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Author: Magdalena Szałaj

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Transcom adds new client in the white goods sector

Another white goods client was recently added to the Transcom portfolio. The Chinese multinational in question, a global leader in the consumer electronics and white goods sector, designs, develops, produces and markets many different items, including air-conditioners, smartphones, computers, microwave ovens, washing machines, refrigerators and TVs.

Various major brands in the consumer electronics and durable goods segments have already entrusted their customer care and technical assistance services to Transcom in various parts of the world. Our expertise in this specific sector was without a doubt a contributing factor to the decision made by our new client.

Currently, the Transcom team provides inbound and outbound support in nine languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Flemish, Dutch and Polish. The team provides assistance to end customers, stores and repair centers through various contact channels: telephone, email, live chat and also social media in some countries. Most of the team members work out of our Gdansk site (one of our leading multilanguage hubs), but a number of Transcom specialists have also been transferred to work in several of the Client’s European offices (in France, Italy, Spain and Germany), with a view to coordinating work and facilitating the sharing of information and know-how. The tasks assigned to them include the management of customer care services provided over the chat channel and through the client’s Facebook page.

SALEs visualization2

Virtual image of the showroom project devised for the client

Transcom has adopted an innovative approach in order to help its operators gain a perfect understanding of the products for which they are providing technical and commercial assistance. In a joint initiative with the client, Transcom has created a showroom for its team at the center of the operations area where customer care services are handled. This not only gives operators some firsthand experience of the various products during training, but also simplifies relations with users and makes the service more effective, because the products in question are right there next to their work stations.


Operators at work in Gdansk and the showroom containing the client’s products behind them

Transcom is constantly working on new solutions, new processes and new approaches to offer its clients’ end customers the best possible experience. The showroom in the operating area and the transfer of Transcom personnel to several of the Client’s sites is giving a powerful boost to this important new partnership, which has looked set right from the outset to grow and be consolidated in the future.

Author: Magdalena Szałaj

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Transcom Poland awarded Outsourcing Star 2015 as best provider of Contact Center services

We are very proud to announce that Transcom Poland is the winner of the OUTSOURCING STARS 2015 competition as best Call/Contact Center! 

The Outsourcing Stars Gala is the only non-commercial outsourcing event organized in Poland. The main goal of the Gala is to analyze the industry at the end of each year (outsourcing industry and modern business services including BPO/SSC/ITO/R&D, Call Contact Center, Sales Force Outsourcing, Document Archiving, etc.) as well as awarding the best and the fastest growing outsourcing services suppliers and organizations supporting the growth of outsourcing industry in Poland.

The ceremony took place on January 28 in Warsaw. The Outsourcing Stars 2015 Gala gathered over 300 guests, including academics, businesspeople and representatives of several industry organizations from 15 different countries. During the event, some distinguished experts gave a summary of this successful year: according to the Pro Progressio Foundation, the outsourcing industry grew by 18-20% in Poland in 2015.

OPERATIONS Poland Award ok

The photo shows the award-ceremony: (from the left) Dymitr Doktór - General Director, Co-owner, editor-in-chief of Outsourcing&More Magazine, Best2Invest, Pro Progressio Foundation; Przemysław Włodarczyk - Business Development Manager, Transcom Worldwide Poland; Marcin Zieliński - Project Manager/ Information Security Manager Poland, Transcom Worldwide Poland; Wiktor Doktór - CEO Pro Progressio Foundation.

Transcom is operating in Poland out of two locations: the company started its operations in Olsztyn in 2003 while the Gdansk site opened in 2007. Transcom Poland employs more than 1,200 customer experience specialists who support clients operating in various industries, in Poland and abroad, in 15 languages: Polish, German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Lithuanian, Russian, Turkish and Chinese.

Author: Jolanta Budzinska

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Transcom Cares in Poland supports girl with autism

The year 2014 at Transcom Poland was rich in charity actions and full of compassion and we can be proud of our employees’ commitment.  We continued our standard Transcom Cares activities as collecting food for shelters, donating school supplies and giving sweets to orphan children on Christmas Day.

But the Transcom Cares project that will stay in our hearts for a long time was the charity run we did for one of our employees’ daughter – Ania, who is diagnosed with autism.

Ania orlen

Two of our managers, Grzegorz Baran and Jolanta Budzińska-Korneluk participated in the Warsaw Orlen Maraton. Together they ran an impressive 52 km distance, each kilometer raising extra money for Ania . But our engagement and commitment continued. Inspired by his colleagues’ charity run, another manager, Maciej Ziółkowskin and  his team organized weekly lottery competitions on the floor, donating every zloty to the Ania-project.

Thanks to Transcom’s donation it was possible to send Ania to rehabilitation, where she could train her speech and communication skills. Her father was really surprised with the results. For the first time he could talk with his daughter on the mobile phone and understand what she said– something amazing for the parents and also for us.

Ania and her parents visited our Transcom office and thanked all Transcom employees. A visit Ania enjoyed a lot!

Transcom Poland’s services supports sales growth for a global bank

Transcom Poland works for a leading bank with about 200 million customer accounts and operations in over 160 countries and jurisdictions. It provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services, including consumer banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage, transaction services and wealth management. The bank combines experience in Polish banking tradition with a modern finance model and for the last few years it has been an undisputed market leader.

In 2013, Transcom was selected to be the bank’s strategic sales support partner. The goal with the partnership was to help the company enhance business performance by improving sales solutions and innovating new sales approach.

Transcom did actually exceed these expectations. We are specialized in selling banking products by phone, which is an extremely challenging task to perform in compliance with the strict formal and legal requirements applied to this process. Transcom also provides the most effective tools and solutions to carefully manage the delicate back office processes.

OPERATIONS Polish bank

Today our client acknowledges that Transcom has achieved two strategic goals, which have had a direct, positive impact on their business performance:
• building and developing a new telesales channel
• increasing the banking product sales rate

In 2014, our client’s credit card sales rose by 30%, which was largely the merit of Transcom. Moreover, our dedicated team maintains a constant focus on service quality to ensure that the bank’s customers receive the best possible customer experience, transforming the customers to valuable brand ambassadors.

Pile of credit cards, narrow focus.

It is no coincidence that Transcom received several awards and public acknowledgments from the client in 2014.

Transcom Gdansk began this outbound sales activity late in 2013 with ten agents and during 2014 our team grew to 65 agents. In September, we decided to duplicate the team in our other Polish site in Olsztyn, where we started with 15 agents and now have 30. Today one hundred people are working on this project and we expect the team to grow still further.

We are confident that Transcom will continue to support the bank’s sales growth with important achievements and that our partnership will grow stronger and stronger, in a spirit of mutual satisfaction and continued trust.

Transcom at Polish Outsourcing Fair 2014

The second Polish Outsourcing Fair took place at the EXPO XXI Exhibition and Conference Centre in Warsaw on the 16th and 17th of October.  The event saw over 1000 visitors and 120 exhibitors representing companies that provide a whole range of services from sectors such as contact centers, collections, IT, administrative, accounting, recruitment, HR and payroll, fleet management and legal services.

In addition to the exhibition part of the event, there was an Outsourcing Academy organized. During the Academy, experts from many different fields of outsourcing shared their knowledge, not only with the exhibitors, but also with people visiting the Fair. Topics debated at the Academy included Contact Center market developments and the principles of cooperation in the area of outsourcing.

Transcom was represented by the Polish team and Roberto Boggio, Regional General Manager of Central & South Europe Region, who was able to join during the first day of the fair.


Marcin Zieliński – Business Manager, Przemysław Włodarczyk – Business Development Manager, Marek Szul – Call Centre Director, Roberto Boggio – General Manager, Central & South Europe Region, Joanna Osińska – Human Resources Manager, Grzegorz Baran – Business Manager.

During his visit, Roberto was able to give an interview to OutsourcingPortal, Outsourcing & More Magazine and ProProgressio Foundation editors  -  and also to meet local government representatives.

The fair was a great opportunity to present Transcom as one of the biggest players in the Polish Contact Center market and to meet potential clients. We had a chance to inform the wider public about Transcom, our global structure and underline our customer experience expertise gathered not only in the Polish market, but also worldwide. Of course our main focus was on our clients, showing how we can help optimize their business performance and how to utilize our global experience in order to achieve better results.

Author: Jolanta Budzinska

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Transcom Poland is one of the Masters of “Sales Elite Winners”

Transcom continues to develop our professional and high level cooperation with a banking client. In this context, we received an invitation to the “SALES ELITE” event. We were selected for outstanding contributions to the distribution of banking services during the month of June 2014. Our hard work and achievements in the sales area are appreciated by our most important stakeholder – our Client.

One of Transcom’s Leaders – Łukasz Onopa, who was involved during the creation and launch of this project at Transcom, received an invitation to the awards ceremony: “Looking forward to welcoming you in person to what promises to be another fabulous afternoon of fun, food and fellowship.” He had a chance to meet and talk with members of the Board and also Directors of individual Departments. It was also a possibility to exchange experiences and opinions with other of our client’s partners.


This was the Greeting from the Sales & Distribution Division Head:

“Congratulations for winning the SALES ELITE award for June. It was great to meet you in person and celebrate your success. I hope you had a good time. I look forward to welcoming you in the next SALES ELITE Lunch Ceremony in the second half of October, so do your best and become a winner again.”


This Ceremony also motivated us to drive even higher sales results in the future. Of course, we would like to be a winner as often as possible!

We also participated in the next edition of “SALES ELITE”. We were selected for outstanding contributions to distribution in the month of November 2014. We had the opportunity to meet with the President of our Client and the Head of Consumer Banking, among others.

This time our Winner was Aneta Zakrzewska, who has consistently achieved above-average sales results month after month. An additional factor was the fact that Aneta is one of Transcom’s biggest  promoters. She introduced several people to our sales project, who have also achieved very good sales result. Aneta, Thank You.



Due to our great results, we have significantly expanded the number of agents on this project at our site in Gdansk. We have also added additional people working on this project at our Olsztyn location. Who knows what Transcom can achieve with this client next year…