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How to transform an inbound support service from a cost into a profit generator

About 18 months ago, one of our clients launched a new inbound service, designed to handle technical support. As in most of the support services we handle for this client, this project included no profitable activity.

But Transcom’s extensive experience in developing and launching sales services within a short timeline allowed us, after four months of starting the initial project, to begin working together in analyzing the service cost from our partner’s point of view. We started to check all possible new activities that could generate profit and contributing to improving our client’s cost effectiveness.

The defined path to achieve our new common goal resulted in a total re-organization of the technical support service; adding to each call an Up Selling and Cross Selling part, offering  new high value products and maintenance insurances.

Thanks to this initiative, our client reduced the original cost for the support service line by adding direct revenue, generated by the new sales service.

Still, we had to maintain and even increase the positive focus of the team that just had a selling task added, which we managed with the distribution of incentives offered, in a regular basis, by Transcom and our partner, always in a “special offer moment”:

Transcom Portugal distributing incentives


And it won’t stop! Being Transcom, and following a Continuous Improvement strategy means that we are already working on the next level…

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The sweet taste of Transcom Cares in Portugal

Last December, Transcom Portugal made a donation to a local institution that is small in size but very big in the difference they make in the lives of the people they care for. AFPAD supports disabled people throughout their life, providing them with the needed care, but also with their best possible integration into society. The donation was made in the context of our CSR-program Transcom Cares.

AFPAD logo

AFPAD was also elected as the institution Transcom Portugal will support in 2014.

We have already started to organize regular collections of food, clothes, shoes, toys, and books that are delivered to the organization on a monthly basis.

Other activities we plan for during 2014 are to organize a selling exhibition of some of the handicrafts made by the disabled people at our Transcom Ribeirão site and, together with our people, volunteering actions, such as building up an organic garden or the recovery of their interior and exterior gardens.

In parallel, and despite the fact that it’s not mandatory by Portuguese Law, we believe that Transcom can provide work suitable for people with certain types of disability and we have been studying the possibility of increasing the number of disabled people that work with us.

In a very much appreciated “thank you” gesture, last month people from AFPAD came to pay us a surprise visit to offer a cake, baked by them.

The most memorable moment from their visit was without a doubt the smiles on their faces while observing a reality so different from the one they are used to in their daily routine!

“Out of the Box Day” empowers team leaders at Transcom Ribeirao

Team leaders truly play a key role in our organization. They are the ones that have the shortest path to our agents’ minds and hearts. We know that many times, no matter how much agents like communicating, receiving commissions and working for Transcom, it’s their commitment to their team leader that makes them go the extra mile.

But the need to motivate team leaders is often forgotten; letting them know that we acknowledge their importance and value their work often “makes the difference”.

At Transcom Ribeirao, we recently had a brainstorming workshop that involved team leaders, business managers, product specialists, business support, HR, IT and the contact center manager. Our ambition with this activity was to empower team leaders in their role.

The workshop was held in a nice and relaxing place outside of our office. The aim with the day was to share the team leader’s challenges and find solutions how to improve team management and, consequently, financial results.

Out of the box day in Transcom Ribeirao

We had predefined several fundamental skills for the role:

  1. How to plan and organize
  2. Take responsibility for the team and its results
  3. Develop agents skills
  4. Determine needed activities to reach goals
  5. Motivate, inspire and support
  6. Identify and create solutions to defeat agents difficulties
  7. Monitoring
  8. Inform and clarify
  9. Correct deviations; make changes and readjust plans
  10. Recognizer
  11. Reward
  12. Manage conflicts
  13. Take decisions

Those themes led us through a day full of reflections, creativity, relaxing activities and open minded discussions.

During the day the agents recorded a video for their team leader, highlighting the person’s strengths. We summarized our “Out of the box day “by forming the motto “The Team is Mine”!

Out of the Box day

Author: Adriana Tavares

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Talking about motivation at Transcom at ExpoRH in Portugal

ExpoRH is the biggest annual HR event in Portugal and this year’s event attracted 2,500 delegates. The conference lasts for two days and covers different aspects and trends within human resources.

This year, Transcom was invited to talk about our experience and practices, together with companies such as Microsoft, Bosch, Henkel, McDonalds, Samsung, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, among others.

On the theme “Is employee motivation based on monetary rewards? Is it possible to motivate with non-monetary factors?” we shared our experience on how we keep our people motivated in a workplace were around 80% of business is based in outbound sales, which is the case at Transcom Portugal.

Talking about motivation Transcom Portugal

In fact, there are no big secrets. We inspire our agents to run that extra mile that makes Transcom different from our competitors by using:

  • Transcom’s three values – Passion, Excellence and Innovation
  • Adding attainable but challenging goals
  • A fair and transparent evaluation method
  • Continuous support
  • Creating a dynamic environment and moments of fun
RHExpo Portugal

A selection of different motivation activities we had during 2013.

Altogether, these tools are an important reason why Transcom reached the record score of 93% in employee satisfaction in 2013.

Our “external medal” was received when Mercer’s Marsh Benefits speaker mentioned  that happiness is in the end the most important thing in life and maybe the most difficult one to achieve in an organization and stated:

Transcom knows how to make their people happy!

And this quote and recognition made us at Transcom Portugal very proud and happy!

Transcom Ribeirao gives a hand to the “Pajama Day”

In November 20th 1989, United Nation’s International Convention of the Rights of the Child stated the following on its preamble:

“The child, for the full and harmonious development of his or her personality, should grow up in a family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding.”

In Portugal 95% of the almost 8,600 children that are separated from their parents live in institutions, only 5% finds a new home in a foster family.

Due do this fact each 20thNovember, Portugal celebrates the “Pajama Day”. On this day, all children under 6 years associate themselves to a noble cause and go to school dressed up in their pajamas, in order to call attention to all children’s need and right to have a place they call home.

The activities that happen through the day involve the children, their parents and the community and are showed on the television and on media web sites.


This year Transcom Portugal contributed to the “Pajama Day” cause by working together with the institution that promotes it and preparing kits that are sent to the schools in early November. The kits are then distributed to the children with instructions. The package also contains a paper piggy bank, shaped as a home that the children use in order to collect money from its family, friends, and neighbors… to help finance a home for the children that don’t have one.

All together we prepared 7,450 kits! And, with the help of our voluntaries, Transcom Portugal will go on with this partnership, trying to put a smile in the face of those homeless children.