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Author: Claudia Balboa Riquelme

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Successful outcome of sales marathon at Transcom Concepcion

At Transcom’s Concepcion site in Chile, we recently celebrated two months since our opening day. Today the site employs 60 sales agents, servicing a major telecom company. Our client offers TV, phone and Internet services and has a very competitive satellite TV offer.

In November, we organized a sales marathon to encourage and motivate our agents to achieve their best results ever. And they did!

We started the day with a team breakfast, followed by pause gymnastics. During the day, 20 people achieved our sales targets which resulted in a 30% increase of closures, compared to a normal day.

Telemarathon at Transcom Concepcion

These great achievements are the results of good teamwork, including the recruiting and training staff, as well as the team leaders and business managers that prepare the information that help the agents in their sales argumentations.

We will keep on working with an expansive aim, with a commitment to Transom’s excellence, and focusing on innovation as a way to generate new businesses and satisfy our clients.

Author: Silvia Fernández González

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Translibrary, a new leadership initiative at Transcom Leon

Transcom is truly a people’s business and we all agree about the importance of having motivated agents in our teams in order to do a good job and produce the best results.

At Transcom Leon, one of our Business Managers Eva Casado, has launched “Translibrary”; a book club for our team leaders.

Translibrary group

Eva had chosen 15 well-known books about motivation and leadership that could be applied to our professional environment. Each title has been assigned to one of the participants to be read individually.

After some weeks, the book club had its first meeting. Each reader summarized the highlights from the book they had read, and explained how their findings could be applied to our daily work at Transcom. Then, the moderator recommended new readings for the next period, customized according to the profile and individual needs of each participant.

The main goal of this initiative, which has been very well received among the team leaders, is to unite the teams while at the same time, teach motivational techniques that could be helpful in leading and encouraging the team to achieve its goals.

The most popular book in the sessions so far has been “Fish! A Proven Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results” (Stephen C. Lundin, Ph.D., Harry Paul, John Christensen). Some of the team leaders that already have read the book have passed it on to their agents.

Author: Diana Bruzite

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Dedicated employees contributed to the success of Transcom Latvia’s Charity Months

At Transcom Latvia, we declared September, October and November as charity months. Our overall aim with this Transcom Cares project was to contribute to charity, create a positive work environment, teambuilding and also to promote Transcom Latvia as a socially responsible company.

During these months, we encouraged our employees to create their own charity projects, based on their own initiative and choice.  All together, we implemented nine unique projects and after an internal voting Transcom Latvia gave an additional donation to the employees’ favorite project: Purchasing medical equipment to The Latvian Social Care Center.


In December we celebrated the success of our charity months with a day that will be remembered as the most emotional event ever at Transcom Latvia – the response was great and together we achieved really wonderful things.

Our committed employees provided material support and warmth of hearts to a social care center, the Latvian support association for low-income people, an orphanage, children and youth crisis center, a children’s hospital and two animal shelters. We also organized a charity monopoly, resulting in a donation to the victims affected by the typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

During this project Transcom Latvia encouraged and supported many employees to contribute with their personal engagement, time and willingness to carry out voluntary work as a way to create to a better society.

But charity projects like this can never be mandatory. It will only be a success when there is a genuine desire to help and the project is driven by committed people that never give up and run the project from the beginning to the very end.