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Author: Walter Spadoni

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A win-win-win story with positive effects for our client and everyone at Transcom

One of Transcom’s global clients is a major household appliance brand. Since 2006, we have been offering our CRM services to the customers of this multinational company in various languages. In the last few years, we have further expanded our services and new languages have been added to meet our client’s business needs. Today we are delivering customer care services and technical assistance for this company in almost all European markets, and we are still looking at future expansion opportunities. This long-term relationship is now evolving into an even stronger partnership and – thanks to its global reach – there will be important benefits for everyone working in our organization.

Transcom recently closed a special agreement with this client, offering Transcom employees some very special discounts and promotions on their product range. This agreement will be valid in almost all countries where we both operate.

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The promotion, which has already been successfully launched at our site in Portugal, will be rapidly implemented throughout most of Transcom’s sites, starting with Poland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. Our other sites worldwide will also be involved in the coming months.

This is a great opportunity to tighten our global partnership with a very important client while producing a very positive side-effect for both our companies: new sales for our client and great benefits for Transcom employees. An excellent example of win-win-win story that make us truly proud to be a global company, capable to think and act locally, but globally connected.

Author: Przemyslaw Wlodarczyk

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Transcom Poland expands the financial services team

As a result of our employees’ customer experience expertise and heavy work, one of our clients, a leading bank in Poland has chosen to extend its cooperation with Transcom Worldwide Poland. Our financial services team will be broadened by 25 specialists focused on selling financial products.

When we started the cooperation with the bank in May last year the team consisted of eight outbound specialists, one year later we have 50 specialists working with this client.

We have identified two key success factors that contributed to the expansion of the project.

First, as the team delivered high quality and met the client’s targets from day one, our client trusted Transcom not only to sell their service to new prospects, but also to their current customers.

The second success factor is the great relationship we have with the bank, which allow us to become not only supplier but a true business partner.

“Transcom’s team presents the highest motivation, creativity and positive approach to new challenges and successfully solve arising problems. As a client, we can always count on their support, suggestions and good communication. That allows us to continuously expand our cooperation.” – said client representative.


The Transcom financial services team in Poland celebrating the project’s first birthday.

Author: Claudia Balboa Riquelme

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Successful outcome of sales marathon at Transcom Concepcion

At Transcom’s Concepcion site in Chile, we recently celebrated two months since our opening day. Today the site employs 60 sales agents, servicing a major telecom company. Our client offers TV, phone and Internet services and has a very competitive satellite TV offer.

In November, we organized a sales marathon to encourage and motivate our agents to achieve their best results ever. And they did!

We started the day with a team breakfast, followed by pause gymnastics. During the day, 20 people achieved our sales targets which resulted in a 30% increase of closures, compared to a normal day.

Telemarathon at Transcom Concepcion

These great achievements are the results of good teamwork, including the recruiting and training staff, as well as the team leaders and business managers that prepare the information that help the agents in their sales argumentations.

We will keep on working with an expansive aim, with a commitment to Transom’s excellence, and focusing on innovation as a way to generate new businesses and satisfy our clients.

Author: Grzegorz Baran

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Inspiring sales initiative at Transcom Olsztyn resulted in front page cover

To encourage our agents to achieve the best possible result, we organized five sales contests at the end of 2013 at our site in Olsztyn, Poland. The contests were created, prepared and executed by our Team Leaders and they were run twice a week.

On the 4th of December, the agents’ goals were to achieve the highest possible sales volume while also beating their best personal result from the previous month. To win, agents needed to show not only product knowledge, but also a wide range of customer service skills allowing them to conduct successful sales calls, eventually closing the sale. This particular contest included five different sales projects, organized by one Team Leader.

But improving sales results was only one part of this contest. When customers from all around Poland are chatting with our agents over the phone, they do not realize that they’re talking with customer experience specialists from Transcom Olsztyn.

That’s why the second aim of our contests (equally or even more important than sales) was to show to the public the talented young people we have working for Transcom Olsztyn, and to promote Transcom as a local employer.

Thanks to our Team Leader Damian Strzemkowski, we managed to achieve both these goals – improving sales and strengthening the public’s knowledge about Transcom. Damian came up with the great idea to contact the local newspaper Olsztyniak, which is distributed for free on the streets of Olsztyn every Thursday morning.

This resulted in extensive coverage in the paper. The winners of our sales contest were featured on the front page with their photos. There was also a short bio of each winner and a longer article about Transcom. On the 19th of December, 20 000 copies of the newspaper were distributed throughout the whole Olsztyn district.

Article in Olsztyniak_131219_3

The following agents were awarded as Best Salesperson at Transcom Olsztyn; Aleksandra Grodzka, Patryk Leśniewicz, Irena Jędrzejewska, Jacek Pokora and Karolina Janowska.

Many congratulations to all of you and we look forward to new inspiring contests in 2014.

Author: César Mesa

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Transcom Sevilla launches sales improvement initiative

The art of selling is never easy, and it becomes even harder when you don’t have eye contact with your prospective customer. Our clients’ growth is our own. Therefore, reinforcing our commitment to continuous improvement, Transcom Sevilla recently launched its Plan for continuous improvement in sales campaigns.

It’s really very simple and the first lesson to learn in sales is this: “listen to your customer”. To guarantee that we always do so, Transcom Sevilla has established a process which ensures that we get maximum benefit from the feedback received by our agents during each call, and that, based on that information, we are able to suggest improvement measures to our client in order to better achieve our sales goals.

To ensure that knowledge is transferred from each campaign’s agents to the rest of the team, regular meetings are held with agents, team leaders, and training & quality staff in attendance. During these meetings, the entire selling process is reviewed. Based on the first-hand information from the agents, the participants propose ideas that could potentially have an impact on the success of each call, resulting in increased sales.

The analysis committee in session

The best ideas are then selected and, once the benefits of their implementation have been described, the ideas are submitted for our client’s evaluation. Those ideas that pass its filters will then be incorporated into the campaign and will be monitored in order to confirm their impact on results.

Beyond the improvements in terms of sales, we have also noticed another very important benefit of this process: an increased level of motivation and involvement of our agents, some of whose proposals are deployed with a direct measurable impact on results.

Author: Agustín Romero

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Building effective teams at Transcom Isla Sicilia

The importance of the employees to any company’s success is something that is indisputable. Having teams of motivated and conscientious people is absolutely key to achieving the goals in each of our client projects.

The maturity of our employees, their ability to deal with the daily challenges and their attitude toward life and work are aspects that we have decided to address within our training programs at Transcom Isla Sicilia. That is why, in addition to the typical training in product knowledge and sales, we carry out “Self-motivation workshops” specifically aimed at agents and team leaders of sales campaigns. The main objectives of these workshops are:

  • Release of negative mental attitudes.
  • Responsibility for individual actions.
  • Reinforce individual and team commitment.
  • Knowledge and experience sharing in a fun atmosphere.

Teambuilding session at Transcom Isla Sicilia

Concepts such as dependence, interdependence, and teamwork are an important part of the course, encouraging knowledge sharing and team building.

Team Leader's training course

It is all about reinforcing the idea that we can take responsibility for our actions and results only by being aware of our own capabilities, and by maintaining an open attitude. Only through our own independence can we build interdependence between the members of the team, which is essential to achieving our clients’ goals and objectives.