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Author: Grzegorz Baran

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Inspiring sales initiative at Transcom Olsztyn resulted in front page cover

To encourage our agents to achieve the best possible result, we organized five sales contests at the end of 2013 at our site in Olsztyn, Poland. The contests were created, prepared and executed by our Team Leaders and they were run twice a week.

On the 4th of December, the agents’ goals were to achieve the highest possible sales volume while also beating their best personal result from the previous month. To win, agents needed to show not only product knowledge, but also a wide range of customer service skills allowing them to conduct successful sales calls, eventually closing the sale. This particular contest included five different sales projects, organized by one Team Leader.

But improving sales results was only one part of this contest. When customers from all around Poland are chatting with our agents over the phone, they do not realize that they’re talking with customer experience specialists from Transcom Olsztyn.

That’s why the second aim of our contests (equally or even more important than sales) was to show to the public the talented young people we have working for Transcom Olsztyn, and to promote Transcom as a local employer.

Thanks to our Team Leader Damian Strzemkowski, we managed to achieve both these goals – improving sales and strengthening the public’s knowledge about Transcom. Damian came up with the great idea to contact the local newspaper Olsztyniak, which is distributed for free on the streets of Olsztyn every Thursday morning.

This resulted in extensive coverage in the paper. The winners of our sales contest were featured on the front page with their photos. There was also a short bio of each winner and a longer article about Transcom. On the 19th of December, 20 000 copies of the newspaper were distributed throughout the whole Olsztyn district.

Article in Olsztyniak_131219_3

The following agents were awarded as Best Salesperson at Transcom Olsztyn; Aleksandra Grodzka, Patryk Leśniewicz, Irena Jędrzejewska, Jacek Pokora and Karolina Janowska.

Many congratulations to all of you and we look forward to new inspiring contests in 2014.

Author: Bart de Goeij

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Summer Games at Transcom Groningen

In a non-Olympic year, our Team Leaders at the DSL Department for one of our clients decided to organize their own Summer Games. During August and September all agents engaged in a multifaceted contest to be the champion. Yes, it was important to take part in the games, but winning was particularly interesting because of the great prizes that had been promised.

The agents could gain points in several fields, such as customer satisfaction, quality, conversion and efficiency. These were weighted, customer satisfaction being the most important metric.

Actions like this are great fun. They enthuse and motivate agents, create healthy competition and enable management to create extra focus where needed. The beauty is that it all translates into the best service for our customers.

Competition was fierce and during the first couple of weeks standings changed drastically on a daily basis. Halfway through the Games, a small group of agents emerged as leaders. It was clear that they would be battling for the prizes.

At the end it appeared that we had a clear number one, Remond Settels. He gathered more points than numbers 2 and 3 combined! He completely deserved the grand prize, a very, very big television set. Remond had to ask a colleague to bring it to his house, where he had to adjust some things in order to fit it in so he could actually use it…

Remond Settels and his brand newTV

Remond Settels and his brand newTV

Remond Settels and Robin Hoen

Remond Settels and Senior Team Leader Robin Hoen, who organized most of the Summer Games