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Author: Joanna Osinska

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Polish Ski jumper and Olympic Team Member Jan Ziobro visited Transcom Poland

Jan Ziobro, the winner of FIS Ski jumping World Cup 2013/2014 competition in Engelberg, Switzerland, and member of the Polish Olympic team 2014 recently visited Transcom’s office in Gdańsk where he met with our employees and their friends.

Collage Polish Ski Jumper

During the meeting, the participants had the opportunity to ask the ski jumper about his plans for the forthcoming season as well as what he thought of other Polish athletes’ chances in the next Ski jumping World Cup. There were also more personal questions, e.g. what kind of music that helps Jan to focus before a jump. During the visit, Transcom employees also had the opportunity to take pictures with the Olympic athlete as well as to get his autograph.

Jan Ziobro highlighted that he met wonderful people at Transcom, who do their job with great passion. He added that he would do his best in order to fulfill their expectations regarding the next World Cup.

The meeting was organized in cooperation with Jan Ziobro’s sponsor Toolip.

This was the first of many events Transcom Poland has planned for during the next months. Our sites in Gdańsk and Olsztyn will be full of activities for our employees in order to make their work during the summer period more cheerful.

Author: Siva Subramaniam

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Employees of Transcom Philippines share their happiness at #TranscomHappy

Filipinos have always been renowned for their hospitality. They are helpful to other people; relatives, friends, neighbors, and even strangers. Today we have 10,000 Filipinos delivering world famous customer service for our clients from our four offices (Manila Edsa, Manila Pasig, Bacolod and Iloilo) in the Philippines EVERYDAY. Transcom is proud to be celebrating 10 years of delivering the world famous service in the Philippines and very proud of our Filipino employees.

Keeping with the tradition of being fun and happy people, some of our employees took time out to showcase the idea of fun and happiness at work through the phenomenal song Happy by Pharrell Williams. In valuing the people around us and supporting each other in whatever way possible, we show that more than a team we are a family.

Author: Annica Strahner

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Transcom Sweden proudly presents our value ambassadors for 2014

Transcom’s values Passion, Excellence and Innovation are a part of our everyday work.

In Sweden, we recently encouraged all our employees to nominate themselves or one of their colleagues to be Value Ambassadors for 2014. In the nomination, they should motivate why this person exemplified for example Innovation and used this value to contribute to a better customer experience.

We received more than 30 nominations and it was almost a mission impossible for the Swedish management team to vote for one winner representing each value. After a long round of discussions and voting, we finally agreed on three winners and we proudly present our value ambassadors for 2014:

Transcom Sweden's Value Ambassadors for 2014 (from the left): Linnea Forslund, Desale Temesghen and Linda Jansson.

Transcom Sweden’s Value Ambassadors for 2014 (from the left): Linnea Forslund, Desale Temesghen and Linda Jansson.

  • Passion: Linnea Forslund, Product Supervisor and Trainer, Transcom Stockholm

Motivation: Linnea’s energy fuels the whole team and she always makes sure that each individual makes progress. Linnea is committed, and solution focused and always strives for providing a great customer experience.

  • Excellence: Desale Temesghen, Team Leader, Transcom Borås

Motivation: Desale’s motto is to make sure that we at Transcom always deliver outstanding customer experience in every customer interaction. He puts in a lot of energy to motivate his colleagues and everybody on his team always goes the extra mile to achieve excellence.

  • Innovation: Linda Jansson, CSR,  Transcom Karlskoga

Motivation: Linda is 100% committed to every task she takes on. She is a key asset in our quality assurance process and has done a tremendous job for one of our clients by securing their sound files.

Our ambassadors will participate in a video and explain how they work with Transcom’s values today. They will also be invited to share their knowledge in our training sessions with agents and team leaders. Linnea, Desale and Linda will also publish a blog post and share their expertise with our blog readers.

Author: Joanna Osinska

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Employer branding campaign in Poland – Proud to be a part of Transcom


“My name is Monika. While working at Transcom I realized that a perfect team is a perfect recipe for success. Transcom is perfect for work and for fun.”

proud to be a part of Transcom

In March, Transcom’s Polish HR Team in Gdańsk and Olsztyn came up with a unique employer branding campaign to reach a wide range of potential candidates. During the next three months, there will be billboards with photos of Transcom employees presenting their hobbies and the advantages of working at Transcom. The billboards are located on the way to the main universities, so that the best talents will be reached.

The aim of this campaign is not only to attract new members to our team. We would also like to positively influence people’s opinion about call centers in Poland, emphasizing our role in developing and empowering people.

Employer Branding Campagin_Poland_Monika


Author: Adriana Tavares

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Talking about motivation at Transcom at ExpoRH in Portugal

ExpoRH is the biggest annual HR event in Portugal and this year’s event attracted 2,500 delegates. The conference lasts for two days and covers different aspects and trends within human resources.

This year, Transcom was invited to talk about our experience and practices, together with companies such as Microsoft, Bosch, Henkel, McDonalds, Samsung, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, among others.

On the theme “Is employee motivation based on monetary rewards? Is it possible to motivate with non-monetary factors?” we shared our experience on how we keep our people motivated in a workplace were around 80% of business is based in outbound sales, which is the case at Transcom Portugal.

Talking about motivation Transcom Portugal

In fact, there are no big secrets. We inspire our agents to run that extra mile that makes Transcom different from our competitors by using:

  • Transcom’s three values – Passion, Excellence and Innovation
  • Adding attainable but challenging goals
  • A fair and transparent evaluation method
  • Continuous support
  • Creating a dynamic environment and moments of fun
RHExpo Portugal

A selection of different motivation activities we had during 2013.

Altogether, these tools are an important reason why Transcom reached the record score of 93% in employee satisfaction in 2013.

Our “external medal” was received when Mercer’s Marsh Benefits speaker mentioned  that happiness is in the end the most important thing in life and maybe the most difficult one to achieve in an organization and stated:

Transcom knows how to make their people happy!

And this quote and recognition made us at Transcom Portugal very proud and happy!

Author: Joanna Osinska

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Transcom Poland teaches students in cooking and customer service

For over two years Transcom Poland has been cooperation with local universities and secondary schools to influence young people’s education. By taking part in educational programs we share our knowledge and experience, and try to combine theory with practice in high schools.

Recently our team in Gdańsk decided to open the doors to all young people by inviting them to workshops at the Transcom office! This was the beginning of Transcom’s Academy in Poland.

The idea with Transcom Academy is to share our knowledge and expertise with students. By inviting them to visit our offices we want to show them who we are,  what we do and how friendly atmosphere we create together with our teams. The topics for the workshops will vary from serious matters like customer service tips to less formal activities like cooking.


The topic for the first workshop was “Cheap cooking for students”. We mostly hire students and we know how hard it is to survive in a strange city, away from home, paying for the flat and studying. That’s why we presented cheap receipts and all participants that cooked with us where invited to enjoy the food.

During the workshop our guests had the opportunity to submit their CVs and take part in the recruiting process. We had a lot of fun together!

cooking3  cooking2