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Author: Alan Girón

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Transcom Lima celebrates its 2nd anniversary!

Two years have passed since we started our operations here in Lima. During this time we have enjoyed learning experiences that have helped us to support the teams’ growth and consolidation. We know that our journey has just begun, and that we’ve got a long road ahead of us, but we are optimistic since growth in recent months has become increasingly apparent.

During the last weekend in November, we organized an activity to celebrate our anniversary, in which all the Lima staff participated. The day started early creating teams to compete in various activities throughout the day.

Transcom Lima teams

We started with a funny gymkhana composed of different games, followed by volleyball and soccer competitions. We wish to congratulate the blue team as it was the clear winner in all the activities!

Enjoying a full day of activities

After the games, we all shared a nice lunch together. During the lunch, Alejandro Menjura (Regional Director,Transcom Latin America), Luis Cucalón (HR Manager, Transcom Lima), and myself, as Contact Center Manager, proceeded to thank all employees, encouraging them to continue working with the same high level of commitment.


Author: Agustín Romero

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Building effective teams at Transcom Isla Sicilia

The importance of the employees to any company’s success is something that is indisputable. Having teams of motivated and conscientious people is absolutely key to achieving the goals in each of our client projects.

The maturity of our employees, their ability to deal with the daily challenges and their attitude toward life and work are aspects that we have decided to address within our training programs at Transcom Isla Sicilia. That is why, in addition to the typical training in product knowledge and sales, we carry out “Self-motivation workshops” specifically aimed at agents and team leaders of sales campaigns. The main objectives of these workshops are:

  • Release of negative mental attitudes.
  • Responsibility for individual actions.
  • Reinforce individual and team commitment.
  • Knowledge and experience sharing in a fun atmosphere.

Teambuilding session at Transcom Isla Sicilia

Concepts such as dependence, interdependence, and teamwork are an important part of the course, encouraging knowledge sharing and team building.

Team Leader's training course

It is all about reinforcing the idea that we can take responsibility for our actions and results only by being aware of our own capabilities, and by maintaining an open attitude. Only through our own independence can we build interdependence between the members of the team, which is essential to achieving our clients’ goals and objectives.

Author: Jolanta Budzinska

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Transcom Poland helps children get ready to go back to school

The Transcom Team in Poland recently organized a charity event and collected school supplies for the ARKA Association, which helps children and families.

Transcom has been cooperating with this association for a few years, helping them through organizing collections. Usually we collect toys, clothes, books, candies, etc for children who have a very difficult situation at home. After school, they spend a lot of time in the Arka Home, where they can do homework with volunteers and teachers. They also have the opportunity to play, have fun and even get additional meals, psychological help and speech therapy. This House of Helping Children is a very special place for them.


Since a new school year is beginning, Transcom in Poland decided to prepare some useful things: notebooks, markers, crayons, paints, etc. Our HR Department prepared information posters and promoted the idea.

Our employees brought what they wanted. Our Team Leaders had a great idea, collecting money in order to buy additional items. This way, we were able to contribute much more. Huge packages were prepared and delivered to the children from Arka.


These activities aren’t new to us. Our team really likes to do useful activities like this. Not only do we contribute to our community, but we also have fun during collection competitions.

I would like to thank our people – it’s great that we can count on you and that you are sensitive to others’ needs.

Author: Eimantas Liutkevicius

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Two Wheels – One Transcom!

It’s becoming a great tradition at Transcom Vilnius to participate in the annual bicycle marathon – “Velomaratonas” – which is the largest cycling event in Lithuania.

Cycling is becoming more and more popular in Vilnius – thus this is a great way to get into the Transcom team spirit, get some exercise and get together with your colleagues outside of the office surroundings – while helping to promote this environmentally friendly mode of transportation in our city.


It was nice to see all sorts of people joining this year’s team. United under a slogan “Two wheels – one Transcom” we had CSR’s, Team Leaders, HR and BST personnel, Business Managers, etc.


All team members successfully finished the full distances of 30 km or 20 km, competing against over 7000 other cyclists.


After finishing the amateur stage – we also had a chance to get together, share our experiences, and watch the professional stage of the event. The overall mood was great throughout the day, a lot of smiles, enthusiasm and team spirit.

We will definitely participate next year.

I could not be more proud of our team – go team Transcom!

Author: Sanna Tardell

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Congratulations TSK!

If we continue talking about team spirit and how to build it, we have yet another good idea!

Three guys from Transcom here in Eskilstuna have started a sports club, TSK. All employees are welcome to be members and there will be lots of different activities. Something for everyone.

If you think about it, it’s really a great idea! People get to know each other better and we all need some exercise now and then!

One of the activities is football. They set up a team and joined a local football cup and played their first game yesterday! As you can guess from the subject, they won! So congratulations to TSK and good luck in the future!

I’m sure I will get back to this subject later on!

bild[1] TSK

Author: Sanna Tardell

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Bruises and laughter

So, did we find the Team Spirit?

Honestly, I think we did!

We had an amazing day at Boda Borg and everyone was all cheerful and excited. It was the perfect way to get to know each other better!

For those of you who don’t know what Boda Borg is, it’s a big house with different quests. Each quest contains 3-6 different challenges/rooms and you have to figure out how to solve it and get a stamp in the end.

So today when we came back to the office, most of us with a lot of bruises, the team spirit was definitely there!