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Author: Hans-Rainer Michels

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Transcom Halle arranges its own championship within the context of the FIFA World Cup


The floors of Transcom Germany in Halle have looked different lately.


Since the beginning of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil the bright, colourful ambiance of Latin America seems to be in every single office. But it’s not only the colours black, red, gold that you can see on the walls, on the ceiling and in other decorations. No, you can find all kinds of flags and exotic emblems. It seems as if the multinational Group Transcom presents itself as multicultural as ever.

But the reason for this change is not only the FIFA World Cup. It’s a great campaign arranged by the Management of Transcom in Halle to let the Championship3positive atmosphere of the championship be part of the everyday work at Transcom. Therefore we made up our own championship to integrate this international feel into the working routine by organizing a betting game, a decoration competition and table football tournaments.

 The first activity for our teams was to draw a ticket with the name of a football team participating in the world cup. This determined the name of the team for the next few months. Now they had the chance to win the Championship2first task by decorating their office as creatively as possible, of course thematically related to their football team.

Since the beginning of the first matches, all teams could prove their football knowledge every week in a betting game. But the employees didn’t bet all by themselves, they had to vote on the scores in their teams. In addition, every Friday noon, they could demonstrate their table football skills by challenging the other teams. So every team could save points for the next weeks by working together and supporting each other.

During the championship, results were announced regularly. But after the thrilling finale of the FIFA World Cup, the teams were excited to find out about the final results of our championship. In a ceremony, the best three teams were awarded with a prize. Gift coupons for bowling and other activities were handed out, to reward the whole team for their effort and especially for their excellent teamwork.


Almost all teams were participating and you could tell they had a lot of fun. The campaign served its purpose, as it provided the employees with a break from their working routine and strengthened teamwork. All employees unleashed their competitive spirit, not only our football fans,



Our internal communication served as a good platform to inform our employees about the tasks and the results. Our Facebook page, on which we released impressions of our championship, got a lot of visits and likes from Transcom employees and even friends of employees who were fascinated with the great campaign.

Author: Magdalena Derek

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Transcom Germany’s expertise contributed to keeping client’s customer satisfaction at top levels for 16 months

One of Europe’s fastest growing telecom operators has been a client at Transcom for more than ten years. We serve this client in several European markets, each of which has its own characteristics. Over the years, the telecom operator has undergone a transformation to become a mobile service provider. Since 2010, the partnership with Transcom has been based on the principles of COPC, with the goal of improving customer satisfaction by offering better quality and service.

Since January 2013, Transcom Germany has achieved and in certain months exceeded our client’s End User Overall Satisfaction target of 85% .

OPERATIONS Tele2 Germany team

Key success factors for maintaining customer satisfaction at top levels for 16 months

  • Client focus on areas identified by End Users as unsatisfactory are modified to improve satisfaction
  • A change in the mindset of middle managers and team leaders who have now become customer satisfaction management experts
  • Agent soft skill training (i.e. how to “sell” bad news in the best possible way
  • Regular individual coaching for agents

In the light of the positive results achieved and the experience gained, Transcom Germany is in a good position to maintain the levels it has achieved by monitoring and improving all underlying client support factors, ensuring that our team continues to receive high satisfaction ratings from our client’s customers.

Author: Hartmut Jaschok

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Social services package at Transcom Germany helps employees balance work life and family

When Johan Eriksson announced “Transcom Cares”, our overarching Corporate Social Responsibility governance program last year, he stated the following:

“Every year, we hire thousands of new people on whom our business results depend. So it is not an exaggeration to say that people truly make all the difference in our business.”

So we have to start with the people. Every employer wants to have passionate employees working efficient and focused. In reality though there is always a point in life when one struggles with personal issues or needs extra support. At Transcom, we still need to consider that balanced and happy employees are the basis for creating an Outstanding Customer Experience to our client’s customers.

At Transcom Germany we try to ease the management of personal life and work for our employees. The possibility to create a healthy balance between family and work life is a crucial factor when it comes to recruiting and motivating people.

At one of our sites we have already set up a new service in collaboration with the service agency “Arbeit + Leben in MV” to ensure that our people get information, help and support exactly when it’s needed. Areas covered are child care, foster care, legal advice, counseling offers, search for housing, authorities’ affairs and individual requests as well.

For Transcom employees the service is free and can be used anytime via telephone and e-mail. We are planning to expand our social services to the employees of the Transcom site in Halle. Especially for new hire employees and non-native speakers of multilingual projects the service offer is very helpful. So far, we have only received positive feedback.

Earlier this spring, the local newspaper Rostocker Blitz published an article about Transcom’s new service offer for our employees.

Transcom Care

Article from Rostocker Blitz about Transcom’s social services package.

Transcom Germany handles multichannel support for market leading GPS products

For more than three years now, Transcom Germany’s team in Halle has handled the customer support for one of our client’s GPS devices and smartphone apps. During this time, we have built a special relationship with our client, which is an important key success factor for this project.

So what does our team do and, more importantly, what distinguishes our work from other projects?

The main part of our work is the daily business of answering e-mails and calls from our GPS-client’s customers. Together with Transcom Tallinn, we provide customer support in 13 different languages; Polish, Czech, Hungarian, English, Spanish, Dutch, Finish, Swedish, Danish, French, Italian, Norwegian, and German.

We help customers with everything from product information to troubleshooting and repairs.

We also handle 2nd Level support (support for non-documented processes)  in close cooperation with our client and coordinate work with other service providers such as repair service centers via a 2nd level  repair department.

We are also responsible for the maintenance of the product’s Facebook and Twitter pages, where customers can provide feedback, ask questions or report problems.

Beyond that, we maintain and update Sabio, the knowledge management system that forms the basis for our agents’ work. Among other things, Sabio contains e-mail templates for customer communication. Creating and translating these templates into all languages we support is also an important part of our work.The latest product we support works together with our client’s smartphone apps to project navigation information directly on the wind shield of your car and offers a look into the future of car navigation.

To ensure the best possible service, a very close cooperation with our client is necessary. Therefore, our agents in the respective departments have direct contact with our client’s product experts via daily conference calls.

All of these factors make this client case a challenging, multifaceted and exciting project that shows just successful the relationship between two customer care specialists can be.

Author: Hartmut Jaschok

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Late Christmas Present for Young Cancer Patients

Transcom Rostock donates 1500 € to the German Association who supports children and young adults suffering from cancer. During our Christmas celebration in December, we organised a charity tombola. Regardless of the various prices, the charity thought and the will to help were in focus.

Due to the great involvement from Transcom’s employees, 736 € were collected. Our Contact Center Manager for the Rostock site honored this effort by doubling and rounding up the amount to 1500  €.

 Rostock Christmas Donation


Last week, the symbolic delivery of the donation check took place on site of the association in Rostock. Besides the check, the Contact Center Manager and one of the Business Managers handed over other donations as well, for example books and CDs for the children.

Thanks to the generosity of Transcom’s employees the association can proceed with organizing activities and events to encourage cancer affected children and their families.