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Author: Jonas Ahlstedt

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SOS emergency calls interpreted by Transvoice

Arabic, Russian and Somali are the most common foreign languages spoken by callers who contact the Swedish emergency number 112. The calls are routed to Transvoice’s interpreters for a three-party call together with the SOS-operator. Transvoice’s interpreters have special skills and are well-trained to handle calls from people in distress and emergency situations.

- It feels good to be able to help people calling the 112 emergency number. As an interpreter, you have an important role in saving lives in these often very stressful situations. The caller can express his or her feelings and describe the event in their mother tongue, which makes the work faster and more correct for the SOS-operator, says Alham Pairdawood, Arabic interpreter.

Alham Pairdawood, Arabic interpreter

Alham Pairdawood, Arabic interpreter

- At Transcom we talk about and act within the framework of our CSR program (Corporate Social Responsibility). Transvoice’s business model is based on taking responsibility for society and for vulnerable people in their contact with public organizations. This makes our work very special and very important, says Jonas Ahlstedt, Managing Director of Transvoice.

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