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Author: Matteo Ferrari

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A world leader in the logistics sector entrusts its customer service to Transcom

In 2017, Transcom embarked upon an important partnership with one of the largest businesses in the postal and logistics sector, present in 220 countries across the globe and with a workforce exceeding 350,000 employees.

For this Client, Transcom currently manages customer service for the German market. The services are provided from the Belgrade facility, one of our multilingual hubs able to offer agents with near-native language proficiency.

Transcom was selected after successfully managing a test project for six months: it was the prime-quality language skills, together with the excellent level of the services provided, that persuaded the Company to sign the contract. The agreement currently covers the management of the voice channel for the German market, but the Client is examining further proposals to extend the service to other European markets (making full use of the multi-lingual skills the Belgrade contact centre is able to offer) and to cover non-voice channels (email, chat, etc.). During these first few months of the agreement, the Client has already had the opportunity to verify that Transcom’s rightshoring proposal is able to guarantee a winning price-quality ratio, in which the quality of the domestic market is offered at the competitive price made possible by a nearshore contact centre.


For the same Client, we are currently providing – from the multilingual centre in Gdansk (Poland) – another highly innovative service aimed at the German market: Video Identity Verification. July 1st saw the entry into force in Germany of an anti-terrorism law that requires consumers to prove their identity in order to purchase a number of products, such as telephone cards. Consumers may do so in person, in the points of sale, or digitally, via computer or app, through a Video Chat platform belonging to our Client. Our specialized agents in the Gdansk contact centre take a photo of the consumer, with the aid of a webcam, and use the video identification procedure to securely verify their documents and identity.

Although newly born, the partnership with this important Client appears more than likely to evolve into a lasting relationship thanks also to another distinguishing factor: Transcom is able to boast lengthy experience in the logistics industry, with important international brands in a variety of countries among its most faithful clients. This expertise gives us access to the best practices developed and consolidated in our contact centres all over the world, allowing us to suggest continuous improvements for each client and at every stage of customer care in the sector.

Author: Stefan Pettersson

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A growing outsourcing sector in Tunisia

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Swedish-Tunisian Business Forum in Stockholm, organized during President Béji Caïd Essebsi’s three-day State Visit to Sweden.

A number of interesting topics were covered, not least Tunisia’s plans for development in different sectors. Transcom’s industry was also discussed at length during one of the panel discussions, led by Mr Raouf Mhenni from Smart Tunisia. Mr Mhenni focused on Tunisia’s plans to further strengthen its position in the offshoring and nearshoring space, with the objective of creating 50,000 jobs in the next five years.

Mr Raouf Mhenni, President of Smart Tunisia

Mr Raouf Mhenni, President of Smart Tunisia

During the presentation, Transcom was mentioned as one of the companies that have already invested in Tunisia. In fact, Transcom has been present in the country for over ten years and currently employs over 1,000 people in Tunisia. From two different sites in Tunis, we deliver customer care services on behalf of more than ten clients, mainly for French- and Italian-language markets (Italy, France, Canada, Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland).

Transcom has grown its business in Tunisia gradually over the last ten years, and we expect to continue expanding, also in new markets. For example, our Tunisian operation recently started to deliver services in English and Arabic to customers in 32 different countries across the Middle East, North Africa and the sub-Saharan region.