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Author: Agustín Romero

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Adding value in employee care service

Twelve years ago, in Transcom Isla Sicilia we launched a service to support of our client’s employees in all HR related questions. The client is one of the largest global financial institutions.

Before Transcom’s involvement our client’s employees had direct contact with their HR department. Now they need to call us with all their inquiries. Our first challenge was to provide them with the same personal and direct service, now over the phone, and make this a positive experience for them. To achieve this, we used all our tools, professionalism and kindness in addressing and resolving their questions.

Of course a good service attitude is important but people expect us to resolve their issues quickly and accurately. The continuous training we receive from our client is very helpful in this respect. The open communication that we have with our client regarding their priorities and goals is also very important.

Isla Sicilia Employee customer care team

Last but not least; the people delivering the service, working as a team, sharing knowledge, motivating and helping each other. In short, acting like one and offering their best every day.

It has therefore been an honor for the team to receive the excellent results of the annual survey conducted by the HR department of our client. The aim of this survey was to get their opinion about the service we provide.  The results were more than satisfactory, reaching the highest levels of satisfaction from the begining of the service. In all the questions asked, we have surpassed not only last year’s score but all of the previous years.

Our client recognizes the Transcom values, the commitment of our employees, their enthusiasm and ability to contribute with new ideas to improve the service provided. That it is what sets us apart and permits us to add value to our clients.


Author: Agustín Romero

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Delivering the best customer experience through social media channels

At Transcom Isla Sicilia in Spain, our social media customer service team just celebrated its second anniversary.

The department’s main priority is to monitor and address all queries and mentions regarding our clients that customers communicate on platforms as Twitter and Facebook.

We interact with the active social media users which submit all kind of questions: ranging from queries about products and services, to specific suggestions or claims to which we offer personalized attention.

The priority is to listen to the users, help them, and build a trustworthy relationship. Especially in critical cases, where we derive the conversation to an email addressed to the department in order to acquire more information and to guarantee the customer’s data privacy. All responses are coordinated within various internal departments that help us to prepare the accurate answer for the proposed consultation. We also have a toll free number to handle those cases requiring a more detailed treatment.

Social media team Isla Sicilia

Our team is overseen by our client’s community manager, who has established our service’s guidelines. Hand by hand, we keep on working to strengthen our client’s image by caring for their customers in the social media landscape.

Recently, we received the following acknowledgement from our client:

“It has been about two years now, which can either be a long or a short time, but you are performing above any community managers in charge of a customer service. It’s thanks to Transcom’s good work that our social media service has become the industry’s benchmark it is, and I’m proud of saying so every chance I get.

Congratulations and a sincere thank you for the work you do!”

For our part we cannot go without thanking our clients for their trust and continuous encouragement, which for us are the best rewards.

Transcom Isla Sicilia celebrates its sixth anniversary

On February the 7th, our Transcom Isla Sicilia center celebrated its sixth anniversary.

During that specific day, in my role as a Product Specialist, I was engaged in a training workshop with twenty candidates. At the same time, the rest of the team was beginning to taste our celebration cake.

I started the training session by giving an introduction about my internal career at Transcom and my experiences as a manager. How I started working as a CSR with inbound service ten years ago and how I today have advanced to be an experienced teacher for future agents. In my case, it has been ten years of personal and professional development.

Isla Sicilia 6th Anniversary

I used Transcom’s core values Passion, Excellence and Innovation to explain the sometimes demanding nature of the job and the high degree of commitment it requires in order to be successful:

Passion: I am sure they noticed my enthusiasm after ten years!

Excellence: I said that in Transcom we have set quality as our main objective and that we continuously work on improving processes in order to reach our goal of creating outstanding customer experiences.

Innovation:  They definitely got a taste of our innovative streak when Augustin Romero (our CCM) and Eduardo Bayon (Account Manager), interrupted the workshop to share a portion of cake with us, sharing memories of this site’s first years, and how we planned its future!

Isla Sicilia 6th Anniversary

I want to give my most sincere recognition to the whole Transcom Isla Sicilia team. And regarding the forthcoming challenges, I expect us to face them by using our passionate, excellent and innovative spirit. As Heraclitus once said:

“There is nothing permanent except change.”

I hope that the future agents I trained during our anniversary will someday be able to look back on their experience, and find it to be as rewarding as I’ve found mine to be.

Author: Agustín Romero

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Transcom employee nominated to the Fortius Awards in Spain

On the 30th of January, the Fortius Awards Gala was held in Madrid. The event is organized by the Spanish Association of Experts in Customer Relations (AEERC) and awards the best profiles within the call center industry in Spain.

It was an honor for everyone at Transcom Isla Sicilia that our colleague Carmen Segura Rojas, who works as a Customer Service Agent for a major Spanish insurer, was one of three finalists in the category of Best Agent of the Year in outbound services.

Receiving this nomination is a result of Carmen’s outstanding work; she is a person committed both to serve the client in the best possible way and as well as support and encourage the team she belongs to.

When we shared the news about the nomination to our client they communicated their congratulations to Carmen and the team:

“Transcom’s daily support is vital for us. We wish to thank the whole Transcom team for doing things the way you do.” 

Fortius Awards 2013

For Carmen this experience has been rewarding at all levels:

“Professionally, it means a lot to me that Transcom elected me to represent them in my category. This has given me confidence in my job.

In regards to our client, I think it has been very positive for Transcom, because it shows that the team working on their product is excellent -as they have let me know through multiple email messages and a lovely Orchid bouquet.

Personally, I have not enough words to thank all my colleagues for the enthusiasm they have showed these days; I have received support messages, a dedicated song and they have even given me flowers to help me overcome my disappointment after not having won the big award.

The gala night was entirely in the Oscar’s style; we had a photo call, the delivery of diplomas and lots of pictures… It was quite an experience!

I want to thank the Transcom management for believing in me and making this possible.”

Author: Agustín Romero

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New ways to get closer to our client

Over the past years, Transcom Isla Sicilia has been practicing an interesting and fun activity with our main client on a regular basis: each month we play sports!

The sports activities help us to strengthen relationships between the Transcom staff – including supervisors, coordinators, quality staff and agents- while facing their direct counterparts on the client end.

By playing sports, we find a different way to get closer to them, creating new, more informal communication channels, fostering not just a comfortable environment to talk about the match but also to tackle other more relevant subjects regarding our business relationship.

Transcom Isla Sicilia Team

Although the participants’ professionalism will always take precedence, there is something about seeing each other in ‘shorts’ that always adds a plus to understanding each other’s point of view, creating a closer relation between both teams.

We will not give away the scores of these ‘encounters’ because we have always heard that what truly matters is to participate, but we can say that they have been satisfactory for both parties…

The true heart of the matter is how the promotion of sportsmanship and the improvement of human relationships can be achieved through sport.

Author: Agustín Romero

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Building effective teams at Transcom Isla Sicilia

The importance of the employees to any company’s success is something that is indisputable. Having teams of motivated and conscientious people is absolutely key to achieving the goals in each of our client projects.

The maturity of our employees, their ability to deal with the daily challenges and their attitude toward life and work are aspects that we have decided to address within our training programs at Transcom Isla Sicilia. That is why, in addition to the typical training in product knowledge and sales, we carry out “Self-motivation workshops” specifically aimed at agents and team leaders of sales campaigns. The main objectives of these workshops are:

  • Release of negative mental attitudes.
  • Responsibility for individual actions.
  • Reinforce individual and team commitment.
  • Knowledge and experience sharing in a fun atmosphere.

Teambuilding session at Transcom Isla Sicilia

Concepts such as dependence, interdependence, and teamwork are an important part of the course, encouraging knowledge sharing and team building.

Team Leader's training course

It is all about reinforcing the idea that we can take responsibility for our actions and results only by being aware of our own capabilities, and by maintaining an open attitude. Only through our own independence can we build interdependence between the members of the team, which is essential to achieving our clients’ goals and objectives.