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Author: Margit Fuentes

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Transcom Estonia celebrates Diversity Day

On the 15th of April,  Estonia celebrated Diversity Day. On that day, we recognize and honor the importance and singularity of every person in businesses, organizations, and the society as a whole. Diversity is innate to nature and to people – it makes the world more exciting. There are people around us who are not the same as us; nevertheless, we all are equally important and needed.

Diversity Day_FB-cover_ENG(1)

Equality and Diversity is also one of three prioritized focus areas in Transcom’s CSR progam Transcom Cares  and we are very proud to say that our employees in Transcom Estonia are highly diverse in many aspects:

  • The age of our colleagues ranges between 19 and 67
  • 20% are males and 80% females
  • They come from about a dozen different nationalities, communicating in different languages.

During the course of numerous interviews we carried out with the motive of the Diversity Day, several of our co-workers described their thoughts and experiences about working with colleagues from different backgrounds and cultures. One common observation stood out from their experiences: that even if we may be very different in appearance, we are not so different as colleagues. As a colleague, you are valued by your attitude, knowledge and friendliness.

The theories of information and decision-making support the argument that diverse teams are more creative in problem-solving, while they are also more innovative. This is because persons with different backgrounds can see the problems from different angles, and thus lead to more creative and productive solutions and ideas.

In its continued effort to encourage and promote diversity, Transcom Estonia is pleased to announce that we have become a signatory of the ‘Diversity Charter’. This is a voluntary commitment, open to companies and institutions both in the private and public sector that value an environment free of discrimination, and have made a decision to work towards fostering diversity.

The Diversity Day was a joint initiative by the Estonian Human Rights Centre; Tallinn Technology University’s project “Diversity Enriches”; and the Estonian Diversity Charter.

Diversity enriches! Erinevus rikastab päev

Author: Juulia Jürgens

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Transcom Estonia reaches impressive end-user satisfaction result for telecom client

Customer satisfaction is very important for all companies. All feedback that we receive from our clients´end-users is individual and needs to be handled on a daily basis.

The past twelve months, the average end-user satisfaction for one of our telecom clients in Estonia has been OS 85% and FCR 75%.

Daily monitoring of end-user feedback and consistent training of our agents have given us these high results. Every feedback (positive and negative) has been analyzed and linked and assigned to a specific agent.

Customer service training, ongoing and regular feedback from team leaders to agents and different competitions have contributed to the good result as well. Intense cooperation with our client also helps us solve the end-user’s questions quickly.

On the client’s Intranet we share end-user praises with our agents. This has proven to be a very good incitement to motivated agents as everyone wants to get positive feedback that is publicly recognized.

At Transcom Estonia, we are proud to have end-users that are very satisfied with our customer care services.  In 2015, we will try to achieve even higher results.

hea teeninduse päev

Euro adoption in the Baltics strengthens Transcom’s near shore offering and attracts multi-language skilled people

The Baltics were severely hit by the financial crisis in 2008, but the region has made a remarkable recovery in the last few years. The implementation of the Euro in Estonia and Latvia has contributed to financial stability, a booming economy and a rise in productivity. As Lithuania will adopt the Euro in 2015, hopefully they will see the same positive outcome.

Riga by night

As for Transcom Baltic’s operations, we have had a strong positive development, both regarding growth and the range of  near shore services we provide.

Transcom Estonia has increased  its revenue by one third in the last five years, much of it driven by our near-shoring business. During the same period, we have expanded our multi-language offer and now provide customer care services in ten different languages: Estonian, Russian, Finnish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Italian, French and German.

Transcom’s growth development in Latvia has been even more impressive. While the revenue has increased by 60 percent since 2009, our  international business has grown from three percent to an expected share of 50 percent this year. From our site in Riga, our 400 customer experience specialists now offer services in Latvian, Russian, English, German and all the Nordic languages.

In Lithuania we have offered near-shoring services since 2003.  Since then we have increased the business significantly.  Eleven years ago, we started with 12 agents offering service in English to one UK client,  now 50 percent of our total workforce (nearly 300 employees) serve eight international clients in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian,  Estonian and Latvian languages.

Although local clients are as important to us as international clients, taking into account the size of the local market in the Baltic Region, it is inevitable for us to continue to look for new prospects from neighbouring countries.

How to find people with multilanguage skills

Can we find enough people who speak different languages?  Sometimes it is a challenge as we are looking for a very high and professional language level. Almost all our people who are providing services in languages other than their mother tongue have lived, studied or worked abroad, and they have practiced their language in the native environment. We have also been very succesful in attracting native speakers from all over Europe. These people love to work in an international company like Transcom and appreciate our supportive, yet demanding atmosphere:

Valentijn Hart TL Transcom Estonia

Gary John Coning Team Leader Transcom Lithuania

Kirsti Seljenes Agent Transcom Latvia

Our clients not only expect our people to speak the language well, they also expect them to be real customer experience specialists with the ability to understand customers’ needs and offer the best solutions.  The nature of the service has changed – customers are no longer calling in to ask simple questions or place a simple order. They call or email to solve a complex problem.  In the near future we expect more customers contacting us via chat and that we will have more interactions via Twitter and Facebook.

So the customer service world is changing and Transcom is happy to face this challenge!

Author: Kadri Hein

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Grow with Transcom – Career stories from our employees in Estonia

At Transcom Estonia we recently celebrated our 13th birthday. During the festivities we congratulated our 15 employees who had worked with Transcom for more than ten years as well as another 40 people who has been with the company for at least five years.

A majority of our team leaders, product specialists, quality analysts and every second business manager and training & quality manager started as agents. The career path of our employees can evolve vertically as well horizontally, either way the journey is interesting and challenging and gives the opportunity to develop personally as well as professionally.

“Helina Kuljus, Business Manager and Juulia Jürgens, training & quality manager celebrating their graduation fromTallinn School of Economics, Quality and Environment Management (2 year professional higher education program earlier this spring.”

Helina Kuljus, Business Manager and Juulia Jürgens, training & quality manager at Transcom Estonia celebrating their graduation from Tallinn School of Economics, Quality and Environment Management.

Our business manager Helina Kuljus and training & quality manager Juulia Jürgens both started in junior support roles. Here are their career stories:

Your first job at Transcom and current position?

Helina: “I started as an inbound and back office agent five years ago and worked in different teams providing customer care for several clients.  I then advanced to product specialist, team leader and business manager.”

Juulia: “When I first joined Transcom eight years ago, I worked as an inbound agent. Then I stepped into the shoes of being a team leader and after five years I took on the responsibilities as a training & quality manager.”

How would you describe the opportunities at Transcom for young people who start out as agents or in junior support roles?

Helina: “Transcom is a good place to work at because it teaches you how to work.  For youngsters who are in the beginning of their career I would advise not to be afraid of contact center job standards as quality and efficiency targets. Being measured and given the opportunity to improve is a valuable experience for your future professional career as it gives ideas how to do things better.  

Juulia: For newcomers who have recently started working in Transcom, I recommend to be brave and not to give up because of bumps on the road. Keep in mind to provide excellent service and practice up-sale and take the chances to develop within the company.

What do you need to succeed at Transcom?

Helina: “If you want to advance your career you need to have good work results and communication skills.

Juulia: “The idea to apply for the team leader as well as the training & quality positions came from my colleagues.  The good examples of my TL and TQM motivated me to try new assignments; I wanted to prove myself that I can manage as good as my superiors.”

What do you like the most about a career at Transcom?

Helina“Having several positions in the company has provided  me with a greater understanding of our business. What I value the most are the people I have worked with, the experience that I have gained by handling difficult situations and the opportunity to use different languages. Seeing results, facing challenging situations and startups with new clients is what I enjoy the most and what motivates me. Continuous learning and gaining new experience keeps me going and it never ends, there is still much to learn. In our business there are a lot of changes, and you need to be open to them in order to move forward. “

Juulia: The best thing about my career path is that I know what it is like to be an agent and team leader and therefore understand the people who work in those positions today. The biggest motivation throughout my day are still and only all my colleagues around me. The most pleasant part of my job is to keep high level of quality to our clients and then to see the results as well as agents develop. 

Author: Margit Fuentes

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Useful tips from Transcom’s home agents in Estonia

The opportunity to work at home is gaining popularity among employees around the world, and a growing number of companies are offering work-at-home solutions.

Transcom has had the technical readiness for work-at-home projects for many years. Transcom Estonia started to offer this solution 1,5 years ago. So far, the feedback from employees has been very positive.

Laura at home

We have asked what the home agents like or dislike about working at home.

“What I like the most by working at home is that I can spend much more time with my children. My children are very happy that I’m at home when they are coming back from school. Even if they are not allowed to disturb me during working hours, they like to know that I’m just in the next room. And after the working day, I have much more energy than before, we all are going out together frequently and my family enjoys it”


“I live in the countryside and the biggest benefit for me is that I save time and money by not having to commute. It makes me especially happy during the snowy winter. Now, I don’t have to go out in early mornings to shovel the piles of snow and be worried will I be on time to work or not. Instead of that, I have the luxury to wake up just 30 minutes before my shift starts, to have my morning coffee and admire from the window the beautiful snowfall.

However, working from home is not for everyone. To avoid any setbacks, our experienced home workers want to share some useful advice:

  1. Before starting to work from home, discuss the consequences with your family. They have to accept that even if you are at home, you are not available for them during working hours.
  2. When working alone, it can make you feel abandoned. You will need an active social network after work to compensate for it.”
  3. When it comes to product knowledge – you have to be skilled in what you do, as you don’t get the support as easily as in the office. So, in the beginning, it is a good solution to work in the call center and then move home. And then we have the coaching sessions, when we gather once per quarter at the call center to meet with our colleagues to discuss updates. These meetings are very useful and appreciated.

So, if you have considered all the aspects of home working and decided you’ll go for it, you might find that it’s probably the best job you ever had.