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Author: Jonas Ahlstedt

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Transvoice expands and moves to new premises

As mentioned in an earlier post, Transvoice, a leading language service provider (LSP) and a 100%-owned subsidiary of Transcom, is growing rapidly. As a result of latest months’ expansion, we recently moved to a new office space. On our new premises we have a much more appropriate and better working environment and enough space for all our 100 employees in Stockholm.

We are convinced that the move will improve our well-being and consequently also our productivity. In the new office we also have space for additional production seats, which is in line with our future expansion plans. Welcome to visit us in our new office at Gjörwellsgatan 30 in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Author: Jonas Ahlstedt

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Transvoice is growing

Transvoice, a 100%-owned subsidiary of Transcom, is a leading language service provider (LSP) in Sweden. Our speciality is interpretation-at-a-distance over the phone. The market for interpretation services is rapidly shifting from on-site interpretation into at-a-distance services and Transvoice is well positioned to lead this market transformation. Transvoice currently has 130 employees and 27 mEUR in yearly revenue – and we are growing.

Just recently, we landed a big contract for call center-interpretation with a client in the public sector.

Read more about Transvoice here:

Last week there was a feature from our site in Norrköping in a news broadcast with the largest TV network in Sweden, the Swedish Television, SVT. You can watch it here (in Swedish):