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Author: Tanja Lohrmann

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Transcom Germany uses behavioral analysis tool to optimize recruiting

Every year, Transcom hires thousands of new people on whom our business results depend. People truly make all the difference in our business. To identify the best talents for our projects, we are open and like to use innovative ways to meet our goals.

Innovation is one of the three core values which guide us as a company and which influence how we behave. As a pioneer among the global Transcom Group, Transcom Germany uses an innovative new tool in the area of recruiting and people development. The personality test is based on the DISC behavioral style analysis. It can be useful in any situation where it is important to perceive individual differences of people and people’s behavior.

The first step in using the tool for the recruiting and selection process is to create a personality target profile of the perfect employee to work at Transcom. We called on our best employees to fill in a DISC personality questionnaire based on behavioral self description in specific situations. Afterwards, an individual profile on the basis of assuming four main styles of behavior being Dominance, Initiative, Steadiness and Compliance, was created.


Those profiles help to highlight the employees’ strengths. The results and insights we gained through our best employees are used to create a personality target profile which symbolizes the ideal employee at Transcom. The personality target profile will be used as reference in future interviews and assessment centers to support hiring decisions. This new tool supports us in easily identifying those talents with the right attitudes for working at Transcom. Thus, we hire the right people and develop them into true Customer Experience specialists.

Author: Joanna Osinska

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Transcom Poland teaches students in cooking and customer service

For over two years Transcom Poland has been cooperation with local universities and secondary schools to influence young people’s education. By taking part in educational programs we share our knowledge and experience, and try to combine theory with practice in high schools.

Recently our team in Gdańsk decided to open the doors to all young people by inviting them to workshops at the Transcom office! This was the beginning of Transcom’s Academy in Poland.

The idea with Transcom Academy is to share our knowledge and expertise with students. By inviting them to visit our offices we want to show them who we are,  what we do and how friendly atmosphere we create together with our teams. The topics for the workshops will vary from serious matters like customer service tips to less formal activities like cooking.


The topic for the first workshop was “Cheap cooking for students”. We mostly hire students and we know how hard it is to survive in a strange city, away from home, paying for the flat and studying. That’s why we presented cheap receipts and all participants that cooked with us where invited to enjoy the food.

During the workshop our guests had the opportunity to submit their CVs and take part in the recruiting process. We had a lot of fun together!

cooking3  cooking2


Author: Hartmut Jaschok

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Creating customer experience through effective recruiting

Customer service is the backbone of Transcom, and our customer service specialists are at the front line, creating outstanding customer experiences every day. Having the right people on our teams is imperative to success. Together with our recruiting outsourcing partner in Germany, we have devised a new way of attracting the best candidates for a major global client. Being a global company, we were able to leverage good practices from other parts of our organization, especially from our colleagues in the Netherlands in this case.

Literacy tests are one important component of the recruiting strategy we created to attract and select highly talented and educated applicants. An appropriate level of literacy skills is essential to providing a high service level to our global client’s customers. By hiring people who are not just “looking for a job”, we were able to quickly build a top-quality workforce, that was able to reach the targets in the first month of operation.


Being able to identify an adequate number of high-caliber applicants is critical to building a high-performing workforce. Success depends on continuously improving our recruiting practices, with the objective of attracting the most talented customer service representatives, and then making sure that they stay highly motivated and choose to build a career at Transcom.


To motivate our people and stress our team spirit, we put in place many activities.

We also try to create a friendly atmosphere outside of working hours. One example is our new Dragon boat Team in Rostock!


Author: Ángela Mora

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Transcom Concepcion eligible for the Chilean Inclusive Stamp 2013

Chile is a country of contrasts. From the breathtaking mountains in Los Andes to the Atacama Desert, you can find an incredible variety of landscapes to enjoy. It is also a land of opportunities, a growing economy with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world, only 6.2%. That is why a 70% unemployment rate among disabled Chileans is something to think and to act about.

Senadis representatives visiting Transcom Concepción

Transcom in Chile has always been committed to the integration of people with disabilities. This was strongly reinforced during 2013 with our participation in the Agora Project and the hiring of visually impaired agents.

Transcom Concepción agents and TL's

Transcom Chile has participated in different forums about the Employment of disabled staff and has been recognized by the Chilean authorities.

Transcom Concepción elegible for the Chilean Inclusive Stamp

On the 6th of September, the National Disability Service (Senadis), represented by its Regional Director, Michelle Orthusteguy, visited our center in Concepción and encouraged Transcom to apply for the Chilean Inclusive Stamp. Senadis authorities also appealed to other companies in the region to follow the example of Transcom in integrating people with disabilities into the workplace.

Author: Silvia Fernández González

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New ways of recruiting the best team

You’ll never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Taking this into account, at Transcom we focus all our efforts on creating an outstanding customer experience from the very beginning: The recruitment phase.

That is why we are always looking for talented people to become part of our team through different recruitment channels: publishing vacant positions in the local press and radio, on the Internet, as well as making agreements with academic institutions or with the ‘Instituto Leonés de Desarrollo Económico’.

Transcom training course in Astorga

Transcom recently started collaborating with Astorga, a city of 12,000 inhabitants. Transcom personnel delivered a local training course which the city council encouraged its citizens to attend.

During this first one-week course, we trained 20 people, focusing on sales and customer care skills, contact center structure, and Transcom’s history as well as how we add value to our clients through delivering an outstanding customer experience. After completing the course, the participants became eligible for future campaigns at our Leon center, greatly simplifying the recruitment process.

The successful pilot initiative has demonstrated that this can be an effective way to identify good candidates, while at the same time providing Transcom with an opportunity to share our knowledge and experience throughout the region. We plan to repeat this process in other locations in the near future.