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LeonarDo @ work – Transcom pilot projects to improve Customer Experience

In recent years, continuous transformation, evolving technology and huge social media growth have exponentially increased customers’ influence over your brand and radically modified the way that companies do business.

Recently, “Customer Experience” has been defined as “how your customers perceive their interactions with your company as a whole” (cit. Manning and Bodyne). This means that the customer experience is determined by each of the touch-points through which the customer interacts with the company.

Interactions with the products and services on offer aren’t the only factors contributing to the customer experience, which also include contact with the website, the contact center operator, brand image and advertising, social media conversations, information brochures, etc.

Customers judge their experience by assessing their interactions with the company based on three parameters:

Meets needs;
Easy, i.e. how easy it is to buy a product, use a service and obtain technical and commercial assistance;
Enjoyable or engaging, i.e. the emotional and rational response to the customer experience.

INNOVATION piramide Forrester ok

Transcom has launched a series of projects to strengthen the Customer Experience across the entire customer journey, with a special focus on all touch-points and in particular on Multimodality and Analytics.

Multimodal interaction allows customers to access services directly from their smartphones and tablets, using a highly evolved interface that fully exploits the device’s advanced functions (camera, data connection, payments, etc.). This translates into:

Simpler user/system interaction through a mobile interface;
Concurrent transmission and reception of data and   documentation;
Data entry on device (tax code, credit card number, etc.);
Transfer from chat to voice or video call.

Transcom Customer Care Channels

In addition, using advanced data analytics tools, Transcom has launched a project to analyze the interactions between the company and its customers in a detailed and structured way, including their behavior and preferences, in order to improve the quality of the service provided and how it’s perceived by the customer.

Here are some examples of the analytics projects under development to support our Clients:

Customer Journey analysis, Net Promoter Score (NPS)   identification and monitoring;
Advanced customer behavior analysis (heavy detractors,   detractors, neutral, promoters,…) to identify ways to maximize   satisfaction;
User profiling and customer experience personalization;
Predictive analysis to assess the customer’s needs in advance.


Analytics: decision tree

Analytics: decision tree

These are just some of the pilot projects developed at our LeonarDo research center in L’Aquila, where a team of experts began to work a few months ago by fully exploiting the huge potential offered by new technology.

Official opening of “LeonarDo 2.0.14” – a new research and innovation center for Customer Experience

In March, Transcom Italy presented its new Research and Innovation Center for Customer Experience to the press and the local authorities. The center is located in L’Aquila and set up jointly as a partnership with L’Aquila University and local contact center company Elleacall.

The LeonarDo 2.0.14 research project, which has been endorsed by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, will span over three years, with the aim of developing - by October 2017 new process and new technological solutions that improve the services delivered by
contact centers to consumers and citizens, based on their Customer Experience.

Transcom Contact Center in L'Aquila

 “Innovation and the constant quest for excellence are two of Transcom’s fundamental business values and we invest in resources and skills to promote them” commented Roberto Boggio, Transcom Regional General Manager for Central and South Europe, during the inauguration.

 “The strategic agenda of L’Aquila University considers the institution to be an open social laboratory and, therefore, applied research projects conducted jointly with the business system form a fundamental part of our planning,” said Professor Paola Inverardi, Dean of L’Aquila University.“One of our objectives is to strengthen this network of collaborations, and the partnership with Transcom in the framework of the LeonarDo 2.0.14 project is perfectly aligned with this strategic vision: we are convinced that it will produce benefits in terms of technological capabilities at the service of local development.”

The center has been operational for a few months now and already employs 10 researchers; over the coming three years we aim to involve about 40 customer experience professionals in the project.

Leonardo lab and meeting room & event

Technological changes impose new interrelation processes between companies and clients. Network connections and the ever more widespread use of mobile communication devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks, etc.) are radically changing not only how we acquire information, but also the interaction between people, between customers and businesses, and between the public and the institutions. From this perspective, the work of the Transcom’s research center in L’Aquila will focus on identifying new social and digital methodologies, using technology-based tools and innovative processes.

This VIDEO, (in Italian) by a local TV network, provides a summary of the event’s key messages.

Transcom announces “LeonarDo 2.0.14” – a research and innovation program to improve the customer care process

Transcom has decided to invest in a new research and development project called “Smart Digital Ecosystem for Customer Experience Enhancement”. For simplicity’s sake we’ve renamed the project “LeonarDo 2.0.14”, combining the year of the initiative’s launch with the 2.0 that symbolizes the Digital age we live in.


This program has been developed by Transcom Italy on a joint basis with L’Aquila University and some local partners, and we feel that it will contribute to re-launching the local economy, heavily hit by the 2009 earthquake.

The project will run for the next three years and the aim is to define solutions, tools, methods and techniques designed to improve the customer service process and effectively exploit the potential offered by new digital technologies. A research and development center will be set up for this purpose, based on the systematic and structured exchange of know-how and expertise between academic research bodies and the customer service industry. This laboratory will be headquartered in Transcom’s L’Aquila offices and run by expert, innovation-oriented resources provided by all the partners involved in the initiative.

The solutions and operating models developed by the LeonarDo 2.0.14 project will be validated in complex customer experience environments, with the aim of creating high value-added services for clients and consumers.

Innovation and continuous development are the key competitive success factors we can offer our clients to help them win the daily fight for market leadership. Our ambition is that the LeonarDo 2.0.14 “Competence Center” in L’Aquila will act as a technical and scientific point of reference for all Transcom’s 57 contact centers worldwide.

I am confident that LeonarDo 2.0.14 will become a mine of innovative ideas and revolutionary solutions in the area of technological, organizational and process innovation, which will significantly contribute to confirm Transcom’s leading role in the global BPO marketplace. With this initiative, we are reaffirming our commitment to Transcom’s vision of being recognized as a global leader in customer experience.