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Transcom Color Run for Fun 2016

Bacolod Color Run

The most colorful event just made it to Transcom Philippines – Transcom Color Run for Fun 2016. A three-part race that happened last May started in Bacolod on May 14, followed by Iloilo the next weekend – May 24; finally getting to Metro Manila last May 29. More than 4,000 employees of Transcom coming from its 5 sites (Bacolod, Iloilo, Mandaluyong (EDSA), Pasig and ROHQ) participated in this grand event.

In initiating this run, Transcom aimed to engage employees and unite them in pursuit of a singular goal– in this case, being healthy. Transcom promotes healthy living and wellness among its employees, and this run was a great start for this campaign. Since Transcom puts much value in family, friends and family members of employees were welcomed to the event

Each participant was given a kit which included a race shirt, a race bib, sunshades, a sweat band, a string bag, a water jug, temporary tattoos, and of course the colored powders!


Before the gun start, our dear sponsors and partners prepared tons of freebies as giveaways for the participants. Security Bank gave away free ice cream in scoops, an energy drink company gave-away free samples to help the runners stay refreshed. There were lots of biscuits, sweets and even some lozenges. Right before the run, Zumba sessions helped the participants warm up and stretch.


Splashes of colors were everywhere – on the streets and on the runners. Getting all colored too were the members of the Philippine Volcanoes who joined the Manila Leg. Happy, sweaty and colored runners came back in less than an hour and enjoyed food and refreshments plus music from the invited DJ’s.

The race was categorized into a 3K and a 5K run. Winners of each leg received cash prizes worth:

  • 3K run

    • 1st Finisher – PHP 5,000H

    • 2nd Finisher – PHP 2,500

    • 3rd Finisher – PHP 1,500

  • 5K run

    • 1st Finisher – PHP 10,000

    • 2nd Finisher – PHP 7,000

    • 3rd Finisher – PHP 5,000

The prizes were not limited to the race winners. Transcom also hosted raffle draws wherein all participants had a chance to win gift certificates, hotel accommodations and gadgets!

Employees really enjoyed the run and had so much fun.  Happy smiles filled the venue and posts they uploaded on Social Media showed their unique perspective on the event.

(edited by: Ginnie Faustino-Galgana)

Author: Marcos Tercero

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Transcom invited to participate in AENOR’s event in Lima

Transcom was invited to participate in the presentation event of the standard UNE-EN 15838, organized by AENOR in Lima, Peru, in order to promote the cited standard of quality, specific for contact centers.

The standard UNE EN 15838 Customer Contact Center – Requirements for the provision of the service, is the adaptation of M/378 of the European Union mandate, which emerged with the aim to provide criteria regarding the quality of the service delivered to customers by contact centers. It is a voluntary standard, which specifies the requirements for contact centers to qualify for UNE EN 15838.

Both Alejandro Menjura, as Transcom’s Regional Director for Latin America and myself, as responsible for Performance and Quality of Transcom Iberia and Latam, were invited to participate and share our experience, focusing our presentation on the process of certification of our site in Lima.Transcom participating in AENOR's event

To do this we discussed the trajectory of Transcom with the UNE-EN 15838: the first organization in Spain to be certified, the first organization to have two sites in Spain qualify for certification, and the first organization to develop a certification project in Latin America.

Moreover, we also explained how the standard has helped us strengthen the management foundations of our Lima center:

  • The diversity of customers (offshore and local) makes the standardization relevant in the context of ensuring high quality even in moments of rapid growth of the center.
  • Strengthens Transcom’s capability as a global provider: harmonized service platforms, yet regionally differentiated.
  • Provides local, near shore and offshore services with high-quality standards.
  • Introduction of the standard UNE-EN 15838 in Latin America. Transcom, in conjunction with AENOR and other organizations of the contact center sector, is a member of the standard-setting committees of ISO

Finally, the session ended with an introduction to the certification process, and the key challenges that the contact centers have to face to adapt their processes to the requirements of the standard.

Author: Alejandro Menjura

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Sharing ideas about multichannel trends at the “I Transcom Forum” in Lima, Peru

On Tuesday, June 24th, I had the pleasure of participating in the” I Transcom Forum –Multichannel: Integration strategies for your client”, organized by Transcom Peru in Lima.

Our aim with the event was to create a meeting point where customer care professionals and directors in the banking, insurance and telecommunications sectors could discuss and share their experiences about multichannel trends and strategies.

Welcome breakfast at I Forum Transcom

After welcoming our guests, Isabel Sánchez-Lozano, Regional Director of Transcom Iberia & Latin America, introduced the first speaker; Ignacio Ortega, Head of Contact Center Operations Spain and Portugal at the financial group BBVA.  Ignacio presented how BBVA currently addresses the key challenges with multichannel solutions. He emphasized that today it’s the customers that control and manage their relationship with their bank, not the other way around. Ignacio stressed that within this new context, the contact center, thanks to its personalized service, is emerging as one of the crucial channels alongside the branches and various online platforms.

Then, Richard Custer, Digital Strategy Manager for Alternative Channels at Banco de Credito BCP, shared the bank’s experience when facing the biggest challenge: how to maintain consistency of messages across all channels. Richard’s interactive presentation enabled the participants to better understand the concepts of multichannel versus omnichannel. He explained the importance of putting the customer at the center of the business, recognizing their expectations, and trying to generate value from an emotional point of view, rather than a commercial one. The “The Journey Map” process was a key feature, enabling the attendants to understand how the use of smartphones impact customers’ transactions on a daily basis.

Speeches at the I Forum Transcom

At the end of the morning session, I had the opportunity to talk about Transcom’s multichannel perspective, and our view that the contact center without any doubt is one of the key success factors in this transformation. Some of the most crucial points are related to how new consumer generations use multichannel solutions. Organizations need to reconsider their channel strategy and the effectiveness of each channel from a customer service perspective.

Then it was time for the expert panel to discuss the contact center’s role in developing relationships with customers. The invited panelists were:

  • Miguel Tellez Arce, Development and Innovation Manager New Channels, Scotiabank Peru
  • Jaime Mourão, Continental Manager Multichannel Bank, BBVA
  • Juan Luis Jaureguy, Director of Marketing and mass channels, Mapfre

Jorge Moran, Senior Advisor at Transcom moderated the debate.

During the discussions, it became clear that the contact center plays a central role when it comes to managing different customer service channels and making them coexist, as well as identifying strategies on how to take advantage of each channel’s strengths.

I Forum Transcom in Lima

To summarize, the I Transcom Forum in Peru was very successful with the attendance of numerous professionals from different sectors, who wanted to know more about Transcom’s and the other participants’ knowledge and insights into the latest multichannel customer care trends. Thanks to our speakers, whom I would like to recognize for their valuable contributions, and to the active participation of the other participants, I feel that this event was a real success in terms of the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Author: Joanna Osinska

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Transcom Poland teaches students in cooking and customer service

For over two years Transcom Poland has been cooperation with local universities and secondary schools to influence young people’s education. By taking part in educational programs we share our knowledge and experience, and try to combine theory with practice in high schools.

Recently our team in Gdańsk decided to open the doors to all young people by inviting them to workshops at the Transcom office! This was the beginning of Transcom’s Academy in Poland.

The idea with Transcom Academy is to share our knowledge and expertise with students. By inviting them to visit our offices we want to show them who we are,  what we do and how friendly atmosphere we create together with our teams. The topics for the workshops will vary from serious matters like customer service tips to less formal activities like cooking.


The topic for the first workshop was “Cheap cooking for students”. We mostly hire students and we know how hard it is to survive in a strange city, away from home, paying for the flat and studying. That’s why we presented cheap receipts and all participants that cooked with us where invited to enjoy the food.

During the workshop our guests had the opportunity to submit their CVs and take part in the recruiting process. We had a lot of fun together!

cooking3  cooking2


Author: Isabel Sánchez-Lozano

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Discussing our view of Customer Experience with clients

During the Customer relation + Call Center Expo, held in the Real Madrid Stadium on the 8th and 9th of October, we presented our view of Customer Experience.

The event, Spain’s most important meeting of Contact Center professionals, gathered more than 2,000 visitors and 49 exhibitors in a unique environment.

It was the perfect occasion for us to introduce to our clients and prospects our view of what customer experience is and why contact centers are an essential part of realizing a customer-focused business strategy.

We invited our clients and prospects to join us for a conference about Customer Experience, led by Elena Alfaro, one of the most well-known experts in the experiential marketing field in Spain. She conducted a presentation entitled “The Customer Experience as the base of the business” where she pointed out that it is imperative to be aware of the emotions that we generate throughout the entire customer journey, to take steps to improve them if necessary, and to measure the results of our efforts in order to influence our business performance.

Transcom Iberia & Latam presence in the Expo

After the conference, we offered cocktails in the Fly Emirates VIP Lounge, where we had the opportunity to share our vision of customer experience with our guests:

  • It is a concept not merely linked to the traditional concept of quality, but also to the emotional level of interaction with consumers.
  • Its measurement requires new methods and tools to analyze the customer experience throughout the whole life cycle.
  • It must be focused on obtaining a real ROI for the companies that implement it, and it should not just remain a rhetorical concept.
  • As it involves emotions and expectations, the key to successfully implementing a Customer Experience program lies in the companies’ human factor: their employees and partners.
  • The processes, which must be designed to place the customer at the organization’s center of gravity, are crucial for success.

Personally, I believe that we are the perfect partner to transform this concept into reality as experts in customer care; in our region alone, we conduct more than 300,000 contacts per year.

Many of our clients operate in complex, fast-moving markets, where it is becoming increasingly hard to differentiate in terms of performance and price. This is why it is critical to find new ways of highlighting your offer. At the same time ­­­customers, more than ever before, have access to information and are technologically empowered. They expect engagement on their terms using multiple voice and non-voice channels, during the whole product lifecycle. This is an area where Transcom can draw from its considerable experience to help our clients deliver a superior customer experience.