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Author: Joanna Osinska

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Transcom Poland teaches students in cooking and customer service

For over two years Transcom Poland has been cooperation with local universities and secondary schools to influence young people’s education. By taking part in educational programs we share our knowledge and experience, and try to combine theory with practice in high schools.

Recently our team in Gdańsk decided to open the doors to all young people by inviting them to workshops at the Transcom office! This was the beginning of Transcom’s Academy in Poland.

The idea with Transcom Academy is to share our knowledge and expertise with students. By inviting them to visit our offices we want to show them who we are,  what we do and how friendly atmosphere we create together with our teams. The topics for the workshops will vary from serious matters like customer service tips to less formal activities like cooking.


The topic for the first workshop was “Cheap cooking for students”. We mostly hire students and we know how hard it is to survive in a strange city, away from home, paying for the flat and studying. That’s why we presented cheap receipts and all participants that cooked with us where invited to enjoy the food.

During the workshop our guests had the opportunity to submit their CVs and take part in the recruiting process. We had a lot of fun together!

cooking3  cooking2


Transcom Poland to become a new multi-language hub

In the last few years, Poland has become a promised land for many companies whose core business is based on knowledge and business processing operations. For those who have at least basic information on the country, this has come as no real surprise. Not only does Poland lie in the heart of Europe, close to key markets such as Germany and France, but it also offers access to highly educated and skilful employees. With its booming economy and policy of supporting foreign investors, Poland can proudly say that it is among the world’s most promising markets for the outsourcing industry.


With operations in Poland (Gdańsk and Olsztyn) for a decade now, Transcom Polska is more than happy to take an active part in this expansion. Through the years, we have grown by providing top-class customer care management, serving clients in the telecommunication, financial services, automotive and retail industries.


Our goal is to keep on growing by developing our multi-language skills. We believe that there is no better place than Gdańsk to do this. Being one of the most dynamic and open cities in Poland, it attracts businesses, professionals and students from around the world. Each year, over 27,000 students receive a bachelor’s degree, 90% of whom speak English, 40% German, about 14% Russian, nearly 10% French, over 6% Spanish and some 3% speak Italian. Moreover, almost two-thirds of all Nordic language graduates originate from the Gdańsk region, thus adding also Scandinavian linguistic skills to our portfolio.

The percentage of students who declare knowledge of English, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian Source: Study of Human Capital in Poland (2010)

The percentage of students who declare knowledge of English, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian
Source: Study of Human Capital in Poland (2010)

To take advantage of these possibilities, we closely cooperate with the local university, ranked among the best in Poland. This allows us to dynamically develop our language skills and secure top-class performance for clients requiring bilingual servicing by English-German and English-French speaking consultants. All of them are proven and certified proficient speakers with the ability to efficiently perform Inbound, Outbound and Back office activities.