do we do these things right? And do we do it without thinking about it? Without any preparation? Sure, we all do those kind of things every day of our lives in a spontaneous way. We are using our sales skills!

At all times we are “selling” When you fix your hair, and choose what to wear, you’re selling your image. When you convince someone to go to a different place, restaurant, cinema, park, etc., you are “selling” your idea, your desire. When the children cry because they cannot achieve what they want, they are “selling” their despair.

Therefore, we can consider the human being as a social animal being born with a certain “selling capability”, which is used almost every day of our lives.

But these skills evolve as we grow. Our goals will change when we get older and therefore, our way of trying to get it will change as well. This ability evolves with us and although all of us can count on it, it is important to develop these skills to improve our results. Observing how others behave, learning from theirs and our mistakes, modifying our arguments, replicating the arguments that really work… This is our natural way to learn, to practice our “selling techniques”.

Then it is only a question of trust in our natural ability to make a natural step to specialize and become a professional salesperson.

Although we may be talking about an innate capability in the human being, it clearly includes an acquired component. That is why we talk about “sales techniques” at Transcom when we prepare our training courses. Because you need to practice in order to replicate the best techniques, to make mistakes and learn from them, and to be able to translate your ideas into the correct words and perfect voice intonation. It is only by working this way that you will achieve the confidence and energy necessary to become a professional living of, and for sales.

How Transcom Sevilla uses sport as a motivational and performance improvement tool

At Transcom we know that one of the key success factors in our business is our adaptability. That is why we at Transcom Sevilla strive to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by having well-trained sales teams, with the ability to sell any product, from insurance, up to banking, telecommunications, leisure, etc… It helps us to get the best results for our clients.

For any outbound team, to reach sales targets is essential for the success of the service; however, it is not easy to achieve high performance.

Given the current economic situation, selling is much more complex than it used to be. It is a fact that consumers have more ways to review and compare the information provided by companies, which makes them even more demanding, and as a result, it is more difficult to close the sale.

Mountain bike team Transcom Sevilla

Therefore, we must strengthen tolerance to frustration, and not get discouraged by the numerous negative answers that we receive daily. Many times this is a distinctive feature of the sales process, but we must nevertheless work together to build a motivated and strong team.

Motivation may be tied to financial benefits, but this is not the only or the best way. We can also activate different handles, as games, group dynamics, competitions, etc … so that all employees feel part of a team and fight for a common goal.

In this sense, sport is an ideal option, as it is a way for peers to improve their welfare, combating tension, stress and monotony, which undoubtedly affect employee productivity.

For this reason, the Training and Quality team decided to create a Mountain Bike group helping the agents to identify themselves with the values of sport: respect, healthy living, teamwork, fair play, effort, and ability to overcome frustration.

Mountain bike team Transcom Sevilla

Each week, new challenges are set, new routes are designed to avoid routine and to increase communication and interpersonal relationships with different partners from different areas of the company, resulting in an improved working environment.

A group of employees becomes a team when all its members learn to work together, in the search of a common goal. A team that improves their interpersonal relationships outside the workplace will also work in a better environment and therefore, will increase their professional performance.

Author: Agustín Romero

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Delivering the best customer experience through social media channels

At Transcom Isla Sicilia in Spain, our social media customer service team just celebrated its second anniversary.

The department’s main priority is to monitor and address all queries and mentions regarding our clients that customers communicate on platforms as Twitter and Facebook.

We interact with the active social media users which submit all kind of questions: ranging from queries about products and services, to specific suggestions or claims to which we offer personalized attention.

The priority is to listen to the users, help them, and build a trustworthy relationship. Especially in critical cases, where we derive the conversation to an email addressed to the department in order to acquire more information and to guarantee the customer’s data privacy. All responses are coordinated within various internal departments that help us to prepare the accurate answer for the proposed consultation. We also have a toll free number to handle those cases requiring a more detailed treatment.

Social media team Isla Sicilia

Our team is overseen by our client’s community manager, who has established our service’s guidelines. Hand by hand, we keep on working to strengthen our client’s image by caring for their customers in the social media landscape.

Recently, we received the following acknowledgement from our client:

“It has been about two years now, which can either be a long or a short time, but you are performing above any community managers in charge of a customer service. It’s thanks to Transcom’s good work that our social media service has become the industry’s benchmark it is, and I’m proud of saying so every chance I get.

Congratulations and a sincere thank you for the work you do!”

For our part we cannot go without thanking our clients for their trust and continuous encouragement, which for us are the best rewards.