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Transcom improves travel and leisure experience for a leading operator’s customers

In May 2015, one of the world’s largest travel operators became our client. The company, which operates exclusively online, offering leisure solutions and ideas to millions of users worldwide, has a significant presence today in Europe and particularly in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and France. In this framework, Transcom acts as a strategic partner, providing efficient multilingual, multichannel assistance services and managing customer service activities on the European market.

Leisure Day

Our client offers a huge range of travel services on its website (hotels, flights, holidays, car hire, cruises), with an entire section devoted to the leisure offering, featuring special theme packages in the areas of sport and adventure, events, concerts, wellness packages, original gift ideas, tickets for football matches and much more.

The customer service activities entrusted to Transcom’s multilingual team cover the entire range of services and aim to ensure that users receive the best possible travel and leisure experience.

SALES collage leisure

The most important requirement expressed by the client was to combine high quality multilingual services with a competitive price model. The solution proposed by Transcom fully satisfies this expectation and today provides quality at the highest level and the best possible customer experience in various languages out of two different operating centers: Budapest and Tunisia.

Transcom’s presence in so many different areas of the world and the consolidated experience it has accumulated in the travel sector underpin the success of the partnership and open up possibilities for further collaboration outside Europe.

Author: Tanja Lohrmann

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Transcom stands out at Call Center World 2015 as it celebrates growth in Germany

The CCW 2015 took place at the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin in the end of February. The 17th edition of Europe’s largest fair for customer service, call center and communication has a long history and the who’s who of the industry traditionally meets at CCW. This year over 7,600 visitors attended the fair to gain a complete insight about innovations, new technologies and trends in the customer service and call center industry.

Over 250 exhibitors from 50 different countries were listed which underlines the global impact and internationality of this year’s CCW. Our participation in the fair aimed to confirm Transcom’s position as global customer experience specialist and celebrate our recent significant growth in Germany.

Transcom had a large, well-located exhibition booth which attracted many prospect clients, existing clients and media representatives. Transcom team managed to gather promising contacts that will certainly support Transcom’s planned expansion on the German market. We were also happy to meet other possible partnering vendors, recruiting companies and potential employees.

Transcom stand and the German team at CCW 2015

Transcom stand and the German team at CCW 2015

The CCW exhibition represented the best opportunity to announce our business results and celebrate Transcom Germany’s rapid growth in 2014. In order to face the growing demand for Transcom services, Halle’s operating site is being expanded. A move to a new location, with a significant increase in the size of operations area, will take place in the second quarter.

Also Rostock site is continuing with the growth trend and an expansion of the production areas is under evaluation. These investments were necessary since we have extended our client base in Germany and further strengthened our relationship with existing clients.

The best customer experience for Italian business travelers starts in Tunis

Early this year, Transcom Tunis officially launched a new customer care service for one of Italy’s biggest travel companies.  As partner and founding member of a worldwide network that unites the best travel management companies in 80 countries, this new client decided to form a strategic partnership with Transcom in order to ensure the best possible customer experience for its customers.

SALES Cisalpina article

To prepare for this important start up, the dedicated Transcom project team focused in maximizing service quality in a structural and coordinated way. A group of specialized resources was recruited and coordinated by a team of managers who constantly monitor service quality and take action at various levels to increase customer satisfaction, improve service provision and efficiency, and fine tune the management of corporate processes.

Work got underway with an initial group of 15 agents. The talents selected for the project are passionate about their work and have demonstrated great professionalism and excellent performance throughout their training, right from the very first day. A carefully designed three-month training program contributed to creating a relationship based on the maximum possible collaboration and interaction among team members, trainers and project managers, making it easier to learn during training and to overcome all the difficulties and critical issues every start-up encounters.

The dedicated project team during training.

The dedicated project team during training.

We are extremely satisfied with the trustworthy relationship and collaboration we have established with our client at this initial stage. We have laid the best possible foundations for a long-term partnership that will turn out to be highly profitable for everyone involved, not least all the Italian business travelers who will receive the best possible customer care, provided by Transcom Tunis.

Author: Jolanta Budzinska

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Transcom Poland is one of the Masters of “Sales Elite Winners”

Transcom continues to develop our professional and high level cooperation with a banking client. In this context, we received an invitation to the “SALES ELITE” event. We were selected for outstanding contributions to the distribution of banking services during the month of June 2014. Our hard work and achievements in the sales area are appreciated by our most important stakeholder – our Client.

One of Transcom’s Leaders – Łukasz Onopa, who was involved during the creation and launch of this project at Transcom, received an invitation to the awards ceremony: “Looking forward to welcoming you in person to what promises to be another fabulous afternoon of fun, food and fellowship.” He had a chance to meet and talk with members of the Board and also Directors of individual Departments. It was also a possibility to exchange experiences and opinions with other of our client’s partners.


This was the Greeting from the Sales & Distribution Division Head:

“Congratulations for winning the SALES ELITE award for June. It was great to meet you in person and celebrate your success. I hope you had a good time. I look forward to welcoming you in the next SALES ELITE Lunch Ceremony in the second half of October, so do your best and become a winner again.”


This Ceremony also motivated us to drive even higher sales results in the future. Of course, we would like to be a winner as often as possible!

We also participated in the next edition of “SALES ELITE”. We were selected for outstanding contributions to distribution in the month of November 2014. We had the opportunity to meet with the President of our Client and the Head of Consumer Banking, among others.

This time our Winner was Aneta Zakrzewska, who has consistently achieved above-average sales results month after month. An additional factor was the fact that Aneta is one of Transcom’s biggest  promoters. She introduced several people to our sales project, who have also achieved very good sales result. Aneta, Thank You.



Due to our great results, we have significantly expanded the number of agents on this project at our site in Gdansk. We have also added additional people working on this project at our Olsztyn location. Who knows what Transcom can achieve with this client next year…

Author: Fidel Rodríguez

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The natural art of selling

The human being, like many other animals show daily in nature, has a great commercial potential. Thus, some species of birds evolved to have bright colors to help them find a mate; some primates beat their chests to instill fear in their rivals, and other species, when feeling threatened, triple their size to intimidate their enemies. The animals, in their natural state, “sell” themselves.

In humans, in addition, we must consider the social aspect. The human being is born, then grows and develops their emotional connections with their peers, looking for affection and acceptance. Thus, from the beginning of our lives, we will need to draw on certain “business skills” to achieve our goals.

All of us, since our childhood, have deployed our charms to convince our friends to play the game we wanted, or to go to the cinema and watch that movie… Even when growing older, we use our looks, our hair and our clothes to help us in being accepted and to feel closer to the social group that we want to belong to.

Who hasn’t convinced a friend to go out, when he or she didn’t want to do it, because we wanted to go to our favorite restaurant? Do we do these things right? And do we do it without thinking about it? Without any preparation? Sure, we all do those kind of things every day of our lives in a spontaneous way. We are using our sales skills!

At all times we are “selling” When you fix your hair, and choose what to wear, you’re selling your image. When you convince someone to go to a different place, restaurant, cinema, park, etc., you are “selling” your idea, your desire. When the children cry because they cannot achieve what they want, they are “selling” their despair.

Therefore, we can consider the human being as a social animal being born with a certain “selling capability”, which is used almost every day of our lives.

But these skills evolve as we grow. Our goals will change when we get older and therefore, our way of trying to get it will change as well. This ability evolves with us and although all of us can count on it, it is important to develop these skills to improve our results. Observing how others behave, learning from theirs and our mistakes, modifying our arguments, replicating the arguments that really work… This is our natural way to learn, to practice our “selling techniques”.

Then it is only a question of trust in our natural ability to make a natural step to specialize and become a professional salesperson.

Although we may be talking about an innate capability in the human being, it clearly includes an acquired component. That is why we talk about “sales techniques” at Transcom when we prepare our training courses. Because you need to practice in order to replicate the best techniques, to make mistakes and learn from them, and to be able to translate your ideas into the correct words and perfect voice intonation. It is only by working this way that you will achieve the confidence and energy necessary to become a professional living of, and for sales.

Author: Claudia Balboa Riquelme

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A new client at Transcom Concepcion

Transcom Concepcion continues its onshore expansion adding new customers in the local market. To illustrate this, we have recently introduced one of the leading companies in the Chilean retail market as a new client. This is one of the largest and most well-established companies in Latin America, conducting its business in different areas through various companies:  department stores, home improvement and construction, commercial finance companies, banks, travel, and insurances companies.

In late January, set on selling different types of personal insurance policies, we launched our first service for them, with 44 agents and three team leaders, and are now set to further grow the service with the incorporation of 15 employees during the month of March in order to sell a specific insurance coverage.

New service team

Our client was pleased with the first two weeks of successful sales performance. All this is thanks to the careful preparation of all involved parties, supported by the Product Specialist for quality and training issues, and the control of good selling practices. Moreover, the client is providing all the tools for effective development of new business, e.g. motivational activities, product trainings, and the development of business skills.

Today, we want to thank those who work on launching new projects. We are confident that if we keep on performing to our excellent trademark standards, we will continue to improve every day.