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Author: Manuel Tamayo

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Transcom Peru starts operations with leading wireless service provider

It is with great joy I announce the growth of Transcom Peru with our new client and state that this is the beginning of new achievements and goals for the Transcom family. The win of this client means that we will fully utilize our site’s capacity. Our new client is the leading wireless service provider company in Latin America.

Thanks to successful program management, all tasks were completed on schedule. The HR department recruited and selected  personnel well in advance of the launch. Team Leads, Quality Agents and Trainers were trained and our Client handled the product training for the new staff.

New service in Transcom Lima

In October 2014 we started the operation with inbound customer service..We will start the training for future campaigns at the beginning of 2015.

Our goal is to excel in all customer service skills and make a difference for our client´s customers. In order to succeed, we have put a lot of efford in the selection process of our new trainers. They all have great expertise in teaching agents on a professional level. It is our responsibility to make sure that the teams succeed, through coaching, feedback and constant refresher training.

We will definitely walk that extra mile to make this a successful project. More information about the operation and our achievements will follow in the months to come.

Author: Alejandro Menjura

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Transcom Lima is the first Latin American contact center to receive Quality Certification UNE-EN 15838

AENOR has awarded our site in Lima, Peru, with the quality certification for customer contact centers according to UNE-EN 15838, a model for quality management and performance in all aspects of the contact center industry.

Transcom’s site in Lima is the first contact center in Latin America to obtain this European certification.

So, on October 14, in a private ceremony at the premises of AENOR in San Isidro and accompanied by Isabel Sánchez-Lozano, General Manager of Transcom’s Iberia and Latin America region, I received the diploma accreditation from Pedro Fernández García, Director of AENOR Peru.

Receiving the UNE-EN 15838 accreditation for Transcom Lima

In his words, Pedro Fernandez stated that “Customer care is a key element in business, affecting the perceived product or service quality as well as corporate reputation, so it must be managed effectively and efficiently. This can only be done through comprehensive quality management systems, like the ones  Transcom uses.”

We are proud to receive this certification, which confirms our commitment to providing quality service to our customers globally. Our Lima site is the third Transcom center to receive this certification, after our centers in Pozuelo and León, in Spain.

Author: Alejandro Menjura

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Transcom Peru recognized with the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Award for Growth Excellence Leadership

It is an honor for me to announce that Transcom Peru has been recognized with the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Award for Growth Excellence Leadership.

During 2013, Transcom was the fastest-growing contact center outsourcing service provider in the Peruvian market. We focus on a customer-centric, omni-channel approach, while striving to always maintain high quality and organizational standards.

2014 Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award to Transcom Perú

Our growth in 2013 was mainly supported by Spanish-based clients, mostly in the telecommunications and financial services industries. However, we are expanding our client base to include new businesses from Peru and other Latin American countries.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards recognize companies in several regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievements and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.

Author: Marcos Tercero

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Transcom invited to participate in AENOR’s event in Lima

Transcom was invited to participate in the presentation event of the standard UNE-EN 15838, organized by AENOR in Lima, Peru, in order to promote the cited standard of quality, specific for contact centers.

The standard UNE EN 15838 Customer Contact Center – Requirements for the provision of the service, is the adaptation of M/378 of the European Union mandate, which emerged with the aim to provide criteria regarding the quality of the service delivered to customers by contact centers. It is a voluntary standard, which specifies the requirements for contact centers to qualify for UNE EN 15838.

Both Alejandro Menjura, as Transcom’s Regional Director for Latin America and myself, as responsible for Performance and Quality of Transcom Iberia and Latam, were invited to participate and share our experience, focusing our presentation on the process of certification of our site in Lima.Transcom participating in AENOR's event

To do this we discussed the trajectory of Transcom with the UNE-EN 15838: the first organization in Spain to be certified, the first organization to have two sites in Spain qualify for certification, and the first organization to develop a certification project in Latin America.

Moreover, we also explained how the standard has helped us strengthen the management foundations of our Lima center:

  • The diversity of customers (offshore and local) makes the standardization relevant in the context of ensuring high quality even in moments of rapid growth of the center.
  • Strengthens Transcom’s capability as a global provider: harmonized service platforms, yet regionally differentiated.
  • Provides local, near shore and offshore services with high-quality standards.
  • Introduction of the standard UNE-EN 15838 in Latin America. Transcom, in conjunction with AENOR and other organizations of the contact center sector, is a member of the standard-setting committees of ISO

Finally, the session ended with an introduction to the certification process, and the key challenges that the contact centers have to face to adapt their processes to the requirements of the standard.

Author: Alan Girón

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Celebrating Fiestas Patrias at Transcom Lima

On July 28 and 29, Independence celebrations were held in Peru and we decided to decorate our Lima center in red and white, the colors of our national flag, and organize “Entonándole al Peru” a singing and dancing contest among all the employees. We encouraged our employees to participate with Peruvian songs and dances.

Welcoming to the celebration of Fiestas Patrias in Transcom Lima

We enjoyed of a very animated competition! The seven participants in the singing category delighted us with folk music, the rhythm of the guitar and the typical peruvian “cajon”. Finally, our undisputed winner was Lizbeth Vilchez who sang the theme “Our secret”, an  iconic and classic peruvian waltz, a 30 year-old song but timeless.

Fiestas Patrias in Transcom Peru

In the category of dance presentations, we had three groups and two people who danced individually. Among them we saw “Huaylas moderno”, a nice Andean traditional dance; we also saw the dance of Anaconda, which comes from the Forest and the “Festejo”, Afro-Peruvian dance, which ultimately won the contest, represented by our agent: Alfonso Mori.

We also conducted our classic decoration contest. We were pleasantly surprised by three types of decorations: From the coast, we were surprised by the famous “tapadas limeñas”, traditional clothes for women, some “sailor dances”, with Pisco and rice pudding tasting. From “La Sierra”, the mountain area of Peru, other teams showed its typical clothing: skirts and “chullos”, caps, made of splendid fabrics; we were delighted by corn and cheese tasting and we danced to the beat of classic “huaynos serranos”. Last but not least we were introduced to the Jungle, with typical dances and tasting of “juanes”, a traditional Peruvian dish, and fried banana.

Typical Peruvian food

There is no doubt that our team exceeded the expectations in every way this year. Our employees worked on the event for several weeks, putting a big effort into their presentations.

Upon completion of the activities, we all enjoyed a delicious lunch, pleased to have spent a great day of friendship.

Author: Alejandro Menjura

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“I Transcom Forum Multichannel” at a glance

As a follow-up to the earlier post about the I Transcom Forum Multichannel: Integration strategies for your client, I am happy to share a video from the event.

Conceived as an open meeting point to share and discuss the latest trends in multichannel customer care, the event took place in Lima, Peru, during the month of June. It was a success in terms of participation and exchange of experiences and ideas.