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Author: Bob Milne

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Transcom celebrates agent success in San Antonio

Over the past two months the Transcom team in San Antonio, Texas has had the great pleasure of taking part in celebrating agent success.

For a site that’s been open since 2009, and which experienced significant client transitions during the first two years, we are incredibly fortunate to have so many tenured individuals with the organization. Of the approximately 400 agents within the site, four individuals have been with Transcom for more than four years; ten have been with the team for three full years; and another 40 more will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary with Transcom in 2014.

The entire site celebrated in style, with cake and balloons, while the agents who celebrated anniversary dates in May were awarded certificates recognizing their achievement.

June Anniversary

In San Antonio, as in any contact center, the value of tenured agents is seen in their impact on site morale, individual and team performance, as well as reduced training cost for Transcom.

At the end of the day, Michael Moxley (Director of Client Services) points out:

”Happy employees deliver happy customers, who deliver happy clients.”

Author: Trixie Calimon

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Transcom celebrates the 116th Philippine Independence Day with high spirits and a huge cake

For many Filipinos, the 12th of June is the most important and fantastic day in our history. This day always reminds us about the sacrifices our ancestors made in order for us to live this day as free and independent citizens.

Philippine Indepencen Day_logo

At Transcom’s four contact centers in the Philippines, it’s a yearly tradition to celebrate the Independence Day with a big cake, shaped like the Philippine flag.

This year, the offices were decorated with balloons and flags and the buildings were lit up and people talked excitingly about the cakes already when they arrived in the morning.

All employees were in a cheerful mood and eager to participate as we all gathered to witness the celebration ceremony and sing the national anthem together.

“There was a great enthusiasm among us. All were in their high spirits and we all stood in respect”

Gilgin Fransisco, Teamleader, Transcom Iloilo

The singing was then finally followed by the slicing of the cake which was distributed to everyone.

Collage_Philippine Indepencen Day


Author: Walter Spadoni

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Transcom’s second Hungarian site was inaugurated on July 4 in Szeged

Transcom recently opened its second operating site in Hungary, in downtown Szeged. The Grand Opening ceremony took place on the 4th of July in the presence of representatives from Transcom’s Central & South Europe management, hosting the event together with the entire Hungarian staff team. Our client – the Hungarian operations of a mobile telecom operator – also joined the ceremony with a large delegation. They will be the first client to benefit from services delivered out of our new Szeged site.

“Excellent customer experience is a strategic priority for us” – explained our client’s Chief Marketing Officer at the opening ceremony. “As Transcom is an expert in this field and an established partner of our Group, I am confident that they can help us to provide the best-ever customer experience in Hungary.”

“I am thankful to our Partner for renewing their trust while giving us the opportunity to grow in Hungary”, commented Roberto Boggio, General Manager for the Central and South Europe region at Transcom. “Beyond the opening of a brand new contact center, what we are celebrating today is our strategic partnership that is based on mutual value creation. Thanks to the expertise Transcom has developed in the telecommunications industry over the years, we are ready to successfully address this market leader’s top priorities with programs specifically designed to drive their growth and build customer loyalty.”



Transcom szeged people 2 Transcom Szeged people

Local and national authorities also attended the Grand Opening event, together with 17 press representatives and local TV networks. The mayor of Szeged, Dr. László Botka, also took part in the ceremony and commented on the opening with great appreciation: “I am extremely pleased that our city has been chosen by these fast-growing multinational companies for their business partnership. Our administration will ensure that they get full assistance and support in their growth and development in our city. Szeged is the third largest city of Hungary in terms of population. With its renowned university and over 25,000 students, it offers a huge basin of highly educated resources and skilled professionals to draw on”.


Transcom started the recruiting phase in Szeged in early March and has already hired about 120 agents, staff members and supervising specialists who have all completed a six-week period of intense training in order to meet Transcom’s global quality standards and get acquainted with our client’s customer service procedures and applications.

According to tradition, the Grand Opening ended with champagne and a fantastic cake for everybody.



champaige RGM and BM

Transcom Isla Sicilia celebrates its sixth anniversary

On February the 7th, our Transcom Isla Sicilia center celebrated its sixth anniversary.

During that specific day, in my role as a Product Specialist, I was engaged in a training workshop with twenty candidates. At the same time, the rest of the team was beginning to taste our celebration cake.

I started the training session by giving an introduction about my internal career at Transcom and my experiences as a manager. How I started working as a CSR with inbound service ten years ago and how I today have advanced to be an experienced teacher for future agents. In my case, it has been ten years of personal and professional development.

Isla Sicilia 6th Anniversary

I used Transcom’s core values Passion, Excellence and Innovation to explain the sometimes demanding nature of the job and the high degree of commitment it requires in order to be successful:

Passion: I am sure they noticed my enthusiasm after ten years!

Excellence: I said that in Transcom we have set quality as our main objective and that we continuously work on improving processes in order to reach our goal of creating outstanding customer experiences.

Innovation:  They definitely got a taste of our innovative streak when Augustin Romero (our CCM) and Eduardo Bayon (Account Manager), interrupted the workshop to share a portion of cake with us, sharing memories of this site’s first years, and how we planned its future!

Isla Sicilia 6th Anniversary

I want to give my most sincere recognition to the whole Transcom Isla Sicilia team. And regarding the forthcoming challenges, I expect us to face them by using our passionate, excellent and innovative spirit. As Heraclitus once said:

“There is nothing permanent except change.”

I hope that the future agents I trained during our anniversary will someday be able to look back on their experience, and find it to be as rewarding as I’ve found mine to be.

Author: Peter Paul Perez

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Knowledge Management in the Customer Care Management Industry

One service that is fast gaining a foothold in the customer care management Industry is Knowledge Management (KM). A recent study shows that 70.1% of companies are institutionalizing KM in one way or another into their core business processes. So just what is Knowledge Management? It is defined as the process of capturing, enhancing, and re-using the knowledge and expertise gained from creating, using, and supporting a product. From the definition, we can assume two things:

  1. Data becomes information and information becomes knowledge;
  2. KM therefore leads to effective knowledge transfer across organization and its customers.

The technical part of KM comes into play when choosing the most effective way of processing acquired data and delivering these “processed” data both internally and externally. The media that can be used in delivering the knowledge can be determined by understanding what your core business is and who your customers are.  Having an in-depth understanding of these two factors are key to a successful Knowledge Management implementation.


How is Knowledge Management delivered?

In a contact center, knowledge is delivered to both customers and agents by means of varying tools and technologies. These can be self-help tools for customers and knowledge base websites for agents. The objective of the former is to deflect calls by giving customers a means to resolve their own product issues. The most common example is “How To articles” – a step by step guide about known product issues. Given that the main objective is to enhance the customer experience, agents can also be equipped with tools that will help them give effective support to customers. These tools can be in the form of a collaborative knowledge base that houses various support tools like simulators, product pages, and process wizards. You may also opt to arm the knowledge base with tools like chat and discussion boards. An ideal Knowledge base should have the capability to directly accept and process content contributions from customers and agents. Furthermore, it should have robust and powerful search function capabilities.

In general practice, knowledge base contents and tools are being developed by dedicated KM personnel. The KM team is usually comprised of Product Experts, Technical Writers, and Test Engineers. In order to determine what types of content to develop, most KM practitioners in the industry analyze feedback and surveys from customers and agents.  Call logs are also used to identify and prioritize content and tools development.

Screenshoot KB system Homepage

What are the benefits of Knowledge Management?

The benefits of KM may vary depending on the nature of the business. In our industry, the most common metrics that are being considered are increasing customer satisfaction, lowering support cost and improving agent efficiency and productivity. To further detail the benefits, a recent survey shows that increasing customer satisfaction ranks as the number one reason why most companies are implementing KM in their businesses –an increase in customer satisfaction means an increase in customer loyalty and retentionThis in turn will result in increased revenue and profit.

We talked about call deflection earlier in this article – that is where the KM benefit of reducing support cost comes in. A great portion of savings can be accounted for in the deflection of incoming calls by customers. This is achieved by providing customers with effective self-help tools so customers can find their way into resolving their own product issues. Thus, companies can save up on support costs associated with the call. In addition, saving customers the hassle of having to switch channels because they could not resolve the issue on the first try lowers customer effort. This has been shown to be a very important factor in enhancing customer loyalty.

Another benefit of having a KM program is that it greatly improves agent efficiency and increases agent productivity. The fact is that agents who are better equipped with support tools have lower handling time in resolving customer issues and have a higher first call resolution rate.




A Technical Support Company’s success lies primarily on its knowledge to effectively service its customers. It is in this context that KM comes into play. KM facilitates effective gathering, processing and dissemination of knowledge throughout the organization, benefiting customers and partners.

There is no doubt that KM is becoming an integral part of contact centre operations. More and more companies in this industry are raking in positive results from their KM initiatives. Though it is true that KM implementation does not happen overnight, the benefits associated with a successful KM execution are overwhelming.