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Author: Joseph Roc

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Transcom Cares in the Philippines supports Street Children

Transcom Cares believes in the power of the youth to shape our future and their role in the family. This is proven by the establishment of childcare centers on almost all our sites in the Philippines. That is why we decided that our first outreach activity for 2015 would focus on the less-fortunate youth near the location of our sites.

The Children of Alay Pag-asa Christian Life Foundation is the first beneficiary of our outreach program. Our 14 volunteers started 2015 by sharing a little of their time in helping to feed 51 children and engage them in educational games.

Be Smart. Eat Smart. With these themes in mind, we decided to initiate another feeding program for the children of Precious Heritage Children’s Home for the month of February. Along with our 36 volunteers, we gave an informative talk and games about basic Food Groups and their respective role in proper nutrition.

To remind us of our younger days, another 34 volunteers recently spend an entire morning playing traditional Filipino games in Quezon City Memorial Circle with 69 street children. A delightful lunch soon followed, to reward the sweat and toil of the mini Olympics.

Truly the gift of time is priceless and this is something that we are very proud of in our volunteers since they help make each of our activities memorable.

TC_MiniSF__Social Media.

Author: Siva Subramaniam

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Three big wins for Transcom Philippines at the NBCP National Awards

We are pleased to announce that Transcom Philippines won three prizes at the Nordic Business Council Philippines’ (NBCP) National Awards. The award was held March 26 at the Fairmont Makati Hotel in Manila and the delegates represented 133 Nordic companies. The event was an intimate gathering for the Nordic-Philippine business community, as the NBCP recognizes the most prominent Nordic companies in the Philippines.

Transcom Nordic Business Council National Awards Philippines

Transcom Philippines has been recognized as the largest Nordic employer in the Philippines, in terms of the number of direct employees. Our Transcom Cares CSR initiatives have been awarded the Nordic-Philippine CSR Activity of the Year for relevance, sustainability, and viability to have a long lasting effect on the community where it is implemented. In addition, our commitment to employees’ welfare, positive work environment, and interesting career and growth opportunities garnered us a runner-up to the Outstanding Employer of the Year award.

These awards made us a prominent force not only in the BPO industry in the Philippines, but in the Nordic-Philippine business community as well.

Nordic Business Council Award

Jason Lock accepts the CSR Activity of the Year Award for Transcom Philippines.


Author: Stefania Melosi

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Transcom Italy and Unicef together for the “100% Let’s Vaccinate Every Child” project

As part of Transcom Cares, the overarching program that guides our solidarity and social responsibility initiatives worldwide, in 2014 Transcom Italy entered into a partnership with UNICEF to support and promote the campaign 100% Let’s Vaccinate Every Child”.

Globally, 20% of the infant population (0-5 years old) is not regularly vaccinated. Vaccinations are one of the most effective, sustainable and cost-effective healthcare initiatives possible.

The 100% Let’s Vaccinate Every Child campaign has received support at different levels and in different ways from everyone at Transcom. Most importantly, Transcom Italy decided to buy all the Christmas gifts they give to their staff from UNICEF.

The company also asked employees to contribute to the solidarity initiative by donating one or more hours of work through their pay packets, raising a further EUR 3,500 for this campaign. Transcom Italy also installed UNICEF collection points at all the company’s office sites for spontaneous donations by staff and visitors.

In December, multiple solidarity initiatives were organized at all our sites in Italy, including the “Adotta una Pigotta” [Adopt a Pigotta] project endorsed by the Transcom Bari site, where a highly productive rag doll workshop has been set up, drawing on the creativity and enthusiasm of many of our co-workers who have made 150 rag dolls, (each more beautiful than the other!) thus raising an extra amount of EUR 2,300 for the Unicef campaign.

A Pigotta was a rag doll in Italy in the post-World War II period; today it is a UNICEF doll, handmade with imagination and creativity by an army of volunteers throughout Italy. By making a minimum donation of €20, everyone can adopt a Pigotta and support UNICEF and its life-saving programs in central and western Africa. Every Pigotta opens up a circle of solidarity uniting the person who made the doll, with the person who adopted it, and with the child who, thanks to UNICEF, will be covered by an infant mortality prevention program.

Some “call center operator” Pigottas made at Transcom Bari.

Some “call center operator” Pigottas made at Transcom Bari.

Everyone can contribute to this fund raising campaign by making a donation through the dedicated website.

In Transcom Italy we’re particularly proud of this partnership with Unicef. All together, we have already raised over EUR 17,000 to support this infant mortality prevention programme. And now we would like to share with our readers this beautiful and moving video we have received as a sign of gratitude from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Author: Joseph Roc

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Transcom Cares supports indigenous tribe in the Philippines

Transcom Cares goes beyond the notion of just doing outreach activities to do corporate social responsibility. In late 2014, Transcom Cares in the Philippines brought 30 employee volunteers to assist in an activity for an indigent tribe located in the northern part of Luzon.

These indigenous people, called the Aetas lives in the scattered, isolated mountains of Tarlac. They are a part of the county’s 15 million indigenous people. There is neither electricity nor running water in their houses and the only luxury that they have are their sturdy houses.

Armed with determination and the spirit of giving, our volunteers hiked under the scorching heat of the sun to reach the isolated mountain community. They brought along with them various donations of books, clothes, food, an electric generator, and a television set from fellow Transcom employees.

Upon reaching the mountaintop where the Aeta’s live, the volunteers were set to bring happiness to the Aeta community. They engaged not the children, but the adults with fun games. They also treated the Aeta’s with food.

Collage Transcom Cares Aeta

Returning with a sense of fulfillment

For our volunteers, it was a great sense of fulfillment to participate in this Transcom Cares activity:

“The outreach is a testament of living up to the mission, vision and philosophy of Transcom cares.” Joerns Nalam


“It was indeed one of the most fulfilling activities I have done in my life. There is no greater reason than to live with a purpose”. Philip Enopia


 “Despite the distance, the journey and the location was never a barrier for us to show our love, compassion, and support for our Aeta brothers and sisters.”  Geraldine Alvarez


I am in awe with the determination of the Aetas, especially the children who trek from the mountain top down to the river trail every day, just to go to school. This made me feel thankful of what I have.” Richard Sumait

More than leaving the Aetas with a smile on their faces, the outreach activity gave way for Transcom employees to realize that you need not be rich in money in order to help or be of service to others. In your own way, you can do service above self. And if you have the willingness to serve without asking something in return, at the end of the day, you will definitely have that sense of fulfillment.

Author: Joseph Roc

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A day of hope at an orphanage for sick children

Transcom Cares recently brought 22 volunteers to spend a day with sick children at the Missionaries of Charity Home of Joy for Sick Children. Our volunteers had a humbling experience feeding the children and playing with them. In addition, Transcom Cares donated food and clothing.

Fulfilling their foundress’ mission to “help the poor while living among them,” the orphanage seeks to take care of the sick and dying children abandoned by their parents. Run by the Order of Missionaries of Charity, and founded by St. Theresa of Calcutta in 1950, the center is now managed by 9 nuns, 25 housemothers, and volunteers. The Missionaries of Charity Home of Joy not just take care of abandoned kids, but also tend to children from very poor families who bring their sick to the nuns. They provide for food and medicines, and parents may visit and take their kids back once cured.


This was April Villanueva’s first time to join our outreach program. According to her, the experience taught her to value life and to share all the blessings that she receives. “It was a heartfelt outreach program as the children have been so nice to also spend time with us” she shares.

“It was just a 3 hour activity with the kids but it will definitely last a lifetime in my heart” says Kyle M. Corpuz. As someone born and raised in a below average family status in the community, he shares that he also went through the same experience as the children. This has pushed him to volunteer in community services even way back in school.

“But this experience I had was just so extraordinary. It was the first time I entered an orphanage and got to see it from the inside. Prior to this, I had watched some footage and documentaries about this. Truly, as I watched them, it somehow moved me and made me more emotional. But when I got to experience it myself, the feeling was so special.”

“Seeing little angels smile and appreciate the happiness of being with us was so heartfelt. I can’t even contain the emotion I had when I saw some of the sick angels. The realization was just too in-depth that I can’t even hold my tears back while I am writing this.”

Kyle feels thankful that he encouraged his team mates to participate in this activity, which made it a more wonderful experience as they were able to help out as a family.

Priceless, is the word that best describes the experience of our volunteers.

Author: Lorena Marzolo

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Successful Transcom Cares project in Italy resulted in a modern playground for disabled children

In 2012, Transcom employees in Italy produced the book  “Giglio dell’Aquila”  and donated all the sales to the local Italian Red Cross organization in L’Aquila. A year ago, Transcom Italy and the Italian Red Cross initiated a cooperation regarding solidarity projects in L’Aquila and it was decided that Transcom’s donation would be used to do something practical for the children in this city.

Four months later we achieved our goal! On October 31st 2013, Transcom, the Italian Red Cross and the non-profit organization “Forza L’Aquila” inaugurated the new Forte Spagnolo Playground in L’Aquila.

RAI journalist Rosanna Cacio, cutting the ribbon.

RAI journalist Rosanna Cacio is cutting the ribbon.

After an institutional ceremony at the auditorium, the renovated playground was officially opened by the local Archbishop. The event was attended by our General Manager Roberto Boggio, by Italian Red Cross vice-president Maria Teresa Letta, and by Carlo Caione, President of the Forza L’Aquila Association.

In the afternoon, the “Mamme Aquilane” (“Mums from Aquila”) Association organized a Halloween party at the playground for all the city’s children. It is impossible to describe the joy and enthusiasm on the youthful faces of the thousand children who came to the event…

Forte Playground

The project was not a simple one, but after the idea had been presented, everyone wanted to take part in this solidarity initiative; from members of the public and businesses to government institutions. Initially we had planned for some  renovation works as refurbishment and safety improvement for existing equipment and to add a few new attractions. But as work progressed, everyone’s enthusiasm and desire to do more grew quickly. The project received support both from the city and beyond. This involvement encouraged many more sponsors to contribute to our initiative, including a newly married couple from Milan, who asked their relatives and friends to donate money to our playground project instead of giving them wedding presents.

We started with a simple refurbishment plan, but in the end we delivered a modern and socially-aware facility to the city. The playground has been provided with new equipment for children with special needs, including those in wheelchairs. With the support of the local “Unione Italiana Ciechi” (“Italian Union of the Blind”), we introduced braille signage to allow visually impaired children to find their way around and use the playground. And with the help of other donations, in the final stages of the project we were able to add a mini football pitch, which can also be used by visually impaired children with a specially designed “sound ball”.

At Transcom Italy we are very proud of our Transcom Cares project and we are extremely happy to have been able to do something practical for the adults of tomorrow.

A football pitch for the visually impaired.
A football pitch for the visually impaired.