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Author: Fidel Rodríguez

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The natural art of selling

The human being, like many other animals show daily in nature, has a great commercial potential. Thus, some species of birds evolved to have bright colors to help them find a mate; some primates beat their chests to instill fear in their rivals, and other species, when feeling threatened, triple their size to intimidate their enemies. The animals, in their natural state, “sell” themselves.

In humans, in addition, we must consider the social aspect. The human being is born, then grows and develops their emotional connections with their peers, looking for affection and acceptance. Thus, from the beginning of our lives, we will need to draw on certain “business skills” to achieve our goals.

All of us, since our childhood, have deployed our charms to convince our friends to play the game we wanted, or to go to the cinema and watch that movie… Even when growing older, we use our looks, our hair and our clothes to help us in being accepted and to feel closer to the social group that we want to belong to.

Who hasn’t convinced a friend to go out, when he or she didn’t want to do it, because we wanted to go to our favorite restaurant? Do we do these things right? And do we do it without thinking about it? Without any preparation? Sure, we all do those kind of things every day of our lives in a spontaneous way. We are using our sales skills!

At all times we are “selling” When you fix your hair, and choose what to wear, you’re selling your image. When you convince someone to go to a different place, restaurant, cinema, park, etc., you are “selling” your idea, your desire. When the children cry because they cannot achieve what they want, they are “selling” their despair.

Therefore, we can consider the human being as a social animal being born with a certain “selling capability”, which is used almost every day of our lives.

But these skills evolve as we grow. Our goals will change when we get older and therefore, our way of trying to get it will change as well. This ability evolves with us and although all of us can count on it, it is important to develop these skills to improve our results. Observing how others behave, learning from theirs and our mistakes, modifying our arguments, replicating the arguments that really work… This is our natural way to learn, to practice our “selling techniques”.

Then it is only a question of trust in our natural ability to make a natural step to specialize and become a professional salesperson.

Although we may be talking about an innate capability in the human being, it clearly includes an acquired component. That is why we talk about “sales techniques” at Transcom when we prepare our training courses. Because you need to practice in order to replicate the best techniques, to make mistakes and learn from them, and to be able to translate your ideas into the correct words and perfect voice intonation. It is only by working this way that you will achieve the confidence and energy necessary to become a professional living of, and for sales.

Author: Fidel Rodríguez

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Listening workshops at Transcom San Fernando improve customer experience

Inspired by the quote “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak, Transcom San Fernando decided to organize “Listening workshops” for our agents.

The main purpose with our workshops was to create a training process whereby the team could learn – in a positive and dynamic way – about the mistakes that were made, and how to do better next time. Investing time and effort in this kind of training will result in an improvement in our agents’ performance, as well as in the quality of calls, which will have a positive impact on the overall customer experience we deliver.

The workshop was split in two different types of sessions:

  1. Individual monitoring: The team leader joins each member of his team to listen and evaluate the calls attended by the agent. It allows a positive and constructive self-criticism and a moment of reflection about the mistakes made during the call.
  2. Team monitoring: A group of agents and their team leader, a senior, team leader and a Product Specialist, gather around a call that exemplifies all the most common service deficiencies, analyze them together and learn from each other’s experience.

Listening Workshop

Each team leader then has a constructive “Listening workshop” with her or his team. This way, the team has a specific time to work on quality, which results in agents getting a better understanding of the importance of a good call and the impact it has on our customers’ overall service experience.

During 2014, we will award the agents and teams with the best quality rates on a monthly basis, with a poster with their photos, rewarding not only the achievement of sales goals, but also the featured agents’ skills.

Author: Alberto Piñeiro

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Delivering special service to ensure telecom customer satisfaction

At Transcom we always try to adapt our resources to our clients’ needs. One example: the added-value services we deliver from our San Fernando site for a leading telecommunications operator.

Taking into account the type of services that our client offers – and to ensure continuity – it is extremely important that the customer billing process be conducted in a precise manner and without incident.

Transcom San Fernando Team

Early detection and reporting of any irregular usage is one of the best ways to minimize the amount of unpaid bills. It is also a service that helps customers manage their spending in order to avoid a nasty surprise when the invoice arrives.

This service requires delicate management, where providing maximum support and facilitating alternative solutions becomes the best way to achieve our goal, while generating a very positive feedback from our customers.

To ensure this service’s success, it has to be carried out as a comprehensive operation. Therefore, the same agent will manage all related activities: calls, completion of back office tasks, etc…

Transcom San Fernando Team

Thus, the profile of all team members has to be based mainly on great communication skills, agility with the computer-based systems, and rapid execution of actions, customer orientation and adaptability to change.

Author: Fidel Rodríguez

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How Master Class programs improve customer service and increase sales

Good teamwork implies that everybody can learn from his or her teammates, jointly creating and delivering an extraordinary service to our clients. That’s why Transcom San Fernando has developed training programs where the best agents in terms of performance can share their experiences with all colleagues so that they won’t just achieve their objectives, but also reach higher sales figures:

“We know that you are good, but we also know you can be better! That is why we have prepared the… Master class!!!”

One of our master classes at Transcom San Fernando

These training courses, named ‘Master Class’, are led by experienced and successful sales agents who share their knowledge about best practices with the participants. During these 60 sessions, we covered the hardest customer objection cases we have found in our daily work, with the ‘Master’ offering new approaches to addressing said objections based on his or her experience. In this way, participants learned new tools to overcome possible barriers and achieve better sales results.

Once we analyzed the pilot program and the obtained output, we decided to extend the program to all agents in the same situation, certain that with this little push they will be able to reach new objectives. In fact, since we launched the Master Class program, we have improved our sales ratio by fifty percent.

Author: Fidel Rodríguez

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Innovative teamwork in Transcom San Fernando provides business intelligence to telecom client

There are few markets as competitive as the Spanish telecom sector. To point this out; from January to May 2013, more than 2.9 million of mobile portabilities took place in a 55 million active mobile lines market, which means a portability of 5.65%.

In addition, if it has always been important to build customer loyalty and retain existing customers, the current financial situation has made customer loyalty a high priority issue for telecom companies. Especially as the decrease in mobile lines is a new reality that mobile operators have to face. In May 2013, there were 5% less mobile lines in Spain than in May 2012.

In this context, and in order to improve our retention service for one of our main customers in the telecom sector, our center in San Fernando, Madrid, has set up what we have called “Observatory of Convergence”.

The Observatory of the convergence team

We have organized the agents into groups together with their team leaders. Each team studies and deeply analyzes the commercial offer of the assigned mobile provider, making a comparison with our customer offer and develops arguments to achieve the cancellation of the portability.

These experiences are then shared among all teams which generates an atmosphere of involvement and team work that increases the service quality for our client. Furthermore, we are providing added value to our customer by transferring an updated overview of the market situation and what effect their current offers have on the final user.

Author: Alberto Piñeiro

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Contact centers: Does age really matter?

The vast majority of people in our industry are young. Our San Fernando contact center illustrates this nicely. There are 1735 employees at this center and the average age is 35.2.

We enjoy working with young people. They bring an air of freshness and enthusiasm; they are highly adaptable and are also familiar with new technologies, which is crucial for Transcom in order to meet market requirements.

But at Transcom, we also like to count on older people who bring their experience, commitment and discipline as well as strong work ethics. Our colleague Inmaculada Estrán is a very good example: she is a 70-year-old woman who has worked with us since 2002 and, after 11 years, continues to offer her great commitment to the company, performing her functions in a manner worthy of recognition.

Inmaculada Estrán, our oldest agent!

We believe that the age diversity we enjoy at San Fernando contributes greatly to the achievement of our goals, creating great customer experience.