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Author: Ángela Mora

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Official opening of Transcom’s first site in Colombia

On the 27th of February, we officially opened our new site in the city of Cali!

Officially opening TWW Colombia

We currently employ 400 people in Colombia, a figure we expect to increase over time. Isabel Sánchez Lozano, CEO of Transcom Iberia and Latin America, and Alejandro Menjura, director of Transcom Latin America, hosted the opening.

In her welcome speech, Isabel Sánchez Lozano said that:

“The new center is the most advanced in the region, with five fully-equipped training rooms, relaxation areas, back-up generators, equipped with the most modern technology, redundant communications connected to all Transcom centers globally, and a long list of advanced telephony and multi-channel solutions.”

Opening TWW Colombia

Isabel praised the work of all who were involved in the center’s launch, achieving it in record time. Moreover, in the opening event, the Mayor of Santiago de Cali, Doctor Rodrigo Guerrero Velazco, made a welcoming speech heralding our potential for growth as a new company in his country. Then we proceeded to cut the ribbon, allowing our guests to visit our facilities, where we showed them a special video made for the occasion.

We were also honored by the presence of Thomas Andersson, National First Officer of Trade from the Swedish embassy in Colombia. Media, television and radio covered the event and interviewed our Directors during the opening cocktail.

Notable among the media were: Noti 5, 90 minutos, Canal 2, Cámara Veedora, Cali tv, and Todos en Familia. They all broadcasted live news of the event, creating a huge impact throughout the region.

Author: Leonardo Sanguino

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Transcom Cali, a successful start-up story

The successful opening of Transcom’s new Cali center in Colombia is the result of hard work and commitment from a lot of people throughout the organization. To open a new center in a new country is an enormous challenge, but in Cali the cooperation of colleagues from neighboring countries has created a local “corporate culture mix” that has proven to be a decisive factor for a successful start-up. The process started back in August with the recruitment of our contact center staff. Once this phase was completed, it was time to recruit the best agents in Cali.


Determined to recruit the best team in a new environment -and still unknown country-, the regional staff became fascinated by Cali and the great number of qualified people it offered, filled with uncanny enthusiasm and commitment towards Transcom. The Local chambers of commerce and local institutions provided all the cooperation that we needed. With their help, and thanks to an excellent job done by the recruitment team, we managed to complete the second phase of the startup process: hiring the best call center agents, ready to be trained in a record time!

The training was a very intense and included a high-quality program that guaranteed our client a very well-prepared staff, able to provide the best service to their customers from day one. Finally, November 11th became our D-day, when Lisandro Mesa one of our 131 agents, answered the first call from Cali.

Since then, we can all be proud to be part of Transcom, a great company that brings out the best of its employees, making it possible to open a fully operational contact center in very short time.