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Transcom Norway site gets all time high Customer Overall Satisfaction score in June 2014

Transcom Norway’s Rolvsøy site delivers good Customer Overall Satisfaction results every month.  There has recently been further improvement and Customer Satisfaction score reached 87.3% Top 2 Boxes (very satisfied and satisfied customers in 5 point scale with neutral midpoint) in May while the result in June was an all time high score: 88.2% Top 2 Boxes.

So what did we do to get these results? The process starts with Recruitment, finding the right people for the job. We are looking for employees with positive energy and a certain “glow”. Basic Training has undergone a makeover with a new structure focusing on soft skills. In addition to the product and service knowledge, Agents learn and practice how to disarm a possible conflict. This gives Agents confidence and helps them earn customers’ trust. The work environment is unique due to the excellent cooperation we have – Quality Analysts, Team Leaders and Agents work together to find the best possible way to give the end user world-class customer service.

Transcom Norway has excellent cooperation with the Client and this is the main reason we are able to reach fantastic results. The Client invited the call center to a wonderful evening with glitz, glam, great entertainment and great food on May 9, 2014. Transcom and Client employees walked down the red carpet in beautiful ball gowns and suits, feeling like stars. There was an awards ceremony where among others Best Seller, The Year’s Newcomer and the best Team Leader were awarded. It was a fabulous evening that people continue talking about today.



To keep the continuous focus on Customer Satisfactio,n the contact center organizes different activities once a month. We call it CSAT happenings. Transcom’s Quality department together with the Client representatives not only give Agents a morale boost but also acknowledge their efforts with end customers.


Author: Przemyslaw Wlodarczyk

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Transcom Poland delivers top-level customer service to mobile operator

In the difficult battle for market leadership big companies, global corporations and well-known corporate brands more and more often recognise that customer satisfaction is the base for the very existence of their enterprises. Without focusing on the individual needs of each client, they will not achieve a sustainable and competitive market position.

For Transcom Worldwide, increasing the level of customer satisfaction of our business partners’ clients is our top priority. Since 2007, we are responsible for providing customer care for the fastest growing mobile operator in Poland, with over 10 million users. Our main objective was to establish “Best Customer Service” as a trademark for this company.

After 6 years of cooperation, we can proudly say that we have been able not only to beat that challenge but also to provide customer support at the best possible level. In 2012, our client received the second straight Gold Standard award in the category of “Mobile Telephone Operators” for an above-average customer satisfaction level, tested through a professional and independent market survey. Furthermore, for the fifth time in a row, it has been placed among the TOP 100 Most Friendly Companies in Poland. This award was presented by the consumer community of the Service Quality Program survey panel, which has been monitoring the customer satisfaction levels in Poland since 2008.

Customer Operation Director of the company said:

“Thanks to Transcom, we are able to provide our customers with top-level service quality, and now we can plan our costs in a more flexible manner. In this way, we have gained another competitive advantage over our rivals. We handle our work with passion. We are convinced that Transcom’s agents treat their jobs in the same way. We are glad to have the opportunity to work together.”

To summarise, at Transcom Poland we are capable of providing excellent customer experience to our clients at the highest possible level. I am sure that in the future, this mobile operator will continue to receive awards for their exceptional customer service.



Author: Bart de Goeij

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Summer Games at Transcom Groningen

In a non-Olympic year, our Team Leaders at the DSL Department for one of our clients decided to organize their own Summer Games. During August and September all agents engaged in a multifaceted contest to be the champion. Yes, it was important to take part in the games, but winning was particularly interesting because of the great prizes that had been promised.

The agents could gain points in several fields, such as customer satisfaction, quality, conversion and efficiency. These were weighted, customer satisfaction being the most important metric.

Actions like this are great fun. They enthuse and motivate agents, create healthy competition and enable management to create extra focus where needed. The beauty is that it all translates into the best service for our customers.

Competition was fierce and during the first couple of weeks standings changed drastically on a daily basis. Halfway through the Games, a small group of agents emerged as leaders. It was clear that they would be battling for the prizes.

At the end it appeared that we had a clear number one, Remond Settels. He gathered more points than numbers 2 and 3 combined! He completely deserved the grand prize, a very, very big television set. Remond had to ask a colleague to bring it to his house, where he had to adjust some things in order to fit it in so he could actually use it…

Remond Settels and his brand newTV

Remond Settels and his brand newTV

Remond Settels and Robin Hoen

Remond Settels and Senior Team Leader Robin Hoen, who organized most of the Summer Games

Author: Helina Kuusk

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Praise from a Customer: Transcom Estonia

Have you ever had problems with your computer, smartphone or some other device? Well, then you know how frustrating it can be to try to work out technical problems. And it can get even worse if you call the helpline and the customer service representatives do not seem to understand your frustration or simply are not interested in you. They may try to help you, but act in a cold, formal manner.

Here at Transcom Estonia, we aim to create a great customer experience in these situations and do our utmost to make the customer feel at ease by showing empathy and being patient. We would like the customer to feel that we take the time to solve their problem.

Here is an example of how we do it. We received praise from one of our customers who called the technical helpline:

Hello! I called you on the 17th of September as I had problems with decrypting the document. I was instructed by agent A. H.  for quite some time. After doing as instructed, everything was working again.

I would like to thank you for being so patient and thanks for your good advice!

Feedback like this makes us really proud of what we do and make us go the extra mile to create exceptional customer service.