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Author: Alberto Martínez Bernardo

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Transcom Spain awarded at the Platinum Contact Center Awards 2017

Transcom has once again been recognized with this important prize awarded by the Contact Center Magazine in one of the most prestigious customer care galas in Spain: the Platinum Contact Center Awards.

In this year’s event, which was held at the Goya Theater in Madrid, Transcom was awarded in the “Best Customer Experience in Banking” category for the high-quality services provided to one of its main clients.


The awards ceremony was attended by more than 300 contact center industry executives from various sectors, and the participating Contact Center and Technology companies.

These awards recognize the excellence and know-how of companies that each year demonstrate their firm quality commitment and their efforts to develop the relationship with their customers. Companies in the sector are awarded for their high degree of professionalism and competitive services, adapted to the needs of each client.

Juan Brun, Country Manager of Transcom Iberia, said: “It is an honor having received this award once again, which reinforces our leadership position in such a demanding industry as banking. To keep the level of quality and high standards year after year is a challenging task and this award recognizes the great work done by our teams each day”.

Author: Isabel Sánchez-Lozano

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Transcom Spain awarded at the Platinum Contact Center Awards 2015


Once again, Transcom has been awarded in one of the most prestigious customer care events in Spain: the Platinum Contact Center Awards, which are organized by the Contact Center Magazine every year.

Platinum Contact Center Awards

In the sixth edition that was held at Teatro Real in Madrid in end of June, Transcom was awarded in the following categories for the quality services we have provided to three of our major clients:

  • Best Customer Service in Banking
  • Best Customer Service in Telecommunications
  • Best Customer Experience Strategy

These awards acknowledge the best practices of companies in this sector that offer competitive solutions focused on the business goals of their clients. They also appreciate and honor companies, which, with their constant renewal, are committed to the professionalization and development of the customer care sector.

As Regional General Manager of Transcom Iberia and Latam, it’s a great satisfaction for us to  win these awards:

“Being the best in such demanding sectors as telecommunications and banking represent a reward to the efforts of our team. Besides, the award for Best Customer Experience Strategy show that we are achieving our goal of being a leader in customer experience, placing the client at the center of our business

Spain Platinum Contact Center Awards 2015

Author: Isabel Sánchez-Lozano

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Why our clients outsource

Several independent consultants, such as Gartner and KPMG, have recently highlighted the value of outsourcing business services. In our market, the secret of success is to ensure that every possible customer interaction is addressed to strengthen the relationship with the brand and generate purchase decisions. At Transcom, we have a team of experts that support companies in various industry sectors, taking into account the product, the service, and the customer experience.

In a business environment as competitive as the one we are facing today, Transcom’s contribution as an outsourcing partner becomes more valuable than ever. Our clients choose to partner with us for many different reasons, but the following four seem to be the most important:

In order to address a constrained market situation, many companies are forced to reduce costs, and this is identified as one of the major benefits achieved by using outsourcing services. A recent study carried out by two consulting firms, KPMG and HfS Research, indicates that 87% of the respondents who use outsourcing services, do so expecting to reduce their operational costs. Through a more rational and efficient allocation of resources, the savings can be very significant. For instance, outsourcing customer care operations implies a shift from fixed to variable costs, while also sharing risks and opportunities with the outsourcing partner.

In every company, efficient management of time and resources translates into higher profits. The use of outsourcing not only ensures better control of performance, but also greater flexibility to accommodate workflows and new processes. Furthermore, a high-performing outsourcing relationship allows our client’s management the flexibility to allocate time and resources towards other areas of the business. HfS Research´s and KPMG´s study reports that 81 % of the companies indicated flexibility as a major reason for outsourcing.

At Transcom we function as our clients’ partner, working as an extension of the company, adding value through a wide range of services. This implies that we can improve efficiency and productivity while also contributing to creating an outstanding experience for our clients’ customers. We rely on the best professionals to deliver the best service, hiring and training a team of highly committed expert agents that always work with our clients’ goals in mind. In addition, we provide cost-effective access to specialized technologies and solutions.

Last but not least, at Transcom we are focused on ensuring customer satisfaction. To many of our clients, the quality of their customer care operations is fundamental to their ability to increase loyalty, retention and customer sales. We believe that the quality of customer care will become even more important as a competitive differentiator in many industries in the coming years. We continuously develop our services and solutions in order to support our clients in this respect.

Some of the reasons mentioned above were fundamental to the decision of one of the largest banks in Spain to outsource its customer care to Transcom. This multi-channel service (telephone, e-mail, chat and social media) with a monthly volume of over 400,000 contacts, and delivered in 8 different languages, is perceived by our client as highly valuable in terms of quality, efficiency and flexibility. We have been able to reduce our client’s operational costs by implementing an optimized human resource plan, including a flexible system of forecasting/planning which allows the client to convert some of its fixed staff costs into variable ones. We are focused on time management, process optimization and reducing the number of contacts – while raising customer satisfaction – by increasing first-level resolution. Since 2008, when we started the service, Transcom has been recognized with seven Sectorial Awards related to the quality of implementation of Contact Center Services in the Financial Sector. Furthermore, Transcom contributes to driving revenue growth for our client through our “sales-through-service” approach, with excellent success rates.

Author: Monica Llagostera

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Transcom Iberia awarded again

We all know the importance of a first impression. And we are all aware of the value of a professional, friendly and efficient customer care, contributing to an outstanding customer experience. That is why we are so proud to announce that our customer care service for one of the largest banks in Spain has just been awarded, for the fourth consecutive year, with one of the prestigious “Contact Center” Awards, from the magazine of the same name.

These awards were created to recognize best practices of contact center companies, awarding those companies that deliver highly competitive services, contributing to their clients’ business goals, and that contribute to the professionalism and development of our sector.

Transcom receives CC Award

The “Customer care service to bank consumers Quality Award” focuses on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Guarantee the security and confidentiality of client data
  • Service level as well as speed of resolution
  • Success rate on inbound service
  • Ratio of new customer acquisition and average of contacts needed to acquire a new customer on outbound service
  • Customer satisfaction and certification and/or official recognition regarding the service delivered in the previous year

In the words of Isabel Sanchez-Lozano, Transcom’s Regional General Manager, Iberia & Latam: “This award recognizes the high standards we have embraced in Transcom to achieve the consistently high quality in the services we deliver.”