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Author: Jörgen Skoog

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Strengthening Transcom’s talent management approach

We are constantly striving for excellence in everything we do in order to exceed our clients’ expectations. In this context, we have been evaluating our ability to attract and retain the right people and the way we develop our talents.

Many of our employees have highlighted the need for bringing to light the great opportunities our company can offer. There are tons of examples of people who have developed great careers here at Transcom. In fact, over 85 percent of our managers are recruited internally. We showcased a few in our latest annual report, and there are many more role models standing in line to show the opportunities that exist here at Transcom.

Our HR team has been working on a global solution together with people from all functions in order to ensure that we identify talents and develop our employees, so they can take on more challenging tasks. This is key to our continued success. The solution will help us manage succession on all managerial levels as well as identify the talents we have so we can help them grow and develop. I am also convinced that a well-defined career path will increase motivation even more!

Transcom’s Talent Management also supports our vision of being recognized as a global leader in customer experience. I firmly believe that talented, passionate and innovative people are fundamental to delivering an outstanding customer experience. Effective tools and systems are becoming more important, but our true differentiators are our people!

The process looks like this:

Talent Management

As shown above, the Talent Management process runs in parallel with, and augments, Transcom’s annual performance management cycle. Our employees will also be involved in assessing their managers,  further strengthening the management skills in our business. Even though all employees are very satisfied (>87%) with their managers – as reported in the annual Voice of Employees – we know we can improve further.

I am convinced that our service excellence will benefit from the supporting processes we are now implementing. Stay tuned for news on our progress, including stories of how we develop our people across our global organization.

Jörgen Skoog, Global HR and Operations Director

Author: Martijn Steenbergen

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Starbucks opens coffee corner at Transcom Groningen

Thursday the 8th of May was the day: As the first company in the Northern Netherlands, Transcom Groningen got its own Starbucks coffee corner.

Starbucks Coffee Corner

As Starbucks communicates: “Today, with more than 18,000 stores in 62 countries, Starbucks is the premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world. And with every cup, we strive to bring both our heritage and an exceptional experience to life. Every day, we go to work hoping to do two things: share great coffee with our friends and help make the world a little better. It was true when the first Starbucks opened in 1971, and it’s just as true today.”

Collage Starbucks Groningen

Joop Evers, our Managing Director, cut the ribbon during the opening ceremony. From now on all our employees in Groningen are able to have a Starbucks coffee moment

Our employees truly appreciate the opportunity to have special coffee from time to time. And the free coffee on the day the corner was opened was even more celebrated.

Author: Joanna Osinska

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Employer branding campaign in Poland – Proud to be a part of Transcom


“My name is Monika. While working at Transcom I realized that a perfect team is a perfect recipe for success. Transcom is perfect for work and for fun.”

proud to be a part of Transcom

In March, Transcom’s Polish HR Team in Gdańsk and Olsztyn came up with a unique employer branding campaign to reach a wide range of potential candidates. During the next three months, there will be billboards with photos of Transcom employees presenting their hobbies and the advantages of working at Transcom. The billboards are located on the way to the main universities, so that the best talents will be reached.

The aim of this campaign is not only to attract new members to our team. We would also like to positively influence people’s opinion about call centers in Poland, emphasizing our role in developing and empowering people.

Employer Branding Campagin_Poland_Monika


Author: Giuseppe Bertini

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Training courses for over 150 people on the “Leadership Tour: the Power of a Team” project


In March 2013, the Human Resources Office launched a project to develop the management competences of personnel who act as coordinators in the company. Last week, the project entered its final stage, involving 156 people working in all centers that offer services to the Italian and French markets.

The initiative aims to satisfy one of the main goals set by Transcom’s top management: to encourage and promote the enterprise spirit of our most talented people, in order to encourage business development and organic growth based on shared goals and competences.

After an initial stage of collecting, analyzing and assessing training needs, and then planning the most suitable action with the support of specialist third party companies, we have now begun to deliver the training courses. An important aim of the training is to develop personal leadership skills. The courses for Team Leaders and Business Managers were given priority because of the key role they play as points of contact between management and operations areas. The courses were designed based on an experience-based approach, with lots of practical activities, case studies and role playing exercises devised to develop various important skills:

  • Effective leadership and people motivation
  • Conflict management
  • Time management
  • Teamwork and effective communication
  • Problem solving

We know that people make all the difference in our industry. This is why we are increasing our focus on training as a way to develop the skills of our employees.

Author: Susanne Reuter

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Parliament member visited Transcom Karlskoga

Parliament member Johan Pehrson and his colleague Lars Hultkrantz recently visited us here at Transcom Karlskoga. Local media was also present during the visit.


Our Contact Center Manager, Bengt Öhman, made a short presentation of Transcom and then we did a tour of the center. Our Business Managers explained how the operation is set up and how we add value to our clients.

Our visitors were very impressed by our agents, especially when they realized how much skill and knowledge you need in order to be effective at this job.

They were also very impressed by the way we work together with our newly recruited staff – for example our professional training programs.

We also talked about Transcom’s important role as an employer of young adults. Transcom is one of the largest employers in Karlskoga and we are keen to explore how we can further improve our partnership and cooperation with the local municipality.

Author: Alberto Piñeiro

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Contact centers: Does age really matter?

The vast majority of people in our industry are young. Our San Fernando contact center illustrates this nicely. There are 1735 employees at this center and the average age is 35.2.

We enjoy working with young people. They bring an air of freshness and enthusiasm; they are highly adaptable and are also familiar with new technologies, which is crucial for Transcom in order to meet market requirements.

But at Transcom, we also like to count on older people who bring their experience, commitment and discipline as well as strong work ethics. Our colleague Inmaculada Estrán is a very good example: she is a 70-year-old woman who has worked with us since 2002 and, after 11 years, continues to offer her great commitment to the company, performing her functions in a manner worthy of recognition.

Inmaculada Estrán, our oldest agent!

We believe that the age diversity we enjoy at San Fernando contributes greatly to the achievement of our goals, creating great customer experience.