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Author: Walter Spadoni

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A win-win-win story with positive effects for our client and everyone at Transcom

One of Transcom’s global clients is a major household appliance brand. Since 2006, we have been offering our CRM services to the customers of this multinational company in various languages. In the last few years, we have further expanded our services and new languages have been added to meet our client’s business needs. Today we are delivering customer care services and technical assistance for this company in almost all European markets, and we are still looking at future expansion opportunities. This long-term relationship is now evolving into an even stronger partnership and – thanks to its global reach – there will be important benefits for everyone working in our organization.

Transcom recently closed a special agreement with this client, offering Transcom employees some very special discounts and promotions on their product range. This agreement will be valid in almost all countries where we both operate.

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The promotion, which has already been successfully launched at our site in Portugal, will be rapidly implemented throughout most of Transcom’s sites, starting with Poland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. Our other sites worldwide will also be involved in the coming months.

This is a great opportunity to tighten our global partnership with a very important client while producing a very positive side-effect for both our companies: new sales for our client and great benefits for Transcom employees. An excellent example of win-win-win story that make us truly proud to be a global company, capable to think and act locally, but globally connected.

Author: Marek Szul

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Transcom Poland awarded at the Outsourcing Stars Gala

Within the last decade, outsourcing has become one of the largest sectors in Poland. There are more than 400 BPO (business process outsourcing) centres in the country, which employ approximately 110,000 agents.  The estimated yearly employment growth for the BPO industry in Poland is 20%.  This rapid development encourages various international companies to establish their outsourcing centres in our country.

On the 16th of January 2014, the best and the fastest-developing outsourcing companies were rewarded at the Outsourcing Stars Gala that was held in Warsaw. During the gala Transcom Worldwide Poland received an award in the category Call and Contact Center – the biggest % growth of permanent employment 2013 vs. 2012.

Receiving this award was a further evidence of our commitment to the professional development of our employees. Thanks to the numerous training courses we offer, they can gain new competences, quickly becoming highly qualified agents. The carrier path is based on well-established procedures and allows beginner consultants to be promoted to experts or even higher positions within the company. Furthermore, employees can take advantage of Transcom’s generous work benefits programs.


Transcom Worldwide Poland awarded at the Outsourcing Stars Gala, source: ProProgressio

Transcom Worldwide Poland awarded at the Outsourcing Stars Gala, source: ProProgressio

At the moment, we are also increasing employment which is related to the innovative project of transforming Transcom’s offices in Poland into a new “multilingual hub”. Read more about this project in one of my previous posts: Transcom Poland to become a new multi-language hub

Our objective is to create a centre, which will provide services for customers from various countries, in their own languages.

Transcom Worldwide Poland Award

Transcom Worldwide Poland Award

Transcom Poland to become a new multi-language hub

In the last few years, Poland has become a promised land for many companies whose core business is based on knowledge and business processing operations. For those who have at least basic information on the country, this has come as no real surprise. Not only does Poland lie in the heart of Europe, close to key markets such as Germany and France, but it also offers access to highly educated and skilful employees. With its booming economy and policy of supporting foreign investors, Poland can proudly say that it is among the world’s most promising markets for the outsourcing industry.


With operations in Poland (Gdańsk and Olsztyn) for a decade now, Transcom Polska is more than happy to take an active part in this expansion. Through the years, we have grown by providing top-class customer care management, serving clients in the telecommunication, financial services, automotive and retail industries.


Our goal is to keep on growing by developing our multi-language skills. We believe that there is no better place than Gdańsk to do this. Being one of the most dynamic and open cities in Poland, it attracts businesses, professionals and students from around the world. Each year, over 27,000 students receive a bachelor’s degree, 90% of whom speak English, 40% German, about 14% Russian, nearly 10% French, over 6% Spanish and some 3% speak Italian. Moreover, almost two-thirds of all Nordic language graduates originate from the Gdańsk region, thus adding also Scandinavian linguistic skills to our portfolio.

The percentage of students who declare knowledge of English, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian Source: Study of Human Capital in Poland (2010)

The percentage of students who declare knowledge of English, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian
Source: Study of Human Capital in Poland (2010)

To take advantage of these possibilities, we closely cooperate with the local university, ranked among the best in Poland. This allows us to dynamically develop our language skills and secure top-class performance for clients requiring bilingual servicing by English-German and English-French speaking consultants. All of them are proven and certified proficient speakers with the ability to efficiently perform Inbound, Outbound and Back office activities.

Around the globe

Working for an international organization is a great privilege. When I joined Transcom in 2010, I was quickly made aware of the scale and worldwide nature of my new employer. Soon I understood why it’s so important to be comfortable communicating in English, if you want to work here at Transcom. Not only do we have support departments localized all over the globe; sharing knowledge goes beyond national levels. I myself learned a lot when I visited my colleagues in Fredrikstad, Norway, about a year ago. They worked for the same client, with the same contract, had the same focus on customer experience, but our approaches to similar challenges varied. We got back to the Netherlands loaded with ideas. My Norwegian colleague and I have contacted one another on a regular basis ever since and last May she and her colleagues visited us in Groningen, gaining an insight into our methods.

It is a huge benefit to know that, whenever you encounter a situation in which you’re not sure what to do, there are colleagues in other countries ready to help and share best practices. In the last one and a half years I have said ‘Thank you’ to colleagues from many countries and regions, and was thanked myself as well on several occasions. In an organization like Transcom, there is expertise on every subject and it’s more or less in our DNA to go out and get it.

Right now, I am personally benefiting from Transcom’s international nature, as I am in the middle of a transfer from the Netherlands to Sweden. At the beginning of the summer, my wife got a great job offer, so we decided to move to the south of that beautiful country. I was happy to find out that there was actually a job opening at Transcom for my very position near our new home town. I applied and in a few weeks’ time I was hired.

Last week, I met my new colleagues and I am looking forward to joining the team officially. They’re a great bunch, enthusiastic and qualified, they’re fluent in English (I still have some work to do on my Swedish) and they have a great sense of humor. Meanwhile, I am welcoming my successor and making sure he will have no trouble at all taking over my responsibilities. And of course, I will still be at Transcom, so if he needs my advice, I am just one phone call or email away.

This also makes saying goodbye to my Dutch colleagues a bit easier. We’ll talk and, with a bit of luck, meet again.

Author: Natan Cereijido

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Transcom Multinational Day in Budapest

Recently, the Transcom Multinational event took place in Budapest.

The event, organized by the Social Team, gave each country the opportunity to show interesting information about their own culture.

The exhibition spaces were prepared on a voluntary basis by Transcom employees coming from different locations around the world and they
included, among other elements, informative posters, traditional dress, typical local items and lots of pictures.

But that was not all. The room where the event took place also had plenty of traditional food, kindly cooked and prepared by the
colleagues, to share with each other.

Furthermore, the event counted as well on typical music and fun games created by the team in which you had to complete a series of questions based on the information contained in the room.

To conclude the event, a group of colleagues from Hungary, Spain, Uruguay and Cuba played several traditional songs.

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To sum up, it was a great day shared with all our colleagues, who showed their team spirit and generosity.

The event reflects the spirit of Transcom’s office in Budapest, where 34 different nationalities are represented. This gives Transcom a unique ability to provide services from an attractive location to multinational companies in many different countries, using native speakers.

Thank you very much to the Social Team for having organized a great event that gives us the possibility to get to know each other and to show a bit of our own culture.

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