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Author: Alberto Piñeiro

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Contact centers: Does age really matter?

The vast majority of people in our industry are young. Our San Fernando contact center illustrates this nicely. There are 1735 employees at this center and the average age is 35.2.

We enjoy working with young people. They bring an air of freshness and enthusiasm; they are highly adaptable and are also familiar with new technologies, which is crucial for Transcom in order to meet market requirements.

But at Transcom, we also like to count on older people who bring their experience, commitment and discipline as well as strong work ethics. Our colleague Inmaculada Estrán is a very good example: she is a 70-year-old woman who has worked with us since 2002 and, after 11 years, continues to offer her great commitment to the company, performing her functions in a manner worthy of recognition.

Inmaculada Estrán, our oldest agent!

We believe that the age diversity we enjoy at San Fernando contributes greatly to the achievement of our goals, creating great customer experience.

Author: Sanna Tardell

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Bruises and laughter

So, did we find the Team Spirit?

Honestly, I think we did!

We had an amazing day at Boda Borg and everyone was all cheerful and excited. It was the perfect way to get to know each other better!

For those of you who don’t know what Boda Borg is, it’s a big house with different quests. Each quest contains 3-6 different challenges/rooms and you have to figure out how to solve it and get a stamp in the end.

So today when we came back to the office, most of us with a lot of bruises, the team spirit was definitely there!


Author: Sanna Tardell

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Go Team Spirit, Go!

If you have good team spirit, you will probably work as a team. To prevent backlog, queues and to deliver outstanding customer experience, everyone has to do their best at all times. Groups that have a good team spirit will deliver good results because they fight for their team and their customers.

But how do you create team spirit?

At Transcom Eskilstuna, we think that if you are doing things together, get to know each other better, you will eventually find the right spirit!

Also, the work that we do every day is not easy. We always have to  “think outside the box” to find the best solution. Therefore we want to make sure that our employees keep their spirit alive, and that they enjoy working with us. So this year, Transcom Eskilstuna is investing in teambuilding events!

On Saturday it’s my turn!