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Transcom affirms leadership in customer care for the white goods sector

New European multilingual project launched in Belgrade

Transcom affirms its leading position as a provider of excellent customer care services for the white goods sector, which contribute to our clients’ growth and competitiveness. Last October, one of the world’s top manufacturers of household appliances, with operations in over 100 countries worldwide, commissioned Transcom to implement the brand’s European Contact Center, providing assistance to customers in 15 countries. The agreement covers multichannel management of inbound and outbound contacts and back office activities in 20 languages.

SALES Candy in Belgrade 01

Given the variety and complexity of the language skills required, Transcom decided to deliver the service out of the company’s multi-language hub in Belgrade, Serbia, which was set up a few years ago and has a team of highly qualified staff. For some time now, Transcom has been successfully managing several multi-lingual projects in Belgrade for leading international clients in various sectors.

Transcom was selected primarily for its long-standing experience in the household appliance sector and particularly for its expertise in call avoidance processes that reduce the cost of on-site technical assistance. Transcom has become a highly specialized partner to companies in this important sector.

The time spent on training for the new project in Belgrade was optimized by taking advantage of the experience gained by staff working at other Transcom sites on similar projects in the same sector. The personnel involved shared their best practices with the Serbian site to ensure that the start-up process was quick and efficient.

The team of white goods specialists selected for this new project also work in a special area at Transcom’s Serbia site, which includes a sort of ‘showroom’ containing the appliances for which they provide customer care. With this showroom located next to the workstations, our personnel can touch and see firsthand the products for which they are providing technical and commercial assistance, guaranteeing that the customer experience is of the very highest level.

SALES Candy in Belgrade 02

Another value of the service offered by Transcom is the generation of additional business for the client. During each contact, customer care staff present the case for users to purchase warranty extensions on their products, generating sales and profit for our client.

Author: Stefan Pettersson

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The world is calling

“You have to be ready for virtually any situation and so it is fundamental for us to have a solid supplier like Transcom who can guarantee us a high-quality service all the time.”

Giorgio Bonafini, Operations Director of group

Giorgio Bonafini, Operations Director at group

Giorgio Bonafini, Operations Director at group

As a customer care agent, you need a lot of finesse and quick thinking, not to mention diplomatic and language skills. Big time,” says Giorgio Bonafini, Operations Director of group and speaking from the company’s headquarters in Chiasso, Switzerland. The group offers a range of products including flights, hotels, holidays, city breaks, cruises, car hire as well as other travel and leisure related products.

With services in 17 languages and handling approximately 10 million customers per year, the amount of client assistance services delivered is huge. Transcom has been acting as group’s strategic partner, providing bookings and customer service activities across Europe and North Africa through voice, email and chat functions. Giorgio Bonafini estimates that between 60 and 70 percent of the company’s customer management is handled by Transcom via these traditional channels. Phoning in is especially popular with, for example, the Russians, he says.

“When it comes to our Russian customers for example, my observation is that they want to be sure and secure about what they have reserved, and the procedures that are in place in the case of a ‘what if’. There are a great deal of cultural differences in the way our clients contact us, and why,” he explains. And the nature of the questions and requirements that come through can almost be as varied as there are destinations and activities to choose from.

“We had this one customer who wanted to know whether he could bring a live zebra with him on board his flight,” Giorgio Bonafini recalls, noting that the agent processing the enquiry then had to contact the airline in question to check whether it was actually possible. “It’s important for us that agents go that extra mile to ensure that we can offer our customers the best travel and leisure experiences out there, but no, in this case it just wasn’t possible. Animals of a certain size couldn’t be brought along.”

There was also the case when a customer wished to bring 15 bicycles with him in his luggage, or the time when an airplane passenger wasn’t familiar with having to adjust the time on her watch when flying westwards. “The client couldn’t understand how she could possibly arrive at her destination before the time of her departure. That took a bit of gentle explaining about time zones,” he says. Compared with just a decade ago, the evolution of new technology and the increasing use of social media have also added a whole new dimension when it comes to the courtesy, product know-how and diplomacy skills required by customer care agents – even for those who handle the conventional channels like telephone and email services.

“Although we’re seeing an increased migration towards social media, most people are still using the traditional channels as a point of first contact. But if they’re not happy, they may take to social media which obviously can be very impactful,” Bonafini explains, adding that his company remains directly in charge of the group’s customer care on the social media channels. “You have to be ready for virtually any situation and so it is fundamental for us to have a solid supplier like Transcom who can guarantee us a high-quality service all the time.”


  • group is a European leader in the online travel and leisure industry.
  • It offers flights, hotels, holidays, city breaks, cruises, car hire as well as other travel and leisure related products.
  • More than 10 million customers book their travel and leisure experiences every year.
  • Its biggest markets are UK, Italy, France, Spain and Germany, and its services are offered in 17 languages, including Arabic.

Article originally published in the Hello Transcom magazine. Text: Louise Nordström. 

Author: Jonas Collantes

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#WeAreTranscom Music Fest: A night to remember!

“Definitely a night to remember!”

“One of the best events Transcom has ever prepared!”

“Best Music Fest I’ve attended so far!”

You already know that people enjoyed the event when they give raving good feedback about  it, right? Well as usual, Transcom definitely didn’t disappoint in providing another successful event and added another one for the books (this book is getting thicker and thicker, believe me)!

Last October 22, the #WeAreTranscom Music Fest 2016 at the Megatent Event Place in Libis, Quezon City, blew everyone’s socks off and entertained Transcom employees and their guests with brilliant rock out performances from their favorite local artists. Always making sure that they provide the best experience to all its #TranscomHappy family members, the event was definitely no different than the past successful events as it pulled out all the stops and truly went all out in providing more reasons to celebrate life.


Gates were open at 5pm, letting the crowd in for registration. By 6:30pm the place was already packed with excited faces who were eagerly waiting for the program to start. Of course, the party wouldn’t be complete without food and drinks and needless to say, Transcom also got that covered.

During the performances, the crowd cheered, laughed and sang along with their favorite bands.. The event truly never fell short when it came to wowing the crowd as it provided a wide array of performances from pop songs, acoustic ballads, and pure rock music.


Christina Ng blows everyone away and sets the music standard high for the show’s opening act. 


Mojo Fly rocks the stage!


Gab and John of Urbandub serenade the crowd with their sweet ballads



Electric guitar shredding courtesy of Roboto





Mom’s Cake and Fat Sessions merge humor and music, getting the crowd singing and laughing at the same time.


One of the most magical parts of the Music Fest was during the epic performance by Ebe Dencel.


Jamming through the awesome rock music of Franco


…And the crowd instantly goes wild! Up Dharma Down everybody!


Ending the Music fest on a good note, the performance everyone has been been waiting for…  Parokya ni Edgar!


Got the whole crowd laughing and cheering, of course, it’s Chito Miranda!

Transcom has been very keen in providing the “Live a great life” experience to all its #TranscomHappy family members. The entire goal of the campaign is to have all employees enjoy what life has to offer with the help of Transcom.

Finding the balance of work and life has never been this enjoyable and one thing’s for sure: Transcom employees can expect more events like this in the future!

Watch the recap video of the #TranscomVibrant Year End party below: