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Author: Javier Duran

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Successful talent management in Transcom Leon improves performance and quality

In order to keep up with the on-going changes in the customer care industry and to be able to plan for structural improvement, in Transcom Spain, we recently enrolled project “Stop & Go” at our site in Leon. Our goal with the project is to identify and develop our potential and human capital, growing in quality, performance and overall satisfaction.

After getting the UNE EN 15838 certification, we saw the need to take a step further in terms of our human capital. By using the selection standard defined in the UNE certification we reassessed our Senior Team Leaders, Team Leaders and Product Supervisors as these persons are key players when it comes to managing the contact center successfully.

Talent management program at Transcom

The “Stop & Go” project started in November with a personal interview with the immediate superior and workshop with the HR-team. Competencies were analyzed as objectively as possible, with all kinds of situations and aspects to be evaluated in each case, with a combination of attitudes, skills, knowledge, motivation and actual performance. This way we created an environment where the evaluated person was able to perceive his or her reality from a new perspective and understand that, under a different light, we can always find skills and competencies to develop and that will permit us to succeed.

In January and February, the second step of our program consisted in defining detailed action plans, together with the evaluated staff, in order to improve specific areas to further develop their tasks with the quality standard we have set.

Thanks to a full cooperation between Human Resources, Operations and Quality, we have achieved our first milestones for the project:

  • All employees to know in detail the purpose of their work
  • The key competencies needed to perform it
  • Key competencies that needs be developed through concrete actions

Talent Management in Transcom

Today, the entire structure helps us to perform better every day, because we all know our potential and are heading all our efforts to build winning teams every minute. We know our worth and know our areas of improvement, and that is something that with hard work and attitude makes us winners. Each member of the teams, meet the demands of their job and have unified criteria and objectives. We are certainly in the direct path to success in managing people.

These are some of the testimonials that the participants in the “Stop & Go” program have shared with us:

“The analysis and subsequent action plan has made me reconsider the situation of each agent, both professionally and personally”


“The analysis has given me a push to keep improving, both professionally and personally, get out of my comfort zone and boosting my potential at all levels.”


“This project has given me another view of my skills and personality that can help me to achieve more ambitious goals.”


“You get a glimpse of your work than you are not aware of, for better or for worse! :)

We are not only trying things make look good, or getting the predefined results… we want more, much more, we want to grow every day in quality, efficiency and, all together, facilitate the perfect setting, with all necessary means, in order that every professional has the possibility of developing the best version of him or herself in each of the key positions. We do not want to have good Team Leaders; we aim to develop the best Team Leader and we want to grow together in the same direction.

Author: Silvia Fernández González

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Transcom: land of opportunities

When I started working in 2001 as a Customer Service Representative for a new company that had just opened a new center in Leon, I never imagined that, after 13 years, I would end up being the Call Center Manager at this site.

I started working as an agent for a new client in the telecommunications sector in Spain. In those days, this was an industry monopolized at 90%, and the challenge was to open the market with a very innovative prepaid product. It was exciting to see how the project started to grow, slowly, thanks to advertising and word of mouth, and how Transcom started to increase its workforce.

At first, the work was a way to complement my studies, but soon opportunities to grow professionally showed up.

When we started working on the first international projects at Transcom León, I did not hesitate to apply for an English-speaking agent position. I can never thank my parents enough for their support during my training and for encouraging me to learn new languages. My managers at this time offered me the week-end team leadership, a role that I had for a year until I finally started to lead a weekday team for an international project.

After some time, the opportunity of becoming Business Manager arose, and of course I applied for it. I wasn’t elected the first time, nor the second, but I persevered. I continued to work as hard as I could to get my opportunity. I got it a year later, when I was promoted to lead international telephony projects, book reviews, and client services for a French bank.

During this stage, Transcom gave me the opportunity to travel a lot: training in Lithuania, meetings with one of our clients in London, Business Manager training in Sweden, visits to support our colleagues in Portugal, etc… Everywhere I travelled, I found the “Transcom seal”. A seal that only those who work with us know: Seal of teamwork and camaraderie. I thank all the colleagues in the countries that I visited for the warm welcome they gave me.

Transcom Leon CCM Silvia Fernandez and part of her team

Years passed, and during that time I grew personally and professionally. I became a mother, and when my daughter was 8 months old, the company offered me the position of CCM!

Transcom showed me then that being a woman and a mother is not an impediment to growing professionally.

I’m very lucky: Working on what I enjoy. I have a great team, without which I would not be here today, but above all, after developing my career in the company, I am able to understand the people performing other tasks in the company: I can see how an agent will feel after a long day at work trying to reach the objectives; what a Team Leader feels like when he/she is in charge of a team of agents and also have to fulfill other responsibilities; what a Business Manager feels like when the client pushes them to achieve the business goals and your CCM pushes you to meet the KPIs…

To all, I say that we work in a company where there is opportunity to improve, to grow, and where you are valued professionally speaking. If you’ve applied for a promotion which you did not get, do not give up on your goal, there are opportunities for everyone!

Taking advantage of the reach of this international blog, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way during these 13 years, from all areas of the company.

Thank you!

Author: Silvia Fernández González

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Translibrary, a new leadership initiative at Transcom Leon

Transcom is truly a people’s business and we all agree about the importance of having motivated agents in our teams in order to do a good job and produce the best results.

At Transcom Leon, one of our Business Managers Eva Casado, has launched “Translibrary”; a book club for our team leaders.

Translibrary group

Eva had chosen 15 well-known books about motivation and leadership that could be applied to our professional environment. Each title has been assigned to one of the participants to be read individually.

After some weeks, the book club had its first meeting. Each reader summarized the highlights from the book they had read, and explained how their findings could be applied to our daily work at Transcom. Then, the moderator recommended new readings for the next period, customized according to the profile and individual needs of each participant.

The main goal of this initiative, which has been very well received among the team leaders, is to unite the teams while at the same time, teach motivational techniques that could be helpful in leading and encouraging the team to achieve its goals.

The most popular book in the sessions so far has been “Fish! A Proven Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results” (Stephen C. Lundin, Ph.D., Harry Paul, John Christensen). Some of the team leaders that already have read the book have passed it on to their agents.

Author: Silvia Fernández González

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An unforgettable reward for an outstanding performance

Each year, one of our main clients in the telecom sector organizes a motivation program called “Customer Champion”. In the latest program, supported by a well-known mobile phone brand support, they rewarded the best agents with an amazing trip.

“The Customer Champion” program represents the first time that our client brings together the customer care and sales departments’ agents under the same flag. The group was formed by in store vendors and contact centers’ staff, a big community sharing the same objectives and focusing in the final customer.

Enjoying the Caribbean Experience

In October 2013, our colleague, Roxana Borello, met 299 other participants from 20 countries in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) to enjoy a few days full of surprises, team working, and lots of activities. Roxana had an amazing experience, and she wants to thank Transcom and our client for its support and trust. In her own words, “it is a veritable pleasure to work in a company that values its employees and encourages the continuous improvement”

Roxana had the opportunity to visit a desert island, to sail a catamaran, attend to an award ceremony during a beach party, and have a look to the latest mobile phones models… A truly unforgettable experience!!!

Author: Silvia Fernández González

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Transcom León awarded for best sales team, inbound telesales platform

This past July, at the Magalia Palace in the nice village of Navas del Marqués, the IV Working Meeting of Telemarketing Inbound services of one of the largest customers of the Spanish telecommunications sector took place. Transcom and other suppliers were invited.

Besides participating in various events organized by our client, including some recreational activities, Transcom Leon was honored to receive the Award for “Best sales team Inbound Telesales platforms”.

Enjoying the off-work activities

The €3,000 award was the prize in an initiative that took place during May and June, with the participation of 23 teams from four providers that serve the client’s ADSL sales department. The criterion for deciding the winner of the award was based on the constant evolution and improvement objectives on a weekly basis, during the two-month duration of the activity. The winning team was led by the Team Leader Rosa Sanchez, who also received a plaque in recognition of the best sales team.

Rosa Sánchez, the winner TL from Transcom León

I want to congratulate the whole team of Transcom León and particularly Rosa’s team. It is a privilege to work every day with colleagues who not only achieve the targets but exceed them and get our client’s recognition for their good and hard work.

Author: Silvia Fernández González

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Sharing our know-how to improve results in Transcom Leon

One of the greatest challenges that companies have to face in today’s business environment is the flow of information and knowledge. In an industry like ours, where client needs often mean rapid staff increases, establishing control mechanisms that ensure an efficient and fast transfer of “know-how” is critical.

This is why we have implemented a training approach in Transcom Leon, with the objective of ensuring the entire team’s alignment with key objectives, ultimately leading to the delivery of an excellent customer experience.

During one week, and divided into four groups, the course participants – coordinators, supervisors, project managers and trainers – left their usual jobs and went back to school to learn and share experiences.

One of the teams in Transcom Leon training coursesThe courses, taught by Transcom staff, focused on the following areas:

  • Human Resources: Organizational, Policies and Procedures Basic Management, breaks, Employee Portal
  • Training and Quality: Preshift, Quality Center, Internal Tools Knowledge, Monitoring, Call Calibration, Blind Monitoring, AENOR (Quality certification), Competence Management.
  • Business Support:  Management of internal tools and processing information to increase quality of customer interactions
  • IT: The way to address and manage IT incidents, as well as priorities and response times
  • Management: ABC Model Management and key business indicators

As a final exercise, each participating group had to solve a couple of business cases as a team and present their findings to site management. Later on, there were two sessions where all the solutions provided were shared among the different groups.

With the completion of this training, Transcom Leon ensures that everyone has the same training and information and a general overview of key business processes. This way, we can also make sure that we can continue to grow our business while maintaining the the quality standards that we and our clients expect.