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Author: Alina Andriatyte

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Work and studies – mission impossible? Definitely not!

Every year, the Transcom Lithuania team engages in an interesting, informative and usually highly entertaining talent search. This spring was no exception – we searched for talents in the Career days of the 7 biggest universities in Vilnius and Kaunas, where we had an opportunity to chat with nearly 600 students.

It isn’t surprising at all that one of the most important things for students is the ability to manage both their studies and work. Many believed that this was a mission impossible and therefore were surprised and happy to see that at Transcom, that’s not an issue at all. Our current employees, who are students themselves, joined our HR team at the event to share their experiences of how easy it actually is to combine studies with working at Transcom. Their enthusiasm, real-life stories and fun facts prove that not only is Transcom a friendly and informal organization, but it also makes a lot of effort to be as flexible as possible and allow students to combine work with studies.

It gets better – our chats with students not only proved that working and studying is not impossible, but it also showed that the first job doesn’t have to be a temp job. Over 80% of our managers have been promoted internally and most of them started working while studying!

All in all, this spring’s talent search was very fruitful – not only did we manage to debunk a couple of myths regarding work and studies, but some of the new talents we spoke to have already joined our team. So is working while studying a mission impossible? At Transcom it’s definitely not!

LT-Career days 2016


How personalized services can improve the customer experience in a new Smart Digital Ecosystem

Customer Experience is a pervasive question that extends into the world of Contact Centers. Today it is vital for services offered to satisfy the needs of increasingly attentive, demanding and ‘social’ users.

Contact Centers must therefore be seen in a broader perspective than the one used in traditional approaches. This requires companies to make an organizational effort to deepen the partnership between Client and Contact Center, as they both are dependent on technology in order to implement their shared strategy.


A Contact Center is not just a verbal communication window between companies and their customers. Today contact centers use a collaborative approach and represent new horizons of communication as cloud technology and integration of new smart components to support digital communication.

The digital innovation offered by Transcom’s Leonardo 2.0.14 project makes it possible to diversify and personalize the services provided to customers, as well as to support back-end and front office functions to deliver the best possible Customer Experience.

The challenges tackled by the project are:

  • How to improve the User Experience through better use of Customer profiles and associated information?
  • When to turn to customised systems and build truly tailor-made solutions around profiled customers?


These questions reveal how an in-depth knowledge of customers, based on profiling, is a basic requirement for offering personalised services to improve the customer experience in a new Smart Digital Ecosystem context.

Author: Magdalena Szałaj

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Transcom Poland awarded Outsourcing Star 2015 as best provider of Contact Center services

We are very proud to announce that Transcom Poland is the winner of the OUTSOURCING STARS 2015 competition as best Call/Contact Center! 

The Outsourcing Stars Gala is the only non-commercial outsourcing event organized in Poland. The main goal of the Gala is to analyze the industry at the end of each year (outsourcing industry and modern business services including BPO/SSC/ITO/R&D, Call Contact Center, Sales Force Outsourcing, Document Archiving, etc.) as well as awarding the best and the fastest growing outsourcing services suppliers and organizations supporting the growth of outsourcing industry in Poland.

The ceremony took place on January 28 in Warsaw. The Outsourcing Stars 2015 Gala gathered over 300 guests, including academics, businesspeople and representatives of several industry organizations from 15 different countries. During the event, some distinguished experts gave a summary of this successful year: according to the Pro Progressio Foundation, the outsourcing industry grew by 18-20% in Poland in 2015.

OPERATIONS Poland Award ok

The photo shows the award-ceremony: (from the left) Dymitr Doktór - General Director, Co-owner, editor-in-chief of Outsourcing&More Magazine, Best2Invest, Pro Progressio Foundation; Przemysław Włodarczyk - Business Development Manager, Transcom Worldwide Poland; Marcin Zieliński - Project Manager/ Information Security Manager Poland, Transcom Worldwide Poland; Wiktor Doktór - CEO Pro Progressio Foundation.

Transcom is operating in Poland out of two locations: the company started its operations in Olsztyn in 2003 while the Gdansk site opened in 2007. Transcom Poland employs more than 1,200 customer experience specialists who support clients operating in various industries, in Poland and abroad, in 15 languages: Polish, German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Lithuanian, Russian, Turkish and Chinese.

Author: Tanja Lohrmann

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Transcom Germany uses behavioral analysis tool to optimize recruiting

Every year, Transcom hires thousands of new people on whom our business results depend. People truly make all the difference in our business. To identify the best talents for our projects, we are open and like to use innovative ways to meet our goals.

Innovation is one of the three core values which guide us as a company and which influence how we behave. As a pioneer among the global Transcom Group, Transcom Germany uses an innovative new tool in the area of recruiting and people development. The personality test is based on the DISC behavioral style analysis. It can be useful in any situation where it is important to perceive individual differences of people and people’s behavior.

The first step in using the tool for the recruiting and selection process is to create a personality target profile of the perfect employee to work at Transcom. We called on our best employees to fill in a DISC personality questionnaire based on behavioral self description in specific situations. Afterwards, an individual profile on the basis of assuming four main styles of behavior being Dominance, Initiative, Steadiness and Compliance, was created.


Those profiles help to highlight the employees’ strengths. The results and insights we gained through our best employees are used to create a personality target profile which symbolizes the ideal employee at Transcom. The personality target profile will be used as reference in future interviews and assessment centers to support hiring decisions. This new tool supports us in easily identifying those talents with the right attitudes for working at Transcom. Thus, we hire the right people and develop them into true Customer Experience specialists.