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Author: Manuel Alcaide

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Building leadership in Transcom Atica

In the contact center industry, middle managers’ leadership can make the difference between success and failure of services and projects. In Transcom we deliver services that engage large teams, sometime about 300-400 people.

In each case, in front of these large teams we count on a few brave men and women leading the services. At some point in their careers they decided to step forward. They chose not to remain in the background and found the motivation to help a group of people to achieve a set of objectives and results that would ensure the whole projects continuity.

During the latest months, we at Transcom Atica have tried a new set-up of leadership training. By using group dynamics and role-plays activities, we try to reinforce the leadership of the managers with one superior aim: we want our leaders to transmit credibility, respect and good management to their teams.


Leadership Training session

How to display this leadership? I always picture a scene from the film Gladiator (2000), a movie where you find a good overview of the qualities a good leader should have. In the scene of the first battle that occurs at the Colosseum in Rome, a group of men are thrown out into the arena. They know what they face, but they do not know each other. At that time, one of them takes a step forward, raises the situation realistically and proposes to fight together in order to survive. He manages to organize the team, set the goals, and encourages his teammates. Finally, at a critical moment, he takes over to solve the situation. This scene is quite similar in being a leader in our sector: without the help of your team, is impossible to reach the expected results.

Teamwork is the only option to ensure the real and ultimate success in a professional project. The talent of the leader will be determinant to solve a delicate meeting, he or she will notice the “moments of truth” and will take difficult decisions, but to achieve any sustainable success in time, the work done by “your” team will be critical to ensure your success as a leader.

If you lead a team and at some point has doubts if it’s worth all the effort… let me solve the mystery for you: yes, it is!  Try to remember the day you accepted that responsibility and were promoted, the thrill when you shared the news with your friends and family, your eagerness to face the challenge… and how you found in that experience the energy to take that step forward that makes the difference in being a leader.

Over time, you will be able to look back and tell yourself, “I stepped forward, I did not stay in the background and I dared to lead a group of people” It is one of the best professional experiences you will have throughout your career.

 “Talent wins games, teamwork wins championships”

Author: Álvaro Vázquez

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Transcom Spain explores Customer Experience together with our clients

At Transcom’s site in Madrid, we wanted to deepen the relationship with our clients and demonstrate our knowledge within customer experience and the value-added services that we can offer. Therefore, we recently launched “Customer Experience Workshops” as an attempt to model and simulate the emotional customer journey for one of our largest clients in the financial sector.

Customer experience is an interactive process between a brand and a person. The experience evolves through the different contact points that connect them. Some of these points are under the direct control of the organization, while others are not. Customer experience includes all the different stages of the relationship. From brand awareness to the final recommendation made by a satisfied customer, through to the purchase decision and the use of the product or service. But the customer experience goes far beyond all these moments. It has to do with emotions, with how the customer feels when interacting with our organization. (Read more about Customer Experience in our Annual Report 2013).

However, in many companies, customer experience management is still an underdeveloped area. Companies need a profound transformation involving all business areas: from strategy, internal culture, to the management of people, as well as the design and management of internal processes, the relationship with suppliers and partners, and above all, a deep knowledge and understanding of their customers’ needs and behavior.

Transcom Atica Customer Experience workshopThis is why we decided to take the initiative and explore together with our clients what their customers’ emotional journey looks like and what improvements they can make in order to provide an outstanding experience.

How do we perform?
We decided to define a map of customer experience as a tool to illustrate the full experience (all possible interactions and touch points) that a person can have with a brand. The Experience Map is based on analyzing the customer experience and comparing customer expectations with the perceived experience.

A team including agents and members of the service structure met with the Contact Center Manager, Operations Management, BST, Account Manager, Quality and Training staff  and analyzed the customer’s lifecycle by listening to a number of calls.

Transcom Workshop Customer Experience in action

All the comments made by the client and the expectations generated by the agent to solve the problem were identified. We created “emotional clouds” that would help us to define positive or negative trends that would shape the different “moments of truth” during the phone call where we had the opportunity to change this trend.

While analyzing the final map and the different moments of truth that we identified, we detected two possible ways to improve the experience. “Direct solutions”, where our client is the “owner”, and “operational solutions”, referring to services mainly carried out by the agents.

As a result of the Customer Experience Workshop, Transcom was able to provide our client with a new vision and innovative solutions that can improve their customers’ experience, leading to higher loyalty and increased sales.

Author: Álvaro Vázquez

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Transcom Atica’s Kilo campaign delivered 150 kg food to schools in Madrid

At Transcom Atica in Madrid, we do not lose time when it comes to lend a hand to whom may need it. In conjunction with the Altius-Francisco de Vitoria Foundation, a food campaign has been conducted to support its program for accompany families who have been hardly hit by the crisis in Spain.

As a part of Transcom Cares, Transcom Atica printed and distributed posters to the different services and departments, inviting all employees to collaborate. During ten days, everybody could bring non-perishable food. As a result, we delivered 150 kg food to the Foundation that was distributed to three schools in Madrid.

Poster with the initiative

The Altius-Francisco de Vitoria Foundation program pursues personal change through the strengthening of individual capabilities, the creation of self-help groups and coverage of family basic needs such as food, personal hygiene or household cleaning. This objective involves their own educational centers and they will choose the participating families.

Transcom Atica team involved in the campaign

Author: Álvaro Vázquez

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Employee care service launched in Transcom Atica

This spring, we started delivering a new service in Transcom Atica. Our new client, a global leader in the energy sector, has chosen to outsource its employee care service to Transcom. We believe that this service represents a new growth opportunity for Transcom.

Since our client is a multinational company with more than 17,000 employees around the globe, it goes without saying that this is a complex undertaking. Although this project differs in many respects from our core customer care business, Transcom’s service delivery platform and skills are very well suited to adding value to our clients in the employee relations field as well.

We have trained agents and put in place the necessary support structure to provide services in three languages to our client’s employees in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Peru, through a multichannel platform including phone, email, fax and internal mail.

Our Transcom team in full activity

During the first few months of service, Transcom’s team has proven its capacity to add value in employee relations, communicating efficiently with our client’s employees in various countries that differ in terms of legal frameworks and collective agreements.

I would like to thank the team and acknowledge the tremendous effort and good work that everyone involved has demonstrated in the implementation of this campaign (Sales, PMO, IT, Operations). Our people have already exceeded our expectations, both when it comes to the high levels of quality achieved and the fast resolution times for our end users.