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Author: Fredis Bikovs

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Educating students in outstanding customer experience is the key to future business

At Transcom Latvia we have started an initiative with several aims: contributing to society, education and strengthening our brand awareness among potential employees, future managers and entrepreneurs.

Recently, we participated in Career Days organized by the Transport and Telecommunications Institute (TSI) in Riga and held a seminar called “Outstanding customer experience – Key to future business”


During our presentation, we discussed several topics with the students:

  • The evolution of customer experience
  • Trends for future customer behaviors and expectations
  • Factors that contribute to an outstanding customer experience
  • How to influence and measure customer experience

At Transcom, we believe that customers are your brand ambassadors and we discussed how to achieve successful cooperation with clients, so that they will strengthen your brand, while enabling the optimization of operations and costs.

Moreover, we talked about how to manage customer experience teams in challenging times, when customer expectations are increasing rapidly.

We got very good feedback from the students and both me and my colleagues got very inspired by the interesting discussions our presentation sparked.

Personally, I strongly believe that educating future professionals is a very important contribution to society and a possibility to generate new innovative ideas together with younger people. At Transcom Latvia, we are really looking forward to organizing more seminars about “Outstanding customer experience” and other topics in local universities in the near future.

Author: Diana Bruzite

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Dedicated employees contributed to the success of Transcom Latvia’s Charity Months

At Transcom Latvia, we declared September, October and November as charity months. Our overall aim with this Transcom Cares project was to contribute to charity, create a positive work environment, teambuilding and also to promote Transcom Latvia as a socially responsible company.

During these months, we encouraged our employees to create their own charity projects, based on their own initiative and choice.  All together, we implemented nine unique projects and after an internal voting Transcom Latvia gave an additional donation to the employees’ favorite project: Purchasing medical equipment to The Latvian Social Care Center.


In December we celebrated the success of our charity months with a day that will be remembered as the most emotional event ever at Transcom Latvia – the response was great and together we achieved really wonderful things.

Our committed employees provided material support and warmth of hearts to a social care center, the Latvian support association for low-income people, an orphanage, children and youth crisis center, a children’s hospital and two animal shelters. We also organized a charity monopoly, resulting in a donation to the victims affected by the typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

During this project Transcom Latvia encouraged and supported many employees to contribute with their personal engagement, time and willingness to carry out voluntary work as a way to create to a better society.

But charity projects like this can never be mandatory. It will only be a success when there is a genuine desire to help and the project is driven by committed people that never give up and run the project from the beginning to the very end.

Author: Aija Urbiņa

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Ten useful pieces of advice on how to stay positive!

Every day, our customer service representatives (CSR) deal with different kinds of customers – happy and polite, as well as not so happy and polite at all. To get rid of negative emotions and in order to continue providing an excellent customer experience, Transcom Latvia decided that November would be a “month without anger”.

Therefore, we organized a variety of activities during November that helped CSRs maintain or recover their positive emotions. For example, we set up a table soccer game, for positive energy recovery and even a punching bag for those who had a really tough day. In order to make the most of our table soccer game, Transcom, together with the Latvia Table Soccer Association, organized a tournament between different departments.

DSC_5488 DSC_5527

The month without anger was not only about physical activities that help people relax, but also about sharing advice and practice. Several CSRs chose to take a part in anger management workshops, where they had a chance to get to know their customers better and appreciate why people are sometimes upset.

The main lesson I learned, by attending classes, is that the client is just an ordinary person – with his or her virtues and vices, and my job is to be professional in any situation! I learned new phrases to use. I look forward to more classes and the opportunity to listen to inspiring talks” said Ineta – one of the CSRs who attended the anger management workshop.

dusmas2 dusmas

All Transcom Latvia employees also shared a lot of ideas, e.g. on how to deal with angry customers and how to stay positive in any situation.

Allow us to share some of this advice with you as well:

  1. Take control of yourself and your emotions. You have the ability to choose how to feel – why choose to feel angry?
  2. If you are angry after talking to a customer, tell a colleague. Talk it out and you will be ready for the next call!
  3. Close your eyes and count to ten (or twenty, if needed)
  4. Play imaginary guitar or drums!
  5. Relax your shoulders. Roll them back and forward, 3 times each way.
  6. Breathe slowly and deeply, using your diaphragm.
  7. Use a stress ball or pen.
  8. Drink a glass of water.
  9. Stay positive whatever happens (at first, you might have to force yourself, but it will become natural to you with some practice).
  10. Anger? What anger? Do your job as professionally as you can, and you will have only happy and satisfied customers!

The activities in November were so successful that we will keep some of the things: the table soccer table, the anger management workshop and a summary of all the advice we shared.


Have an excellent and positive day!

Author: Fredis Bikovs

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Swedish Minister for Social Security visiting Transcom Latvia

Swedish Minister for Social Security, Ulf Kristersson recently had an official visit to Republic of Latvia to attend a round table discussion regarding Labour Migration in the Nordic-Baltic region. During his visit, the Minister also visited Transcom Latvia, having discussions with both local and regional management.


1422390_554148688009501_1130648271_n (1)

Transcom North region is growing actively and the key to providing outstanding customer experience to our clients are people. As both Swedish and Latvian markets have its own challenges in terms of recruitment, this was one issue we discussed with the Minister.

Overall, Transcom is looking forward to continue the dialogue with both governments. I strongly believe that this meeting was successful in bringing government and business closer, providing a greater understanding of our market needs. Further cooperation will most probably result in new workplaces in both countries, ensuring continuous improvements in customer experience for our clients.

We are actively cooperating with the Latvian government as well; to make sure that the market is providing highly skilled people, thus ensuring our business stability in the long-term.



Author: Aija Urbiņa

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Transcom supports Euro implementation in Latvia

“We are really pleased to support the country in the Euro changeover process. Through working with leading companies that set ambitious goals and clearly define their requirements for quality , we are accustomed to high quality standards. Our mission is to provide an outstanding customer experience. Thus, we are very pleased to be part of this project and are deeply committed to its success”, says  Liene Spruģe, Operational Manager at Transcom Latvia.

The purpose of the Euro information phone line is to ensure that people get toll-free information on questions related to the introduction of the Euro in Latvia.

Customer relationship specialists at Transcom have been trained by the Ministry of Finance and the Latvia National Bank. They are responding to calls and questions every day from 8:00am to 8:00pm. When the phone lines are closed, callers are offered the option of recording their question and be called back by a customer relationship specialist.

Transcom’s specialists provide answers to questions about the introduction of the Euro, as well as registering suggestions and complaints that are be passed on to relevant authorities.

The first calls have already been handled. Currently, the most common question is whether there will be any changes to loans and rates issued in Latvian lats.

There is a high level of interest from media, and the two biggest television companies in Latvia have already visited Transcom to film news stories.

julija4 julija3

The phone line will be open until March 31, 2014 and Transcom will continue to focus on ensuring that callers’ experience of interacting with our specialists is a positive one and that they receive relevant information quickly.

Author: Agata Mironova

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Transcom Latvia’s exchange experience at a client site in California


Recently, all five Team Leaders, the Training & Quality Manager and the Business Manager visited their media & entertainment client’s main site in California in order to learn more about the customer service aspects that are required to service our client’s customers.

The team had the possibility to listen to calls, as well as shadow agents and supervisors at the site. This helped them better understand the culture of this company, knowledge which they could then bring back home and share with their teams.

Sitting in on coaching sessions and call calibrations sparked ideas on actions the Transcom team could put in place in order to gain even better results.


The opportunity to see all departments involved in the creation of the client’s product enlightened everyone on the client’s key processes. Team leaders gained a lot of knowledge on how to coach agents in order to optimize results in those areas which are most critical for delivering an excellent customer experience.

The week offered plenty of fresh and exciting insights on this project – lots of new information, loads of brainstorming and an overwhelming amount of new ideas to implement at our site.

Despite the long hours, the team also had some time to have fun with new colleagues.

Great America amusement park

The implementation of all the things the team learned is an on-going process, but performance has already improved and the team has received praise from the client’s management.

FYI: Transcom Latvia started to support this client in October 2012 for the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish markets.