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Author: Sanjin Korac

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Handmade Day: we cultivate what we’re passionate about!

In February, Transcom Pula organized a “Handmade Day; offering some of our staff the possibility of showcasing what they personally have a passion for, over and above the enthusiasm they invest in their everyday work.

Handmade Day in Transcom Pula_1
The Handmade Day was created as a company integration project, designed to bring people together who, during the day, are focused on their own work and risk sometimes losing sight of the bigger picture around them, which is made up of many different people with different interests, passions and skills, some of which you’d never have expected them to have. The “Handmade Day” event turned the meeting room into a showroom where our staff could get together and admire the creativity of the people they work side-by-side with every day.
Handmade Day in Transcom Pula_2
20 employees presented their creations and there was a surprising variety on show: from knitwear to natural soap, from vinyl record clocks to creams, magnets, jam, paintings, jewelry and a whole host of artistic creations ranging from the abstract to the traditional. We were pleased to discover that our co-workers put a lot of passion into everything they do, not only when they are managing customers on the phone, but also in their free time. This initiative encouraged interaction and an exchange of ideas, as well as sparking new collaborations between all the participants. But most importantly, it helped some of our co-workers overcome their shyness and proudly show off their talent.
Handmade Day in Transcom Pula_3
While almost everyone initially visited the showroom out of a sense of curiosity, it is to the credit of our “artisans” that many of them left with a souvenir or an ornament to wear or to show off at home. “Buyers” donated what they liked for their “purchases” and the symbolic amount raised was donated to the humanitarian association “Nas san njihov osmijeh” (“Our dream, their smile”, a group of volunteers offering support to the needy through fund raising events, lotteries, concerts and humanitarian initiatives).
Handmade Day turned out to be a great success, and as it was greatly appreciated by everyone we will certainly be organizing other events in the future. Like it? If you liked the event and want to be informed about future initiatives, follow our Facebook page!
Author: Valentina Mikanović

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The victims of the Balkan flooding need your help – Show them your generous heart

During the night of May 17th a powerful flood destroyed a huge number of homes in the Balkans, with whole cities and villages vanishing under the force of this unstoppable river. Croatia and its east Regions Slavonia and Baranja, are facing natural disaster in unseen proportions. Villages, cities and provinces are devastated, roads are closed and communication lines are broken.

In just a few hours, people lost their homes and everything they had built during a lifetime. More than 15 000 people in Croatia have been evacuated from the flooded areas.

This disaster hit not just Croatia. In Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia 50 000 people have been evacuated, and more than 50 people are presumed dead and/or missing. All these countries are now joining together to help those in need.

With the resolution that characterizes the Croatian spirit, our people encourages the whole country to act immediately, to collect food, water, clothes, and toiletries. Croatian homes are open to those who lost theirs. Schools are converted into shelters providing people with a warm bed and a safe refuge.

Transcom Croatia, with approximately 1,000 employees  in our sites in Osijek and Pula, has also commenced a donation drive to actively collect food items and clothes to send to the victims of the flooding.

I’m asking your generous hearts to help our colleagues in Croatia, to help their countrymen affected by this natural disaster.

Red Cross Croatia will use funds collected through your generous donation to help those in dire need.

Alternatively, contact your local Red Cross organization for details on how to donate funds for the efforts in Croatia.

As a global organization, let’s join this laudable action to help those in need. Let’s help to rebuild roads and homes, let’s show that Transcom Cares and that community engagement is part of our DNA!

Thank you on behalf of the Croatia employees of Transcom.

This video, made by the photographer and cinematographer Robert Balasko, shows the extent of the flooding disaster:

Floods in Croatia 2014 from Robert Balasko, on Vimeo.