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The world’s leading eyewear brand chooses Transcom to set its sights on the future

At the end of a tender process that involved the world’s top players in the contact center industry, the company that represents Italian global excellence in the eyewear sector has chosen Transcom to manage its customer service for online clients of all nationalities. Transcom successfully offered the best response to the Client’s requirements and proposed the technology best suited to the task.

Transcom didn’t stop at offering the classic contact center service, but proposed a fully integrated and highly innovative multi-channel, multi-language solution to satisfy the needs of the global eyewear manufacturer. Calls, chat, email and, most importantly, social network channel management will be used to support customers of the group’s best-known brand and one of the most famous names in eyewear worldwide, which has now decided to enter the online market in Europe by developing a product configuration and e-commerce website.

Occhiali Luxottica

Transcom beat the competition in this technology challenge because our people make the difference and can transform a simple slogan into real added value for clients in the form of a Customer Experience that begins with the very first approach. This highly innovative service will be provided from one of Europe’s most promising geographical regions, Poland, and more precisely Gdansk, an area that is attracting more and more business because it offers high quality multi-language services at competitive prices.

Customer service will be available straightaway in English, French, German, Italian, Chinese and Turkish, with Spanish and Portuguese to be added shortly.

Transcom will combine Polish operating excellence with advanced technology that also manages social networks and will pioneer the innovative services the market is increasingly demanding. Project technology development and governance activities will be performed in Italy, with a view to achieving perfect harmony and synergy between Transcom sites in Central and Southern Europe.

I am personally grateful to our Team, who has achieved this major commercial success by focusing on innovation and on the quality of the services provided by our sites in order to establish an international partnership with one of the world’s leading eyewear brands. The market is responding in a very positive way to the innovative solutions proposed by Transcom. We are continuing to invest in the development of new tools, solutions and processes that enhance the value of all the technologies available today, in order to offer our clients the highest possible level of customer experience.

Author: Joanna Osinska

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Polish Ski jumper and Olympic Team Member Jan Ziobro visited Transcom Poland

Jan Ziobro, the winner of FIS Ski jumping World Cup 2013/2014 competition in Engelberg, Switzerland, and member of the Polish Olympic team 2014 recently visited Transcom’s office in Gdańsk where he met with our employees and their friends.

Collage Polish Ski Jumper

During the meeting, the participants had the opportunity to ask the ski jumper about his plans for the forthcoming season as well as what he thought of other Polish athletes’ chances in the next Ski jumping World Cup. There were also more personal questions, e.g. what kind of music that helps Jan to focus before a jump. During the visit, Transcom employees also had the opportunity to take pictures with the Olympic athlete as well as to get his autograph.

Jan Ziobro highlighted that he met wonderful people at Transcom, who do their job with great passion. He added that he would do his best in order to fulfill their expectations regarding the next World Cup.

The meeting was organized in cooperation with Jan Ziobro’s sponsor Toolip.

This was the first of many events Transcom Poland has planned for during the next months. Our sites in Gdańsk and Olsztyn will be full of activities for our employees in order to make their work during the summer period more cheerful.

Author: Przemyslaw Wlodarczyk

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Transcom Poland expands the financial services team

As a result of our employees’ customer experience expertise and heavy work, one of our clients, a leading bank in Poland has chosen to extend its cooperation with Transcom Worldwide Poland. Our financial services team will be broadened by 25 specialists focused on selling financial products.

When we started the cooperation with the bank in May last year the team consisted of eight outbound specialists, one year later we have 50 specialists working with this client.

We have identified two key success factors that contributed to the expansion of the project.

First, as the team delivered high quality and met the client’s targets from day one, our client trusted Transcom not only to sell their service to new prospects, but also to their current customers.

The second success factor is the great relationship we have with the bank, which allow us to become not only supplier but a true business partner.

“Transcom’s team presents the highest motivation, creativity and positive approach to new challenges and successfully solve arising problems. As a client, we can always count on their support, suggestions and good communication. That allows us to continuously expand our cooperation.” – said client representative.


The Transcom financial services team in Poland celebrating the project’s first birthday.

Author: Joanna Osinska

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Employer branding campaign in Poland – Proud to be a part of Transcom


“My name is Monika. While working at Transcom I realized that a perfect team is a perfect recipe for success. Transcom is perfect for work and for fun.”

proud to be a part of Transcom

In March, Transcom’s Polish HR Team in Gdańsk and Olsztyn came up with a unique employer branding campaign to reach a wide range of potential candidates. During the next three months, there will be billboards with photos of Transcom employees presenting their hobbies and the advantages of working at Transcom. The billboards are located on the way to the main universities, so that the best talents will be reached.

The aim of this campaign is not only to attract new members to our team. We would also like to positively influence people’s opinion about call centers in Poland, emphasizing our role in developing and empowering people.

Employer Branding Campagin_Poland_Monika


Author: Marek Szul

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Transcom Poland awarded at the Outsourcing Stars Gala

Within the last decade, outsourcing has become one of the largest sectors in Poland. There are more than 400 BPO (business process outsourcing) centres in the country, which employ approximately 110,000 agents.  The estimated yearly employment growth for the BPO industry in Poland is 20%.  This rapid development encourages various international companies to establish their outsourcing centres in our country.

On the 16th of January 2014, the best and the fastest-developing outsourcing companies were rewarded at the Outsourcing Stars Gala that was held in Warsaw. During the gala Transcom Worldwide Poland received an award in the category Call and Contact Center – the biggest % growth of permanent employment 2013 vs. 2012.

Receiving this award was a further evidence of our commitment to the professional development of our employees. Thanks to the numerous training courses we offer, they can gain new competences, quickly becoming highly qualified agents. The carrier path is based on well-established procedures and allows beginner consultants to be promoted to experts or even higher positions within the company. Furthermore, employees can take advantage of Transcom’s generous work benefits programs.


Transcom Worldwide Poland awarded at the Outsourcing Stars Gala, source: ProProgressio

Transcom Worldwide Poland awarded at the Outsourcing Stars Gala, source: ProProgressio

At the moment, we are also increasing employment which is related to the innovative project of transforming Transcom’s offices in Poland into a new “multilingual hub”. Read more about this project in one of my previous posts: Transcom Poland to become a new multi-language hub

Our objective is to create a centre, which will provide services for customers from various countries, in their own languages.

Transcom Worldwide Poland Award

Transcom Worldwide Poland Award

Author: Grzegorz Baran

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Inspiring sales initiative at Transcom Olsztyn resulted in front page cover

To encourage our agents to achieve the best possible result, we organized five sales contests at the end of 2013 at our site in Olsztyn, Poland. The contests were created, prepared and executed by our Team Leaders and they were run twice a week.

On the 4th of December, the agents’ goals were to achieve the highest possible sales volume while also beating their best personal result from the previous month. To win, agents needed to show not only product knowledge, but also a wide range of customer service skills allowing them to conduct successful sales calls, eventually closing the sale. This particular contest included five different sales projects, organized by one Team Leader.

But improving sales results was only one part of this contest. When customers from all around Poland are chatting with our agents over the phone, they do not realize that they’re talking with customer experience specialists from Transcom Olsztyn.

That’s why the second aim of our contests (equally or even more important than sales) was to show to the public the talented young people we have working for Transcom Olsztyn, and to promote Transcom as a local employer.

Thanks to our Team Leader Damian Strzemkowski, we managed to achieve both these goals – improving sales and strengthening the public’s knowledge about Transcom. Damian came up with the great idea to contact the local newspaper Olsztyniak, which is distributed for free on the streets of Olsztyn every Thursday morning.

This resulted in extensive coverage in the paper. The winners of our sales contest were featured on the front page with their photos. There was also a short bio of each winner and a longer article about Transcom. On the 19th of December, 20 000 copies of the newspaper were distributed throughout the whole Olsztyn district.

Article in Olsztyniak_131219_3

The following agents were awarded as Best Salesperson at Transcom Olsztyn; Aleksandra Grodzka, Patryk Leśniewicz, Irena Jędrzejewska, Jacek Pokora and Karolina Janowska.

Many congratulations to all of you and we look forward to new inspiring contests in 2014.