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Euro adoption in the Baltics strengthens Transcom’s near shore offering and attracts multi-language skilled people

The Baltics were severely hit by the financial crisis in 2008, but the region has made a remarkable recovery in the last few years. The implementation of the Euro in Estonia and Latvia has contributed to financial stability, a booming economy and a rise in productivity. As Lithuania will adopt the Euro in 2015, hopefully they will see the same positive outcome.

Riga by night

As for Transcom Baltic’s operations, we have had a strong positive development, both regarding growth and the range of  near shore services we provide.

Transcom Estonia has increased  its revenue by one third in the last five years, much of it driven by our near-shoring business. During the same period, we have expanded our multi-language offer and now provide customer care services in ten different languages: Estonian, Russian, Finnish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Italian, French and German.

Transcom’s growth development in Latvia has been even more impressive. While the revenue has increased by 60 percent since 2009, our  international business has grown from three percent to an expected share of 50 percent this year. From our site in Riga, our 400 customer experience specialists now offer services in Latvian, Russian, English, German and all the Nordic languages.

In Lithuania we have offered near-shoring services since 2003.  Since then we have increased the business significantly.  Eleven years ago, we started with 12 agents offering service in English to one UK client,  now 50 percent of our total workforce (nearly 300 employees) serve eight international clients in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian,  Estonian and Latvian languages.

Although local clients are as important to us as international clients, taking into account the size of the local market in the Baltic Region, it is inevitable for us to continue to look for new prospects from neighbouring countries.

How to find people with multilanguage skills

Can we find enough people who speak different languages?  Sometimes it is a challenge as we are looking for a very high and professional language level. Almost all our people who are providing services in languages other than their mother tongue have lived, studied or worked abroad, and they have practiced their language in the native environment. We have also been very succesful in attracting native speakers from all over Europe. These people love to work in an international company like Transcom and appreciate our supportive, yet demanding atmosphere:

Valentijn Hart TL Transcom Estonia

Gary John Coning Team Leader Transcom Lithuania

Kirsti Seljenes Agent Transcom Latvia

Our clients not only expect our people to speak the language well, they also expect them to be real customer experience specialists with the ability to understand customers’ needs and offer the best solutions.  The nature of the service has changed – customers are no longer calling in to ask simple questions or place a simple order. They call or email to solve a complex problem.  In the near future we expect more customers contacting us via chat and that we will have more interactions via Twitter and Facebook.

So the customer service world is changing and Transcom is happy to face this challenge!

Author: Aija Urbiņa

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Transcom supports Euro implementation in Latvia

“We are really pleased to support the country in the Euro changeover process. Through working with leading companies that set ambitious goals and clearly define their requirements for quality , we are accustomed to high quality standards. Our mission is to provide an outstanding customer experience. Thus, we are very pleased to be part of this project and are deeply committed to its success”, says  Liene Spruģe, Operational Manager at Transcom Latvia.

The purpose of the Euro information phone line is to ensure that people get toll-free information on questions related to the introduction of the Euro in Latvia.

Customer relationship specialists at Transcom have been trained by the Ministry of Finance and the Latvia National Bank. They are responding to calls and questions every day from 8:00am to 8:00pm. When the phone lines are closed, callers are offered the option of recording their question and be called back by a customer relationship specialist.

Transcom’s specialists provide answers to questions about the introduction of the Euro, as well as registering suggestions and complaints that are be passed on to relevant authorities.

The first calls have already been handled. Currently, the most common question is whether there will be any changes to loans and rates issued in Latvian lats.

There is a high level of interest from media, and the two biggest television companies in Latvia have already visited Transcom to film news stories.

julija4 julija3

The phone line will be open until March 31, 2014 and Transcom will continue to focus on ensuring that callers’ experience of interacting with our specialists is a positive one and that they receive relevant information quickly.