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Author: Cheryll Aganda

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Transcom’s value proposition

At Transcom, we take pride in our ability to deliver outstanding customer experience. Our work to continuously develop and refine our Value Proposition builds on three major elements that best describe our organizational capabilities:

1. Customer Experience Management
2. Digitalization & Multi-Channel
3. World Class Contact Center

Our Customer Experience Management efforts are heavily focused on our ability to make our partners’ and our partners’ customers’ journeys not only enjoyable but, more importantly, effortless. Within this area, Transcom delivers a number of services that are geared towards the fulfillment and delivery of an outstanding experience. All aspects of our offering are related to our ability to answer the questions: “How can we assist you at key customer touch points? And how can we make your journey to resolution as effortless as possible?”

In the Digitalization and Multi-Channel area, we offer our clients insights and recommendations on how to transform and adapt their customer care operations to the rapid growth in digital customer interactions. Together with our clients, we devise multi-channel solutions that support a seamless customer journey. We continue to increase our delivery of services via digital channels, with non-voice interactions accounting for approximately 30% of revenue in 2016.

Within the World Class Contact Center element, our work is focused on moving Transcom to the next level of service, evolving from being an outsourcing partner to becoming a true transformation partner. Our industry is changing rapidly, with live contacts becoming more and more complex. The ability to add value and offer customers proactive advice will increase in importance, and many companies will put more emphasis on upselling and cross-selling. This is putting pressure on current business models, e.g. in terms of recruitment, staff engagement, and price models. A World Class Contact Center needs to create an environment that brings together solutions, process changes and technology with people. This is why many of our initiatives in this area are  focused on people engagement, process maturity, and technology.

Value proposition

We truly believe that these three pillars all work together in adding value to our service offerings, in further enhancing our ability to deliver outstanding performance, and in building stronger relationships with our partners.

Author: Matteo Ferrari

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Transcom affirms leadership in customer care for the white goods sector

New European multilingual project launched in Belgrade

Transcom affirms its leading position as a provider of excellent customer care services for the white goods sector, which contribute to our clients’ growth and competitiveness. Last October, one of the world’s top manufacturers of household appliances, with operations in over 100 countries worldwide, commissioned Transcom to implement the brand’s European Contact Center, providing assistance to customers in 15 countries. The agreement covers multichannel management of inbound and outbound contacts and back office activities in 20 languages.

SALES Candy in Belgrade 01

Given the variety and complexity of the language skills required, Transcom decided to deliver the service out of the company’s multi-language hub in Belgrade, Serbia, which was set up a few years ago and has a team of highly qualified staff. For some time now, Transcom has been successfully managing several multi-lingual projects in Belgrade for leading international clients in various sectors.

Transcom was selected primarily for its long-standing experience in the household appliance sector and particularly for its expertise in call avoidance processes that reduce the cost of on-site technical assistance. Transcom has become a highly specialized partner to companies in this important sector.

The time spent on training for the new project in Belgrade was optimized by taking advantage of the experience gained by staff working at other Transcom sites on similar projects in the same sector. The personnel involved shared their best practices with the Serbian site to ensure that the start-up process was quick and efficient.

The team of white goods specialists selected for this new project also work in a special area at Transcom’s Serbia site, which includes a sort of ‘showroom’ containing the appliances for which they provide customer care. With this showroom located next to the workstations, our personnel can touch and see firsthand the products for which they are providing technical and commercial assistance, guaranteeing that the customer experience is of the very highest level.

SALES Candy in Belgrade 02

Another value of the service offered by Transcom is the generation of additional business for the client. During each contact, customer care staff present the case for users to purchase warranty extensions on their products, generating sales and profit for our client.

The world’s leading eyewear brand chooses Transcom to set its sights on the future

At the end of a tender process that involved the world’s top players in the contact center industry, the company that represents Italian global excellence in the eyewear sector has chosen Transcom to manage its customer service for online clients of all nationalities. Transcom successfully offered the best response to the Client’s requirements and proposed the technology best suited to the task.

Transcom didn’t stop at offering the classic contact center service, but proposed a fully integrated and highly innovative multi-channel, multi-language solution to satisfy the needs of the global eyewear manufacturer. Calls, chat, email and, most importantly, social network channel management will be used to support customers of the group’s best-known brand and one of the most famous names in eyewear worldwide, which has now decided to enter the online market in Europe by developing a product configuration and e-commerce website.

Occhiali Luxottica

Transcom beat the competition in this technology challenge because our people make the difference and can transform a simple slogan into real added value for clients in the form of a Customer Experience that begins with the very first approach. This highly innovative service will be provided from one of Europe’s most promising geographical regions, Poland, and more precisely Gdansk, an area that is attracting more and more business because it offers high quality multi-language services at competitive prices.

Customer service will be available straightaway in English, French, German, Italian, Chinese and Turkish, with Spanish and Portuguese to be added shortly.

Transcom will combine Polish operating excellence with advanced technology that also manages social networks and will pioneer the innovative services the market is increasingly demanding. Project technology development and governance activities will be performed in Italy, with a view to achieving perfect harmony and synergy between Transcom sites in Central and Southern Europe.

I am personally grateful to our Team, who has achieved this major commercial success by focusing on innovation and on the quality of the services provided by our sites in order to establish an international partnership with one of the world’s leading eyewear brands. The market is responding in a very positive way to the innovative solutions proposed by Transcom. We are continuing to invest in the development of new tools, solutions and processes that enhance the value of all the technologies available today, in order to offer our clients the highest possible level of customer experience.

Author: Agustín Romero

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Diversity of cultures and languages enables us to deliver the best service to our clients’ customers

We employ over 650 people at our Madrid center, serving a major player in the Spanish financial sector with a strong international presence. For this client, Transcom manages customer care using traditional communication channels (phone, mail, fax…), but we also handle an increasing demand for Internet Banking services and chat, as well as the newest and booming channel: contacts via various social networks.

Every month, Transcom manages several hundreds of thousands of customer contacts in these different channels.

Because of our client’s significant global presence, Transcom has established a sizeable multilingual team over the past few years in order to communicate with and serve customers in different languages, including co-official Spanish languages such as Galician, Basque and Catalan. We also have the capability to serve international customers in various other languages.

International team at Transcom

For example, we have a large group of employees who are fluent in the most widely used languages, such as English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. Many of them are native speakers, which gives our center a nice blend of nationalities and cultures, further enriched by our large team of Latin American agents.

Author: Isabel Sánchez-Lozano

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Why our clients outsource

Several independent consultants, such as Gartner and KPMG, have recently highlighted the value of outsourcing business services. In our market, the secret of success is to ensure that every possible customer interaction is addressed to strengthen the relationship with the brand and generate purchase decisions. At Transcom, we have a team of experts that support companies in various industry sectors, taking into account the product, the service, and the customer experience.

In a business environment as competitive as the one we are facing today, Transcom’s contribution as an outsourcing partner becomes more valuable than ever. Our clients choose to partner with us for many different reasons, but the following four seem to be the most important:

In order to address a constrained market situation, many companies are forced to reduce costs, and this is identified as one of the major benefits achieved by using outsourcing services. A recent study carried out by two consulting firms, KPMG and HfS Research, indicates that 87% of the respondents who use outsourcing services, do so expecting to reduce their operational costs. Through a more rational and efficient allocation of resources, the savings can be very significant. For instance, outsourcing customer care operations implies a shift from fixed to variable costs, while also sharing risks and opportunities with the outsourcing partner.

In every company, efficient management of time and resources translates into higher profits. The use of outsourcing not only ensures better control of performance, but also greater flexibility to accommodate workflows and new processes. Furthermore, a high-performing outsourcing relationship allows our client’s management the flexibility to allocate time and resources towards other areas of the business. HfS Research´s and KPMG´s study reports that 81 % of the companies indicated flexibility as a major reason for outsourcing.

At Transcom we function as our clients’ partner, working as an extension of the company, adding value through a wide range of services. This implies that we can improve efficiency and productivity while also contributing to creating an outstanding experience for our clients’ customers. We rely on the best professionals to deliver the best service, hiring and training a team of highly committed expert agents that always work with our clients’ goals in mind. In addition, we provide cost-effective access to specialized technologies and solutions.

Last but not least, at Transcom we are focused on ensuring customer satisfaction. To many of our clients, the quality of their customer care operations is fundamental to their ability to increase loyalty, retention and customer sales. We believe that the quality of customer care will become even more important as a competitive differentiator in many industries in the coming years. We continuously develop our services and solutions in order to support our clients in this respect.

Some of the reasons mentioned above were fundamental to the decision of one of the largest banks in Spain to outsource its customer care to Transcom. This multi-channel service (telephone, e-mail, chat and social media) with a monthly volume of over 400,000 contacts, and delivered in 8 different languages, is perceived by our client as highly valuable in terms of quality, efficiency and flexibility. We have been able to reduce our client’s operational costs by implementing an optimized human resource plan, including a flexible system of forecasting/planning which allows the client to convert some of its fixed staff costs into variable ones. We are focused on time management, process optimization and reducing the number of contacts – while raising customer satisfaction – by increasing first-level resolution. Since 2008, when we started the service, Transcom has been recognized with seven Sectorial Awards related to the quality of implementation of Contact Center Services in the Financial Sector. Furthermore, Transcom contributes to driving revenue growth for our client through our “sales-through-service” approach, with excellent success rates.