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Five key elements of a successful sales campaign

At Transcom Sevilla we are sales specialists and we have a vast experience in generating business for our customers. Spanning a wide array of sectors, we have developed campaigns of different sizes for various products, continuously perfecting our performance. We know that our greatest contribution to the success of any campaign is to build strong and prepared teams, for as the old saying goes: A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

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Therefore, we consider the human factor to be the key lever in outbound campaigns, helping to differentiate us from our competitors. As a way to perfecting our productivity and deepening our partnership with our customers, we are continuously working on improving our employees’ performance.

Taking this into account let me explain the five key elements we focus on:


Key factors in ales campaigns

1.    Team building

The best project is nothing if it lacks of a good foundation. We must work very close with HR department -as they are responsible for all recruitment-, and that plays a decisive role in a campaign’s success. Information is power, and we need to be able to convey the essence of the campaign and the operation, as well as our customer’s requirements, if we want to take the first step towards success.

Also, to create good teams you need to know your employees. Knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses will help you to assign each agent to the best location. We should not be afraid of change or of adapting the profiles we have, to the services we have to deliver.

2.    Follow-up

Once we have built a strong team, it’s time to do the training. We have an excellent trainers’ team, whom are not only very good at communicating, but also possess a deep knowledge of sales challenges. This will permit them to empathize with the agents and provide them with a greater degree of experience in the whole sales process.

When possible, we must also reinforce the campaign launch with the cooperation of veteran agents that will work side-by-side with new agents. They’ll then play a double role: On one hand, their support will help to accelerate the learning curve; on the other, they’ll act as a reference for the new hired staff.

3.    Setting goals

To be able to measure the success of any campaign, it is essential to set specific goals -achievable yet ambitious-, and to count on the whole team’s commitment to achieve them. That is why it is important to establish ongoing communication channels that allow bi-directional flow of information: from the team leader to the agents and vice verse.

Thus, it is important to have individuals and team performance reports, in order to give each team member a clear outlook on their contribution to the overall objective.

It is also important to involve the whole team in the campaign strategies. We must not forget that the qualitative feedback they can facilitate us will reinforce the quantitative information we gather from the analysis conducted in a service.

4.    Results’ analysis

In order to lead his or her team successfully, the analysis from the previous day’s results is one of the most powerful tool the team leaders have. Learning from what worked (and what didn’t) during the previous day in a campaign, can be instrumental to reacting effectively in real time, keeping track if the results have been positive or setting some new strategies to minimize negative gaps.

Therefore, the contribution of team leaders to the team is essential to achieve success. Thanks to their proximity to the agents, the team leaders are the first to detect possible deviations from the campaign’s goals, and must be able to operate the different levers at their disposal to help their team to overcome obstacles.

5.    Motivation

Outbound sales campaigns can be very stressful. Each single day the agent faces the challenge to reach a goal that in certain situations is likely to cause stress. That is why it is very important to maintain a good working environment in sales platforms. This will increase the agents work satisfaction and therefore his/her empathy and productivity. To achieve this, we must be proactive in everything regarding the motivational field, creating activities that promote friendship and teamwork that have a social impact through the platform.

At Transcom we are convinced that all the efforts we put in to each of these mentioned areas will result in improved performance, and thus, increased productivity. This is a decisive factor against our current competitors.

Author: César Mesa

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How to grow and ensure results in big sales campaigns

Big sales campaigns with an exponential growth in an already large number of agents tend to represent a huge challenge in terms of maintaining stable results due to the increase of turnover rates, which in turn impacts the final service’s outcome. Therefore it is necessary to strengthen all the variables that affect both our agents’ performance and the consolidation of their achievements in order to minimize their impact on the campaign’s results.

These have been some of the challenges that Transcom Sevilla has faced  recently, with the growth of one of our clients.

In April 2013, a leader in entertainment products, insurance and legal counseling, signed a deal with a new and important partner in Spain, in order to sell its products to their customers. To that effect, they once again trusted Transcom as leading supplier to sell their products.

With the launch of this new service, we increased our platform by 90 agents. After the first months of service and a satisfactory performance, our client requested us to continue growing, and this past September we did so, reaching a team of 200 members.

To recruit and consolidate such a big number of sales agents in the same campaign, it became necessary to apply new recruitment and training dynamics, as well as strengthening the team leader structure in order to shorten the learning curve and give further support to new hires.

To accomplish this, it became necessary for the team leaders to collaborate in the recruitment stage, supporting the interviews and the selection process. In the training stage, sales workshops were set up to reinforce agents’ sales skills and to ensure the successful identification of customer needs. At the start of the production stage, we established personal coaching for newly hired agents, guiding them towards positive call resolutions.

All actions carried out last September helped us to meet the needs of one our largest sales campaigns in Sevilla, with over 250 agents committed to our client.

We appreciate our client’s trust in Transcom, the fruit of good, solid work, and we can now focus on improving results, in order to cement our status as this client’s leading provider.

Author: Fredis Bikovs

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Swedish Minister for Social Security visiting Transcom Latvia

Swedish Minister for Social Security, Ulf Kristersson recently had an official visit to Republic of Latvia to attend a round table discussion regarding Labour Migration in the Nordic-Baltic region. During his visit, the Minister also visited Transcom Latvia, having discussions with both local and regional management.


1422390_554148688009501_1130648271_n (1)

Transcom North region is growing actively and the key to providing outstanding customer experience to our clients are people. As both Swedish and Latvian markets have its own challenges in terms of recruitment, this was one issue we discussed with the Minister.

Overall, Transcom is looking forward to continue the dialogue with both governments. I strongly believe that this meeting was successful in bringing government and business closer, providing a greater understanding of our market needs. Further cooperation will most probably result in new workplaces in both countries, ensuring continuous improvements in customer experience for our clients.

We are actively cooperating with the Latvian government as well; to make sure that the market is providing highly skilled people, thus ensuring our business stability in the long-term.



Author: Leonardo Sanguino

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Transcom Cali, a successful start-up story

The successful opening of Transcom’s new Cali center in Colombia is the result of hard work and commitment from a lot of people throughout the organization. To open a new center in a new country is an enormous challenge, but in Cali the cooperation of colleagues from neighboring countries has created a local “corporate culture mix” that has proven to be a decisive factor for a successful start-up. The process started back in August with the recruitment of our contact center staff. Once this phase was completed, it was time to recruit the best agents in Cali.


Determined to recruit the best team in a new environment -and still unknown country-, the regional staff became fascinated by Cali and the great number of qualified people it offered, filled with uncanny enthusiasm and commitment towards Transcom. The Local chambers of commerce and local institutions provided all the cooperation that we needed. With their help, and thanks to an excellent job done by the recruitment team, we managed to complete the second phase of the startup process: hiring the best call center agents, ready to be trained in a record time!

The training was a very intense and included a high-quality program that guaranteed our client a very well-prepared staff, able to provide the best service to their customers from day one. Finally, November 11th became our D-day, when Lisandro Mesa one of our 131 agents, answered the first call from Cali.

Since then, we can all be proud to be part of Transcom, a great company that brings out the best of its employees, making it possible to open a fully operational contact center in very short time.

Author: Silvia Fernández González

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New ways of recruiting the best team

You’ll never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Taking this into account, at Transcom we focus all our efforts on creating an outstanding customer experience from the very beginning: The recruitment phase.

That is why we are always looking for talented people to become part of our team through different recruitment channels: publishing vacant positions in the local press and radio, on the Internet, as well as making agreements with academic institutions or with the ‘Instituto Leonés de Desarrollo Económico’.

Transcom training course in Astorga

Transcom recently started collaborating with Astorga, a city of 12,000 inhabitants. Transcom personnel delivered a local training course which the city council encouraged its citizens to attend.

During this first one-week course, we trained 20 people, focusing on sales and customer care skills, contact center structure, and Transcom’s history as well as how we add value to our clients through delivering an outstanding customer experience. After completing the course, the participants became eligible for future campaigns at our Leon center, greatly simplifying the recruitment process.

The successful pilot initiative has demonstrated that this can be an effective way to identify good candidates, while at the same time providing Transcom with an opportunity to share our knowledge and experience throughout the region. We plan to repeat this process in other locations in the near future.

Author: César Mesa

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Refining the recruitment process in Transcom Sevilla

Each day, society is becoming more and more digitized and therefore customers, thanks to new technologies, have immediate access to different online information channels. This means that it is increasingly difficult to close a sale on the first contact with a customer. The contacted person will most likely compare the information received by phone with information from other sources. This increases the probability that, eventually, the customer will end up purchasing the offered product via one of the other channels.

So, in order to increase sales and gain customer loyalty, it is necessary to work from the bottom up or, putting it differently, to start working on this already during the recruitment process.

The Transcom Sevilla site is specialized in sales campaigns for banking and insurance products, telecommunications and entertainment services, etc. We have attractive opportunities to grow in outbound sales, and have developed an action plan to redefine the recruitment process for our major clients, with the goal of reducing rotation, shortening the learning curve and, at the same time, developing staff loyalty. At the end of the day, we believe that this will increase quality and provide a greater degree of stability and efficiency to our clients.

A training session in Transcom Sevilla

When redefining the profile for new hires, the HR and the Operations departments were involved, cooperating with Team leaders and Product Specialists. It is important for our recruitment personnel to monitor actual calls in order to evaluate the customer profile we are addressing in each campaign. This way, we are able to identify the most common customer reactions and, based on this information, we can influence the recruitment process to focus on the right skill set. In addition, experienced Team Leaders participate in candidate interviews.

Once selected, the agent is accompanied during the first few days of work by a dedicated team, helping her/him acquire the necessary knowledge and ensuring successful results.

Through this partnership between human resources, operations and training & quality, we have achieved success in terms of expected growth, which translates into operating results in line with our clients’objectives.