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Author: Enrico Vivio

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The Italian National Institute of Statistics assigns its customer care services to Transcom

The Italian National Institute of Statistics is a public research organization that produces and communicates high-quality statistical information, analytical studies and forecasts for the community. It has a mission to develop in-depth knowledge of Italy’s environmental, economic and social dimensions at various levels of geographical detail and to assist all members of society (citizens, administrators, etc.) in their decision-making processes. The Institute is a member of the European Statistical System and works with other organizations within the international statistical system.

In 2015, Transcom was invited to submit a tender for a contract for customer care services offered to companies registered with the Institute’s business portal, who are asked from time to time to complete various surveys.

Transcom Italy has extensive experience in the Public Administration sector: for a number of years now, it has led the Temporary Association of Companies that provides services for citizens and businesses on behalf of one of Europe’s largest and most complex pension providers. This specialization has enabled Transcom and its partners to propose innovative technical and organizational solutions at a competitive price.

The inbound and outbound service for the Italian National Institute of Statistics initiated in January 2016 and involves the provision of assistance services in Italian and German over telephone, email and chat channels.

Transcom Italy wins award for “Best contact center outsourcing partner in 2014”

The prestigious award was awarded on February 12 by a panel of experts appointed by the CMMC Club, an Italian association that brings together companies and professionals working in the customer experience management industry. The award, which can be thought of an Oscar in the contact center sector, is assigned by a panel of experts who choose the winners based on a ranking using specific parameters. This year’s award had a special focus on “innovation” and, naturally, on satisfying the needs of all the players involved, and customers and users of the service in particular.

The jury’s justification for awarding the prize to Transcom Italy mentions several winning aspects, including the outstanding innovation applied to one of Europe’s most complex and complete citizens care systems that handled over 22 million contacts in 2014  (read more about this client case here).

This contact center provides the public and businesses with pension, social assistance, healthcare, welfare and tax collection services on a multilingual basis. Staff efficiency benefits from the intensive use of knowledge management tools while our multichannel platform ensures increased service accessibility. Other significant winning factors include the standardization of the information and services delivered in multichannel mode and the traceability of interactions. Also taken into consideration was the number of job opportunities Transcom has generated in the Italian labor market.

As for the private sector, a special mention was made of Transcom’s operating model, developed at the contact center, which for the last five years has been used to manage the customers of a global online payments sector leader. The Italian team is recording exceptional customer satisfaction results through a model that empowers the frontline with this responsibility, while giving management a supporting role to play in facilitating the resolution of critical problems and improving the service offered.

I am very proud of this award and thank the entire management team and all the employees and collaborators of Transcom Italy who have worked to gain the company recognition as a market leader. Our strategic objective is now to replicate this “Made in Italy” model across the continent, to be able to offer highly innovative services to everyone living in Europe.

From the left side: Andreas Biondi (Italian Private Market Director), Emanuele Vitale (“LeonarDo Research & Innovation” Project Manager), Roberto Boggio (General Manager Central & South Europe) and Enrico Vivio (Italian Public Market Director).

From the left side: Andreas Biondi (Italian Private Market Director), Emanuele Vitale (“LeonarDo Research & Innovation” Project Manager), Roberto Boggio (General Manager Central & South Europe) and Enrico Vivio (Italian Public Market Director).



Author: Stefano Nanni

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2,000 Transcom agents deliver online support to Italy´s main social security and welfare institute

Our client is one of Europe’s leading social security organisation, providing services to almost all Italian citizens. In June 2013, the institute renewed its contract with Transcom Italy to provide contact center services to citizens and companies about social security and welfare issues. It has a balance sheet that is second only to the Italian state in terms of size, and the vast majority of public and private sector employees and self-employed people in Italy are registered with the institute.

Transcom began delivering the service about three years ago, with a team made up of a few hundred agents who mainly provided information services. After several months, the volume of calls began to grow and hundreds of new agents were trained. When our client started to offer online services, other channels were introduced and work got underway on the gradual implementation of a highly structured quality plan.

Today more than 2,000 agents, working in 14 operating sites in 8 cities, are involved in the Institute’s contact center services. 90% of these services are online and the contact center has now become a multimedia provider, delivering assistance through many different integrated channels (phone, fax, mail, web, chat, Skype), based on a quality monitoring program that covers all aspects of the service.

Since September 2010, more than 56,000,000 contacts have been handled. Current average monthly volume stands at about 1,900,000 contacts, with daily peaks of 175,000 contacts.

Today, Transcom delivers online support about social security and welfare issues to all Italian citizens, who have all needed the help of an agent at least once, particularly in this period in which unemployment, social assistance and government benefits are a key concern for everyone in Italy.

We are really proud to play a key role in these fundamental issues and to deliver the best possible experience to the entire Italian population.