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Author: Alberto Martínez Bernardo

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Transcom´s quality recognized at the 2014 CRC Gold Awards in Madrid

The Customer Relation Expo is the most important meeting point in Spain for professionals and clients in the contact center and customer service industry. The edition for 2014 took place in Madrid in early October.

Over 1,800 people, representing 60 companies visited the expo and attended more than 40 seminars and activities. One highlight during the conference is the CRC Gold Awards that rewards excellence in customer service.

This time, Transcom received awards for the following two categories:

  • CRC Gold Award for Best Customer Care Outsourcer –  for the service we provide to one of the largest Spanish banks.
  • CRC Gold Special Award for Best Quality ManagementCollage Transcom CRC Gold Awards Madrid

These awards represent the recognition of the work done by our 5,500 employees in Transcom Iberia & Latam Region every day in order to deliver outstanding customer experience.

We are especially pride of receiving the CRC Gold Special Award for Best Quality Management because it recognizes Transcom’s quality and the added value we provide to our clients.

Furthermore, at the fair and at the different activities we organized, we showed the following regional video, to our clients and prospects:

Author: Alejandro Menjura

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Transcom Lima is the first Latin American contact center to receive Quality Certification UNE-EN 15838

AENOR has awarded our site in Lima, Peru, with the quality certification for customer contact centers according to UNE-EN 15838, a model for quality management and performance in all aspects of the contact center industry.

Transcom’s site in Lima is the first contact center in Latin America to obtain this European certification.

So, on October 14, in a private ceremony at the premises of AENOR in San Isidro and accompanied by Isabel Sánchez-Lozano, General Manager of Transcom’s Iberia and Latin America region, I received the diploma accreditation from Pedro Fernández García, Director of AENOR Peru.

Receiving the UNE-EN 15838 accreditation for Transcom Lima

In his words, Pedro Fernandez stated that “Customer care is a key element in business, affecting the perceived product or service quality as well as corporate reputation, so it must be managed effectively and efficiently. This can only be done through comprehensive quality management systems, like the ones  Transcom uses.”

We are proud to receive this certification, which confirms our commitment to providing quality service to our customers globally. Our Lima site is the third Transcom center to receive this certification, after our centers in Pozuelo and León, in Spain.

Author: Cristina Martinez

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Lean Customer Experience Journey

“Lean” thinking has many practical applications for reaching a goal, also in our industry. Today, I would like to talk about how a “Lean Customer Experience Journey” can be used to create a great customer experience with a positive impact on brand loyalty and a competitive advantage for any organization.

Thanks to the huge amount of data managed in our contact centers, we are able to generate insights that help us better understand customer needs. This is without a doubt the key to making well-founded decisions when defining business strategy.

The Customer Experience Journey Mapping approach that we offer our clients – with a Lean approach to analysis, diagnosis and solution development – encompasses all Lean core principles and 7 wastes.

Lean Customer Experience Journey

Photo by: © takasu –

There are countless success stories on applying Lean principles in different fields. In the contact center industry, the key is to focus only on such activities that contribute to the creation of a great customer experience. We should try to eliminate anything that consumes time, resources, space and money while bringing no value to the customer. These are some of the principles that should be applied when designing the Customer Experience Journey Map:

  • Aim to have zero defects/errors
  • Avoid “over-processing” simplifying interactions as much as possible
  • Maintain service flexibility to be able to adapt quickly to customer requirements
  • Minimize “work-in-progress”, avoid interruption
Author: Marcos Tercero

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Transcom invited to participate in AENOR’s event in Lima

Transcom was invited to participate in the presentation event of the standard UNE-EN 15838, organized by AENOR in Lima, Peru, in order to promote the cited standard of quality, specific for contact centers.

The standard UNE EN 15838 Customer Contact Center – Requirements for the provision of the service, is the adaptation of M/378 of the European Union mandate, which emerged with the aim to provide criteria regarding the quality of the service delivered to customers by contact centers. It is a voluntary standard, which specifies the requirements for contact centers to qualify for UNE EN 15838.

Both Alejandro Menjura, as Transcom’s Regional Director for Latin America and myself, as responsible for Performance and Quality of Transcom Iberia and Latam, were invited to participate and share our experience, focusing our presentation on the process of certification of our site in Lima.Transcom participating in AENOR's event

To do this we discussed the trajectory of Transcom with the UNE-EN 15838: the first organization in Spain to be certified, the first organization to have two sites in Spain qualify for certification, and the first organization to develop a certification project in Latin America.

Moreover, we also explained how the standard has helped us strengthen the management foundations of our Lima center:

  • The diversity of customers (offshore and local) makes the standardization relevant in the context of ensuring high quality even in moments of rapid growth of the center.
  • Strengthens Transcom’s capability as a global provider: harmonized service platforms, yet regionally differentiated.
  • Provides local, near shore and offshore services with high-quality standards.
  • Introduction of the standard UNE-EN 15838 in Latin America. Transcom, in conjunction with AENOR and other organizations of the contact center sector, is a member of the standard-setting committees of ISO

Finally, the session ended with an introduction to the certification process, and the key challenges that the contact centers have to face to adapt their processes to the requirements of the standard.

Author: Przemyslaw Wlodarczyk

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Transcom Poland delivers top-level customer service to mobile operator

In the difficult battle for market leadership big companies, global corporations and well-known corporate brands more and more often recognise that customer satisfaction is the base for the very existence of their enterprises. Without focusing on the individual needs of each client, they will not achieve a sustainable and competitive market position.

For Transcom Worldwide, increasing the level of customer satisfaction of our business partners’ clients is our top priority. Since 2007, we are responsible for providing customer care for the fastest growing mobile operator in Poland, with over 10 million users. Our main objective was to establish “Best Customer Service” as a trademark for this company.

After 6 years of cooperation, we can proudly say that we have been able not only to beat that challenge but also to provide customer support at the best possible level. In 2012, our client received the second straight Gold Standard award in the category of “Mobile Telephone Operators” for an above-average customer satisfaction level, tested through a professional and independent market survey. Furthermore, for the fifth time in a row, it has been placed among the TOP 100 Most Friendly Companies in Poland. This award was presented by the consumer community of the Service Quality Program survey panel, which has been monitoring the customer satisfaction levels in Poland since 2008.

Customer Operation Director of the company said:

“Thanks to Transcom, we are able to provide our customers with top-level service quality, and now we can plan our costs in a more flexible manner. In this way, we have gained another competitive advantage over our rivals. We handle our work with passion. We are convinced that Transcom’s agents treat their jobs in the same way. We are glad to have the opportunity to work together.”

To summarise, at Transcom Poland we are capable of providing excellent customer experience to our clients at the highest possible level. I am sure that in the future, this mobile operator will continue to receive awards for their exceptional customer service.



Consolidation of the partnership with an innovative broadband provider: the new contract crowns a success story

Transcom Italy began working with this client in 2010, managing customer care and retention activities from the Bari site. As time passed, good results and client relations gradually drove business growth. In 2011 we were also assigned the provisioning service, which began the diversification process.

In the three years since the project was launched, as a result of high-quality performance and organizational stability, the number of sites managing services for this client has risen to four, representing a significant increase in volume, but most importantly a substantial strategic change in how the service is managed, which has further consolidated the partnership.

SALES partnership image

In light of our extensive knowledge about customer care processes, the client and the market, Transcom was chosen as strategic partner to tackle the challenge of providing complete end-to-end coverage of the services offered to our client’s customers, taking a proactive role in all stages of the Customer Experience Management project, also promoting remunerated activities and generating Customer Efficiency.

Behind the consolidation of our agreement with this important broadband provider lies a team of skilled and motivated people who work with a high level of commitment and enthusiasm at every site to achieve the excellent results expected by our Client. This too is Customer Experience!