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Author: Johan Eriksson

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What sets Transcom apart from the competition?

I and many of my colleagues get asked this question a lot. Of course, we think we have a pretty good idea. The funny thing is, though, that we rarely ask our clients, employees or competitors the same question. But recently we did just that. Or, to be more precise, we asked an external party to do it for us. I’m happy to say that the results indicate that Transcom’s position is very strong in terms of the most fundamental thing we need to do, i.e. to consistently deliver high-quality services to our clients and their customers. In fact, this was exactly the characteristic that respondents highlighted the most. Among buyers as well as competitors, Transcom was widely perceived as a high-quality vendor, rated above peer average. In addition to this, our flexibility in terms of meeting ever-changing client requirements and our strong local market knowledge were cited as key differentiators for Transcom in the marketplace.

If you asked me, I would probably tell you about all these things as being important differentiating factors. But if I had to mention only one thing that makes us different, it would have to be our people. They are truly at the core of our strengths, and I am reminded of this fact every single day. I also get confirmation by the great feedback we receive through our annual employee survey, both in terms of praise and suggestions for making Transcom an even better place to work.

I realize that you might now accuse me of throwing clichés around, since many CEOs routinely boast about their people making all the difference. But I honestly don’t think I’m making an overstatement. Every year, we hire thousands of new people on whom our business results depend. During a typical month, our customer experience specialists handle approximately thirty million interactions with our clients’ customers in over thirty languages. Every hour of every day, we rely on knowledgeable, motivated people to deliver great customer experiences, in any customer situation and via any channel.

So if Transcom is better than the competition, it is thanks to our outstanding people. In the Hello Transcom magazine, you will meet some of them.

Johan Eriksson, President & CEO

Author: Tanja Lohrmann

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Transcom demonstrates its global expertise to the German market

At the end of February 2016 the CCW fair took place at Berlin’s Estrel Convention Center. The CCW is Europe’s leading industry event for call center management as it offers a unique combination of conference and trade fair. This year’s 18th edition attracted over 7,800 visitors including board members and decision makers of in-house call centers, service providers and call center subcontractors.


Almost 270 international exhibitors from 50 different countries were present at the trade show. Transcom had a large exhibition area, well-positioned among other service providers and global peers.

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Our participation supported Transcom’s position as global customer experience specialist. Our expert team was made up of local and regional leading management functions. Roberto Boggio, General Manager of the newly formed Continental Europe Region and Johan Eriksson, President and CEO of Transcom, joined the event.DSCN3330   DSCN3303

Their presence emphasizes the importance of the German market and its expected growth potential.

To highlight our position as the leading provider of near-shoring services for the German market, Dirk Werner, Nearshore German Market Manager, was spokesperson for prospects interested in Transcom’s near-shoring services. Aside from current clients and business partners, many prospects were seeking out our stand to gather information on how Transcom can add value to their business and to explore future collaboration options.

DSCN3308   DSCN3353

Overall, CCW 2016 was a successful event for Transcom in terms of business development and demonstrating our global expertise and capabilities to the German market.

Author: Agata Zysk

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Young Leader Academy at Transcom Poland

Due to the expansion of our operations last year, we recruited 18 new operation and quality leaders. In parallel to implementation procedures, we would like to provide our workers with the proper support and assist with their professional career development. We also want to improve their leadership qualities, which is why we have launched the Leader Academy. Transcom has been active on the local market for 12 years and has put together a strong team of specialists, with the experience and skills necessary to deliver high-quality services.
At the same time, we are aware of the fact that current market demands are very high and that they change quickly. In order to maintain the high standards of services offered to our customers, we constantly train our people. The Leader Academy is one of many initiatives aimed at competence and knowledge development. One example is a Personal Development Plan workshop we ran recently, in which self-evaluation was in focus. Another one included issues such as Time Management, team creation, organising meetings or gatherings, team management, team communication, motivation systems and evaluation.
After finishing the Academy, all participants shall continue their professional development by participating in further trainings provided by our Service Quality Department.
Authors: Agata Zyśk and Paweł Chamera
Author: Annica Strahner

Transcom Norway awarded for best customer experience

Transcom Norway recently participated one of Northern Europe’s largest call center conference in Oslo. And this year one of our clients won the award for best customer service in their business category.

The Call center week in Oslo is Northern Europe’s largest customer conference for everyone who works with customer service. The highlight of the conference is the award ceremony for best customer call center in different categories.

This year one of our clients, a leading media provider won the award for best customer experience in their business category. This is the comment from the jury:
“The customers could easily get support from friendly and engaged customer-service representatives that had excellent knowledge about the products and offered very good solutions.”

The two happy boys in the picture are Daniel Frydenlund, Sales Leader and Robert Gati, Business Development Manager, Transcom Norway.

The two happy boys in the picture are Daniel Frydenlund, Sales Leader and Robert Gati, Business Development Manager, Transcom Norway.
Author: Cristina Martinez

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Transcom at the Quality World Day

In November 2015, I was honored to participate in the event organized by the Spanish Association of Quality (AEC) at the Quality World Day 2015, celebrated in Madrid. It was inaugurated by the General Secretary of Industry, the President of the AEC and the CEO of AENOR as well as the King and Queen of Spain as the Presidents of Honor.

The AEC brought together more than 500 executives from large national and multinational companies and share visions, approaches and inspiring experiences in the field of quality. This sum demonstrates the greatness of this discipline and its contribution not only in positioning, growth and sustainability businesses, but as a driver of innovation and transformation in all kind of markets and industries.

Foto Ok

Being a part of Transcom, I wanted to reflect the importance and desirability of working within a Total Quality Management System and incorporating it into a framework where quality methodologies and best practice models with their tools, principles and concepts help deploy a culture of quality, focus on results and continuous improvement throughout the value chain of the company. I didn’t want to forget the new paradigm of customer experience and complementary framework which we are successfully applying in our company.

Through “Delivering Experiences from Quality” title of my presentation, I tried to demonstrate my full conviction that quality has been, is and will be the key to identifying, understanding, managing, achieving and exceeding the expectations of stakeholders, especially those of customers.

foto Día Mundial

During the ceremony, the new AEC Quality Community and the Quality Leader Award in 2015 were also introduced. You can find more information about the event here.

Cristina Martínez, Business Support & Quality Director Transcom Iberia