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Transcom for Montereale: celebrating new life in L’Aquila territories

Celebrating the rebirth of the territories hit by the earthquake together with the next generation. This was the theme for the Transcom event for Montereale, held on Tuesday, April 17 at the Falcone & Borsellino institute in Montereale (AQ).


Transcom has had offices in L’Aquila for 18 years, and is deeply linked to the territory, not only by its many employees. The event celebrated the rebirth of the crater territories, and gave concrete aid to the students of the mountain municipality hit by the earthquakes in 2009 and 2016. The Falcone & Borsellino institute was inaugurated on September 11th,and apart from hosting elementary and middle classes, it can also be used as a safe structure by the Civil Protection in case of emergencies.

The initiative is part of Transcom Cares, our global program for social responsibility and solidarity, and thanks to the contribution of colleagues from all over Italy, Transcom could donate 45 boxes of stationery material that the students will use in their daily activities.

For Transcom, the event was a unique opportunity to be in direct contact with the territory. We have always believed in the power of the people from these areas. During the touching ceremony, Transcom employees read passages from the book Il Giglio dell’Aquila, published by Transcom shortly after the earthquake, remembering the past and celebrating the territories new life, thanks to the joint efforts of individuals and institutions.

The event was attended by, among others; Lorena Marzolo, Client Service Manager at Transcom; MP Stefania Pezzopane; Guido Quintino Liris, Vice Mayor of L’Aquila; Massimiliano Giorgi and Carlo Marini, the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor of Montereale; Gianluca Gemma, General Manager Italian Market and Giuseppe Bertini, HR Director Central & South Europe.

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Author: Philip Sköld

Transcom’s Live Chat solutions

There has never been a more exciting time to be working with customer experience. We are witnessing the rise of a digital world led by millennials; the most educated, affluent, assertive, and IT literate generation in history. An increasing reliance on digital channels, hyper-connectivity and use of mobile devices are all driving the adoption of digital tools within customer support. Companies need to offer their customer an omnichannel experience.

Live chat is one of the areas where we see a rapidly increasing demand – in 2016, with as much as 43% – emphasizing the importance of the channel in a modern customer service. Transcom offers implementation and operation of live chat, leveraging our extensive customer support experience.

There are many benefits with implementing Live Chat in customer service:

  • Customer satisfaction – Customers and our agents generally find it easier to understand and solve customer queries through chat. This is primarily due to elimination of accents and sentiment as well as easy access to the text for further interpretation and follow-up. Improved customer satisfaction is also the result of better fulfillment of customer preferences, such as immediate response, no waiting on the queue, multitasking, etc. We have seen chat operations delivering 18 p.p higher CSAT than the average score in voice delivery. Our multi skilled agents can also provide a seamless omnichannel customer experience.
  • Cost efficiency – Deploying well-trained agents and operational best practice allows for a highly efficient workforce. In our experience, concurrent chat sessions and faster issue resolution contributes to a more efficient customer service. Interacting via live chat also reduces operating cost since there is no need to pay for expensive phone calls. With our significant scale in recruitment, training and support functions, we can offer more cost-efficient operations than having the live chat in-house.
  • Revenue generation – Sales campaigns through live chat typically have higher conversion rates than sales in voice-channels. The opportunity to proactively engage with customers in the early purchasing process has proved beneficial with the ability to share documentation, links and other relevant information in real time to the customer. Adding chat with co-browsing opportunities will further increase sales conversion, lower basket abandon rates and increased average value per order. Companies implementing proactive sales support in chat channels have seen conversion rates up to 20% higher than sales in voice-channels.

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Author: Cristina Martinez

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Transcom Spain obtains ISO 18295 quality certification for Contact Center services


AENOR grants this specific certification to one of Transcom’s services. Transcom is the first company in Spain to obtain the certificate according to the new international standard ISO 18295.

From left to right: Alberto Martínez, Commercial Director and Client Service Manager in Transcom; Cristina Martínez, Business Improvement Director and Head of Operational Excellence in Transcom; Rosa Ginesta, Business Manager in Transcom and Mónica Martínez, Operations Manager in Transcom

From left to right: Alberto Martínez, Commercial Director and Client Service Manager in Transcom; Cristina Martínez, Business Improvement Director and Head of Operational Excellence in Transcom; Rosa Ginesta, Business Manager in Transcom and Mónica Martínez, Operations Manager in Transcom

Transcom received the quality certification from AENOR for one of the main services delivered to an important client in the financial sector. Transcom is the first company in Spain to obtain the AENOR certification in accordance with the new international standard ISO 18295.

ISO 18295-1:2017, with the full title “Customer contact centres – Part 1: Requirements for customer contact centres“, is an international quality standard dedicated to the contact center industry, recently developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Obtaining the certificate guarantees that the services offered in the contact center meet high quality requirements, aiming to to assist in providing clients and customers with services that continuously and proactively meet or exceed their needs.

The granting of the certificate took place at the AENOR headquarters in Madrid. Transcom is proud to receive this quality certification in Spain from AENOR. It is a recognition of our efforts to reach the highest quality levels in our services on a daily basis.

Manuel Romero, Director of Sectorial Marketing of AENOR, says: “Our certification for Customer Contact Center Services pursues the quality of management and services provided in order to achieve the satisfaction of the end customer. In this sense, Transcom is a clear example and benchmark in the sector in its commitment to quality, as well as a pioneering entity “.