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Author: Joseph Roc

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A summer of service for Transcom Cares volunteers in the Philippines

Summer in the Philippines usually covers the months of April to June. It is during this time that Filipinos go back to their provinces for vacation or children go into summer sports programs. It was during this time that Transcom Cares decided to spend time with the neglected in society – the less fortunate children, and the neglected elderly.

A summer of service for Transcom Cares volunteers

In April, we went to Tuloy Foundation, a non-profit organization that “provides residential care services for children and youth”. The foundation offers an alternative to life in the streets.  At the foundation, the children chose to give up the life in the streets to have a home, a second family, and an education. They also learn to play football and rugby. At the Tuloy village the children get the opportunity to embrace a life of discipline, and to work on their potential to one day become a productive member of the society.

This was a momentous experience as it was Transcom Cares’ first in playing football. All the 26 volunteers were in for a fun day, they even had a chance to be a part of a team and compete with each other. All in all, the scorching heat of the sun could not take away the enjoyment that everyone had that day.

In May, we visited Anawim, a small facility for poor and abandoned elderly people who had been left to roam the streets. The foundation served as a home and a sanctuary for the neglected elderly.

Our day started out with the “getting-to-know phase”. One volunteer or two were assigned to an elder to listen to life stories. This was followed by a simple but delicious meal shared by everyone. To cap it off, our volunteers serenaded the residents with classical Filipino songs and offered roses for them. This gesture from our 45 volunteers was a timely gift as it was also Mother’s Day.

The last stop for summer was in June at Concordia Children’s Services. This place take care of neglected and abandoned children, and the urban poor children deficient of opportunities to safer homes and decent life. The organization provide educational assistance, character-building activities, and skills training. Our 14 volunteers, some of whom were fresh from their shift, fed the children and played with them.

While many other people vacationed and engaged in athletic activities, Transcom Cares reached out to those who needed some love and warmth. It was touching to see the kids and the elderly beam with joy at welcoming us and our gifts for them. Our summer of service left us not only with precious memories, but also taught us extraordinary lessons as well.

Author: Alessandro Casella

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Transcom Italy launches new app to let you stay up to date on the company

A touch of the screen is now all it takes to receive real time updates about the world of Transcom. This is all it takes to access information about the latest news, browse through our newsletter, visit the website, watch the videos, read the blog, ask questions and stay up-to-date on everything that is going on in our company, in Italy and worldwide.

OneTranscom Italy is a free app already available and optimized for the iPhone and iPad, as well as for Android devices. It offers a quick and easy way to keep in touch digitally.

A lot is going on at Transcom Italy and other areas of Transcom, and we hope that this app will allow us to better connect with people who are interested in what we are doing, and facilitate their access to information about our company. One thing that we are looking forward to telling you more about is our LeonarDo 2.0.14 research and innovation program, which will definitely open up a new era of highly innovative projects within Transcom.

Download our new app: all about Transcom in just a click!

Our clients, partners, employees and whoever wants to be the first to know about any new initiatives and achievements in our community, can easily search on the iTunes App Store or on Google Play, or just click on the icons below and download the appropriate app for his/her device.

APP iOS link

APP Android link

It provides rapid mobile access to our “My Transcom Experience” Blog, the Italian Facebook page, our “TranscomGroup” YouTube channel, our corporate website and the “Transcom News” Newsletter dedicated to Customer Experience specialists, which is available both in Italian and English.

The OneTranscom Italy app is a Beta version and will undergo updates with new interesting features and additional customized services for our Clients, who are warmly invited to share with us their expectations and suggestions by writing to

We also hope to make it more international in its contents and approach, so as to transform it into a really “global” Transcom App, while also allowing people to take a look at our local organizations throughout the world.

Stay connected!

Author: Siva Subramaniam

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Keeping the spirit of volunteerism alive – Transcom Cares plants mangrove trees in the Philippines

In July 2014, Transcom Cares in the Philippines held it’s very first out of town event in a quiet little seaside village south of Manila. The activity was to plant a thousand seeds of mangrove trees in a marine sanctuary located outside the town and just a few meters from the shoreline.Transcom Cares Mangrove Three Planting Activity_Collage2

Guided by the community leaders and the local environmental agency, our volunteers waded through knee-deep and muddy seawater. Despite the mid-morning heat and rising tide, the event was a success with everyone learning more about our conserving our environment. As a token of gratitude we gave shirts to our 45 volunteers and had a simple lunch by the sea.

Let me share some testimonials from volunteers who participated in the planting this long lasting legacy.

“All of us had a good time not just in strengthening our bond as a company, but as well as in learning how to become more responsible stewards of our environment.” – Sister Gem, Organizer

“Planting mangrove seeds is a tedious task, nevertheless it was very memorable because I learned more about our environment and how to take care of it. I was able to make new friends as well.” – Dianaross dela Cruz, Customer Service Agent

“I have been with Transcom for 8 years now. There was a sense of fulfilment to think that we assisted in planting the mangrove trees that would help protect the shoreline in the future. I am looking forward to join more of these activities.” – Jaye-R Alfiler, Process Improvement Analyst

“Amidst all we find comfort, knowing that what we are taking part of building relationships not only with our clients, locals, and friends but also with nature. It was really a pleasure to be part of this activity and I truly appreciate Transcom for empowering its employees to become vanguards for sustainable development for the environment. The activity was a testament that things can be done easier together. Happiness is felt best when shared when you’re #TranscomHappy.” – Joerns R. Nalam, Quality Assurance Analyst

“It was a great opportunity to help our environment and contribute to the community. Being a volunteer was a rewarding thing to do.  Meeting different people to help hand in hand on a specific project like Mangroves planting may complete your personality as a person.” – Nella Bustria, Team Leader

“Everything was full of fun. There was great Camaraderie among the Volunteers, Team Work that was developed, and the whole experience that can’t take away from us.” – Rodrigo Pineda, Customer Relations

Transcom Cares Mangrove Three Planting Activity_4

Author: Bob Milne

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Transcom Cares creates memorable experiences for children in San Antonio

The Transcom Cares team in San Antonio, Texas has once again teamed up with Spurs Sports and Entertainment, sponsoring hundreds of tickets for the Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA to attend the San Antonio Stars basketball game. Since April, we have had the great pleasure of organizing three events for the community, with one AHL San Antonio Rampage game, and two WNBA San Antonio Stars games.

San Antonio_Transcom Cares_Blurred

Our last WNBA event provided 100 tickets to employees and the community, but the San Antonio Stars game was our biggest event yet, with 150 tickets going to children and their families in the community.  The children we have supported are as young as 5 and as old as 14, and all come from under-privileged areas of San Antonio. These are all families without the means to participate in this kind of event on their own.

It was an amazing event, and we even were able to organize a meet and greet with San Antonio Stars Forward, Sophia Young-Malcolm! All attendees signed our Transcom Cares banner that we will be proudly showcasing at our site, along with the three signed San Antonio Spurs jerseys to highlight our partnership with Spurs Sports and Entertainment!


Transcom San Antonio has been working with The Boys and Girls ClubBig Brothers Big SistersYMCA and The Wounded Warrior Project for these events. In addition, the San Antonio Transcom Cares committee hosted a bake sale in May, donating over $1,100 to the Battered Children and Children Shelter.

The quote below is just one of the countless “Thank You’s” the team received during the event:

Thank you and the Transcom team for allowing my son’s basketball team to watch The Silver Stars from your suite. The team practices a few miles from the AT&T Center. Most of the kids live on the East Side and lack the resources to attend events there, much less watch from a suite! Our kids felt welcome. Some won prizes. All of them had a fun, memorable experience thanks to Transcom’s generosity!

On behalf of the team and coach, thanks.”

“Knowing that we are making memorable experiences in these kids’ lives is what Transcom Cares is all about” says Michael Moxley, Director of Client Services, Transcom North America.

Author: Maria Carlström

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Transcom Borås supports the victims of the Balkan flooding

At Transcom, charity engagement is a part of our DNA.  But sometimes you feel extra proud of your employees.

One of our employees at Transcom Borås in Sweden got the bad news that his hometown in the Balkans was severely hit by the flooding disaster in May. When he found out that an organization would drive a truck with clothes and supplies from Borås to his hometown, he encouraged his colleagues to participate in a clothes collection project. And within the coming days, one by one of our employees walked in to the reception with big bags full of clothes, shoes, blankets, pillows, patches, preserves, juice, teddy bears, personal care items and more.


After one week, everything was carefully packed into boxes which then where placed on big pallets. In the end, we loaded three pallets on the truck!


We would like to thank all our employees at Transcom Borås for your personal engagement and contribution to make this charity project a success!

“I am only one, but I am still one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something.”  Helen Keller

Author: Bob Milne

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Transcom Barrie in Canada supports the Big Bike ride for Heart & Stroke

In May, the Transcom team in Barrie (Ontario, Canada) took part in their 4th Big Bike ride for Heart & Stroke, raising a grand total of $1985.00 for a very worthy cause.

The Big Bike is a team event geared towards community organizations, companies, and groups. Our 30-seat Big Bike was piloted by a driver from the Heart & Stroke foundation, and powered by 29 enthusiastic riders from Transcom. Together, they pedaled approximately 2 kilometers in the spirit of Transcom Cares, and in support of heart disease and stroke research.


Adding to the uniqueness of the event, this year’s team rode their Big Bike around Georgian Downs raceway. Although they posed no threat to the track record of 1 minute and 49 seconds, despite the overwhelming advantage of their extra legs, the Heart & Stroke foundation was the big winner, with a great night had by all.


Since 2011, the team in Barrie has raised an astounding $11,000 for Heart & Stroke foundation through their participation in the Big Bike event. Many thanks to Teresa, Trish, and Ashley for volunteering their own time to make the event a success, and to Mallorie for being our top fund raiser this year.Awesome job, team!