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Author: Robert Gati

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Transcom Norway wins the prestigious prize “Best customer experience” for the 10th time

 This was the 11th edition of “Call Center Days”, the largest conference for the customer service industry in Northern Europe. For 10th year in a row, Transcom Norway won the prize “Best Customer Experience”.

Together with our client ICE.NET, Transcom was awarded in the mobile category  for 2017.

It was a grand slam for our client as they also won best customer service in the broadband category with Teleperformance.

This evening Transcom and TelePerformance joined up in common success.

All the happy winners from ICE.NET, TelePerformance and Transcom.

All the happy winners from ICE.NET, TelePerformance and Transcom.

The real winners: Transcom's ICE.NET mobile team  Best of the best!

The real winners: Transcom’s ICE.NET team!


Author: Juulia Jürgens

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Transcom Estonia reaches impressive end-user satisfaction result for telecom client

Customer satisfaction is very important for all companies. All feedback that we receive from our clients´end-users is individual and needs to be handled on a daily basis.

The past twelve months, the average end-user satisfaction for one of our telecom clients in Estonia has been OS 85% and FCR 75%.

Daily monitoring of end-user feedback and consistent training of our agents have given us these high results. Every feedback (positive and negative) has been analyzed and linked and assigned to a specific agent.

Customer service training, ongoing and regular feedback from team leaders to agents and different competitions have contributed to the good result as well. Intense cooperation with our client also helps us solve the end-user’s questions quickly.

On the client’s Intranet we share end-user praises with our agents. This has proven to be a very good incitement to motivated agents as everyone wants to get positive feedback that is publicly recognized.

At Transcom Estonia, we are proud to have end-users that are very satisfied with our customer care services.  In 2015, we will try to achieve even higher results.

hea teeninduse päev

Author: Christer Karlsson

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How Transcom Sweden developed a successful chat service for one of the largest mobile telecommunications providers in Europe

Transcom’s client is one of the largest mobile telecommunications providers in Europe and we have provided customer care services and support for this company for ten years. Our client offers mobile voice messaging and handset data, mobile broadband, business to business, fixed voice and broadband and machine to machine services.  We deliver customer service to the client’s customers in several European markets.

As each market has its own characteristics, communication channels and volumes vary from country to country. In order to meet the rapidly growing demand for non-voice services, we currently use chat as a customer care channel for this particular client in two countries.




Since 2010 the partnership with Transcom is based on the principles of COPC (a global performance management system for the customer service industry) and we use this standard to measure and manage Customer Satisfaction through improved quality and service.

As both Transcom and our client focus on delivering outstanding customer experience, it was mutually agreed that the End User Feedback Overall Satisfaction (OSAT) target from October 2013 would be 85% (COPC High Performing Benchmark). End User (EU) Feedback measurements started in the middle of 2009. Each survey starts with an overall satisfaction question. The measurement is collected mostly after the call for voice contacts. For non-voice contacts, data is collected using a web survey.

Prior to 2012, the chat channel in Sweden consisted of a few agents. During the summer of 2012 a decision was made to increase the volume and extensive marketing of this channel and several “traffic shaping” activities started. By then, both our client as well as our team were quite inexperienced with the chat channel and what to expect when volumes increased. Therefore we spent a lot of time discussing the following issues:

  • How to manage customer expectations through chat?
  • What reports were needed?
  • How to do accurate forecasting?
  • How should we properly train agents?

Through an extensive partnership with the client, and by using the expertise from other Transcom customer experience specialist around the world, we have managed to turn the channel into a great experience both from an agent, client as well as a customer perspective.

Today, we have 90 agents in Sweden exclusively trained to deliver non-voice services for our client. Each month, the team handles approximately 35 000 customer interactions and spend 12,000 hours to service this channel. In average, an agent communicates with 2-2.5 customers at the same time.

During the second quarter of 2014, the EU Feedback result exceeded COPC High Performing Benchmark with an average of 87% and the chat service is now our best performing channel!

With the experience we have gained during the last two years, Transcom Sweden is well-prepared to maintain the levels achieved, monitor, improve and innovate this non-voice service for our client in order to meet the growing demand from customers who prefer to use chat and social media to communicate.

Author: Magdalena Derek

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Transcom Germany’s expertise contributed to keeping client’s customer satisfaction at top levels for 16 months

One of Europe’s fastest growing telecom operators has been a client at Transcom for more than ten years. We serve this client in several European markets, each of which has its own characteristics. Over the years, the telecom operator has undergone a transformation to become a mobile service provider. Since 2010, the partnership with Transcom has been based on the principles of COPC, with the goal of improving customer satisfaction by offering better quality and service.

Since January 2013, Transcom Germany has achieved and in certain months exceeded our client’s End User Overall Satisfaction target of 85% .

OPERATIONS Tele2 Germany team

Key success factors for maintaining customer satisfaction at top levels for 16 months

  • Client focus on areas identified by End Users as unsatisfactory are modified to improve satisfaction
  • A change in the mindset of middle managers and team leaders who have now become customer satisfaction management experts
  • Agent soft skill training (i.e. how to “sell” bad news in the best possible way
  • Regular individual coaching for agents

In the light of the positive results achieved and the experience gained, Transcom Germany is in a good position to maintain the levels it has achieved by monitoring and improving all underlying client support factors, ensuring that our team continues to receive high satisfaction ratings from our client’s customers.

Author: Przemyslaw Wlodarczyk

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Transcom Poland delivers top-level customer service to mobile operator

In the difficult battle for market leadership big companies, global corporations and well-known corporate brands more and more often recognise that customer satisfaction is the base for the very existence of their enterprises. Without focusing on the individual needs of each client, they will not achieve a sustainable and competitive market position.

For Transcom Worldwide, increasing the level of customer satisfaction of our business partners’ clients is our top priority. Since 2007, we are responsible for providing customer care for the fastest growing mobile operator in Poland, with over 10 million users. Our main objective was to establish “Best Customer Service” as a trademark for this company.

After 6 years of cooperation, we can proudly say that we have been able not only to beat that challenge but also to provide customer support at the best possible level. In 2012, our client received the second straight Gold Standard award in the category of “Mobile Telephone Operators” for an above-average customer satisfaction level, tested through a professional and independent market survey. Furthermore, for the fifth time in a row, it has been placed among the TOP 100 Most Friendly Companies in Poland. This award was presented by the consumer community of the Service Quality Program survey panel, which has been monitoring the customer satisfaction levels in Poland since 2008.

Customer Operation Director of the company said:

“Thanks to Transcom, we are able to provide our customers with top-level service quality, and now we can plan our costs in a more flexible manner. In this way, we have gained another competitive advantage over our rivals. We handle our work with passion. We are convinced that Transcom’s agents treat their jobs in the same way. We are glad to have the opportunity to work together.”

To summarise, at Transcom Poland we are capable of providing excellent customer experience to our clients at the highest possible level. I am sure that in the future, this mobile operator will continue to receive awards for their exceptional customer service.



Author: Fidel Rodríguez

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Innovative teamwork in Transcom San Fernando provides business intelligence to telecom client

There are few markets as competitive as the Spanish telecom sector. To point this out; from January to May 2013, more than 2.9 million of mobile portabilities took place in a 55 million active mobile lines market, which means a portability of 5.65%.

In addition, if it has always been important to build customer loyalty and retain existing customers, the current financial situation has made customer loyalty a high priority issue for telecom companies. Especially as the decrease in mobile lines is a new reality that mobile operators have to face. In May 2013, there were 5% less mobile lines in Spain than in May 2012.

In this context, and in order to improve our retention service for one of our main customers in the telecom sector, our center in San Fernando, Madrid, has set up what we have called “Observatory of Convergence”.

The Observatory of the convergence team

We have organized the agents into groups together with their team leaders. Each team studies and deeply analyzes the commercial offer of the assigned mobile provider, making a comparison with our customer offer and develops arguments to achieve the cancellation of the portability.

These experiences are then shared among all teams which generates an atmosphere of involvement and team work that increases the service quality for our client. Furthermore, we are providing added value to our customer by transferring an updated overview of the market situation and what effect their current offers have on the final user.